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Primary 5 – Weekly Blog

We enjoyed painting our clay aliens in Art using metallic paints – They look fantastic!

We have been learning to do multiplication chimney sums and we have been practising our times tables.

In story writing we were trying to make our characters come to life and engage the reader using interesting and WOW words.  We have also been discussing characters in reading and writing character descriptions.

We finished our solar system flip charts and presented them to the rest of the class. All of the presentations were really good. Well done to every group!

Christmas lunch was scrumptious! thank you to the dinner ladies for preparing it (including Mrs MacDonald!)


We got 25 100%’s in Accelerated Reader! AMAZING EFFORT PRIMARY 5!!!!!

Congratulations to the school football team for winning their first game! and well done Josh I representing P5!

Primary 5 – Number Day Blog

We have been learning the times tables in maths this week. We had 10 people complete who wants to be a Mathionaire! In writing this week we created haunted house stories We have started using cursive handwriting, everyone is doing really well! In Art we made clay aliens In ICT we have been adding more facts to our planet presentations which we will be doing next week Achievements We got 8 100%’s in Accelerated Reader Sophie got the head teacher award Erin got the class teacher award Everyone in P5 kept their golden time!

Primary 5 Last November Class Blog

We have been learning more about the planets in the solar system:

Saturn moves an angle every 5 years

Saturn is the flattest planet in the solar system

Venus takes 242 Earth days to spin round once on its axis

Venus is sometimes named Earths sister because of their similar sizes

Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system

A year on Mercury is 88 days long

There are a patch of wrinkles on Mercury

Uranus was only visited once by Voyager 2

Mars is called the red planet

Mars’ moons are called Phobos and Deimos

Neptune is the 8th planet from the Sun

Neptune is the coldest planet in the solar system

Mercury has no known moons

Uranus is the 3rd largest planet in the solar system and is an Ice Giant

Jupiter has a red spot caused by a giant storm

In Art we have been making aliens out of clay

We have also made reindeer cards – you can buy them at the Christmas Fayre tomorrow!

Please come along! 10am – 1pm tomorrow


We got 7 100%’s in Accelerated Reader

Evan and Lennon have 100 class dojos! WELL DONE


Primary 5 Class Blog

We have been learning more about the solar system:

The first scientist to see Saturn’s rings was Gallilao using one of the first telescopes and Uranus was the first planet to be discovered by a telescope.

Jupiter is named after the Roman God of War, Saturn is named after the Roman God of Agriculture, Venus is named after the Roman God of love and beauty.

Venus’ surroundings are toxic.

There is evidence that suggests used to be water on Mars, traces are still there, and there may have once been life on Mars.

If you shouted in space, no one would hear you, even if they were right next to you as there is no air to carry the message.

Voyager 1 has travelled 12 Billion miles in space and is the first man made object to travel into interstellar space.

Thank you David for recommending the sites, we had a look at them.

We have started to do subtraction chimney sums.

We finished our Art pictures of the moon by making space men for them.


We got 6 100%’s in Accelerated Reader, Daryl is now working towards independent reader.

Marcis M got the head teachers medal.

Niall got the class teacher super achiever certificate.


Primary 5 Class Blog

We have been learning about the solar system, here are some space facts we have learned:

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and the smallest planet

Saturn is the flattest planet in the solar system

The solar system was formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago!

Voyager 2 has nearly reached the end of our galaxy

We enjoyed finishing our moon scenes in art, using chalk and paint.

We have been learning about adverbs in reading; adverbs describe verbs.

In maths we have been learning how to convert between cm and mm



We got 7 100%’s on Accelerated Reader.

Josh L and Minnie are now working towards Independent Reader

Becky and Cameron are working towards Rising Reader

Adam and Josh I are now working towards Advanced Reader

Sophie reached her Level 1 Rock Climbing Certificate

Primary 5 – Weekly Blog

We made posters of the solar system in our groups, we used computers to find maps, meanings of words and information about the solar system.

In maths we had a fun time estimating the length of things in the classroom, and we are getting a few more 100% with chimney sums.

In  Art we made 3D paper mache moon scenes, it was slimy and fun!

The Tigers gave their presentations to the rest of the class, they were very good, with everyone meeting the success criteria; good eye-contact and clear, confident voices: Well Done!

Next week Primary 5 will be leading the Feast of St Martins Mass. Our readers will be Evan and Becky, Bidding prayers will be read by Finlay, Sophie, Chloe, Daryl and Cameron, with Offertory being done by Niall, Josh I, Josh D and Morgan


Adam, Lennon, Daryl, Josh D, Niall, Elissa and Minnie all completed Level 1 Rock Climbing and have started Level 2

Cameron, Evan, Aiden, Sophie and Scott all got to the top of the wall

P5 Weekly Blog

P5 did a great job with their Rights Respecting Schools Assembly about World Teacher Day.

Ava did a fantastic job as Habiba Khilwat helping her win this weeks Teachers Certificate.

Also the readers did a great job speaking confidently and clearly and all our actors did their jobs very well.

We had a new student arrive in class called Marcus, now making things confusing for Mr Campbell… Marcus has enjoyed his first week – welcome to P5!!!

We had great time creating expressions for our space men in art.

In maths, we have been doing chimney sums and getting lots more 100%’s, we have also been learning how to estimate lengths.

We wrote pirate stories, trying to engage the reader with exciting words and ideas.

The lions did their presentations – everyone doing them really well.

We have also appointed mini-house captains; Tyne: Kacey, Forth: Adam, Esk: Finlay

5 P5 boys played in our football match on Wednesday which we unfortunately lost 5-2, but we played really well, had a great time and both our goals came from P5 boys – Scott and Finlay Well done boys – Great Goals!

Our rock climbers are all doing really well and getting further up the wall or in some cases, right to the top!

We had a great time at our Halloween disco last last – AMAZING COSTUMES!



Primary 5 Blog – Week 2

News & Learning

We had new class jobs this week for a new month.

Josh D and Mr Campbell celebrated their birthdays yesterday.

we enjoyed looking at and buying books at the book fair

We had extra Art time to finish painting our Leonid Afremov – for our Art challenge

We have been learning about democracy and formed our own political parties. We had a class debate, worked as a team to decide how we were going to try to get more outdoor games time.

Two of our reading groups have been going rock climbing: Josh D, Cameron, Adam, Minnie, Elissa, Niall, Morgan, Daryl, Leo and Lennon all got to the top!!! Well done! 🙂

Primary 5 have enjoyed playing the primary 6’s at football during break times and performed really well at football training with Mr Campbell last night!


Adam was our super achiever and became a rising reader!

Evan won the head teacher award for listening to instructions first time.

As a class we got 12 100% Accelerated Reader Quizzes


Primary 5 Blog

We have planted our class plant Dryopteris Erythrosora in the Eco-Garden. Its name is Mr Eco. Mr Eco was planted by Lennon, Aiden, Josh D and Becky – The planters were chosen using a class vote.

Some children took part in the RSPCA van design competition.

We have been working together and encouraging each other  to improve our TEAMWORK and keep our games time.

We have been learning about persuasive language, holding debates and writing arguments for and against zoos.

We have also been finding out about the American Revolution

We enjoyed our dress down day today.


Success’ : Primary 5 have scored lots of 100% on Accelerated Reader and Josh Inglis has become a Rising Reader

Daryl achieved his target of doing two accelerated reader quizzes in one week.