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Primary 2

We are really proud of how well we are doing with our Spelling Elephants. Some pupils are on really difficult ones.

Yesterday afternoon we went outside with our P4 reading buddies and we had a Teddy Bear’s picnic. We had made lovely cup cakes with Mrs McDonald and decorated them with special icing and chocolate hearts. We also had fun blowing bubbles and playing with our bears. We have been working in the garden with Mrs McDonald and next week she will be asking us to help her plant Busy Lizzies to make the school ground look good.

We say goodbye to Sophie Glen today as she is starting at a new school next week. Lots of her friends from Primary 2 will keep in touch with her.  We wish Maci a super holiday as she heads off for Haggerston castle this weekend.

Completed jotters will be coming home this weekend and next week. There will be no homework next week. Please make sure all library books and school reading books are returned next week.


Primary 2

We watched the P 4,5,6, and 7 school show this week. We thought it was good because of the Disney theme. We really like the disco lights. Daniella and everyone else in the class thought it was really good fun.

We went on our school trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens on Thursday. We saw plants that looked like rocks. We saw a real pineapple plant, a banana tree and a vanilla plant We liked seeing the plant that eats insects. We saw lost of cacti.. We enjoyed eating our picnic lunch with our bears, then we went to see the oldest tree in the gardens and the tallest trees which come from America. We played a game of tig and corners under the sequoia trees. On our way back to the coach we visited the Chinese pagoda. We felt tired by the time we got back to school.



Primary 2’s week

We have been learning about the human body and Logan K says that he thinks it’s a super thing to learn about. We are making posters about the organs of the human body and have done  experiments about breathing.

This morning we were part of the audience for the Spelling Bee final and we saw the P6 and 7 finalists. We enjoyed watching the competition.

In Maths we are practising quarter to and quarter past. We have been matching clocks and digital times.

We are looking forward to Sports Day and hoping that the nice weather will last.

Primary 2’s week

Our new topic is the Human Body and we made skeleton pictures with glue, black paper, cotton buds and chalk. We like learning about bones and why we need to drink milk.

We have been doing really well with our Training Tuesday’s and Fitness Friday’s.

We are glad to have Sol back and have heard about his lovely holiday in Zante.

In Maths we have been learning how to tell quarter to and quarter past times and we have played lots of games to help us learn.

Lots of people have done really well with their Spelling Elephants.


Primary 2’s week

This week it was Numeracy week and we shared what we have been learning with P6 and they shared what they have been learning with us. We had made posters in our cooperative learning teams. We got some really good feed back and the P6s learnt a lot about Roman numbers from us.

We finished making our Roman shields and we have made all the pieces for our Roman helmets, so watch our for Roman soldiers in St Martin’s next week!

It was Rory’s birthday this week and he brought all the members of P2 a lovely piece of chocolate cake in beautiful blue and pink spotty boxes.

We have a new boy in our class – Mark Page and we are enjoying getting to know him. Archie, who was also a new boy recently, is helping Mark to settle in and everyone is trying to make Mark feel welcome.

This morning we had a Mat chat with our P6 friends and they helped us to read our Maps, understand what we’ve been doing well with and what we need to work on.

Primary 2’s week

Lots of us are excited about passing our Spelling Elephants. Keeley is in the lead as she has passed Spelling Elephant 16, closely followed by Emily who has just passed number 15!!

We’ve worked very hard on Race for Life training and we kept going this morning even in the rain and chilly wind. We are looking forward to next Friday’s event.

To learn about the Romans we have watched some Horrible Histories videos about the Roman army and the story of Caligula attacking Britain, which made us laugh. We have been learning about what the Roman’s ate.

This Tuesday we did our P2 Assembly. It was all about ‘I Wonder Why’. Sophie Glen says ‘It was really fun’. Daniella liked doing our assembly. Jessie was nervous but she spoke loud and clearly.

The Super Snails did some super writing this week and Emily is Star Writer of the Week!

Sol’s table are the winners of our marble challenge – they have worked hard to get a prize from Mrs Bagnall’s treasure box.

We hope you have a lovely holiday weekend.


Primary 2’s week

We have been reading about Romans and writing facts in our books. We are each making our own book about the Romans, as this is our topic at the moment. We have listened to the story of Romulus and Remus who are said to have started the city of Rome.  We have found out about Latin and we can say ‘Salve’ which means hello!

We made collages of Roman soldiers using cardboard, red and black paper, and silver foil.

Primary 2 have started to learn more about telling the time and enjoyed an interactive white board game moving the clock hands to show the right time. We have also played lots of games to help us with learning to tell the time. Eve likes playing with the little clocks. Logan Munro is our telling the time expert!

We have been rehearsing for our  assembly next Tuesday and we hope to see lots of parents and family there to enjoy our work.



Primary 2

This week we have been reading lots and lots of Horrid Henry books and we drew the setting of our Horrid Henry books with our P4 buddy readers this week. We watched the short film of the book ‘Horrid Henry Meets the Queen’ and some of us made crowns and dramas around the story.

Yesterday, Mrs Bagnall brought in a new book about the weather in French to help us to remember what Lauri our French teacher has been teaching us.

We have been out tidying the playground this morning and Eve is delighted that Forth won, as they collected the most litter.

We have been learning about feelings. We got a big piece of paper to write lots of feeling words on in many different colours. We then wrote and drew about our favourite feelings.

We wrote sums this week around our favourite number and began to make up our own word problems using them. Keeley’s favourite number was 15 because that’s how old her cousin is.


Primary 2’s week

This week we have been very happy to welcome Archie Davies to our class.  He has been really nice to everyone in the class. Logan Munro thinks he is a little bit shy. He passed his first Spelling Elephant on his first week with us!

This week is World Book Week and we decorated our classroom door with a Horrid Henry book cover. Horrid Henry is our topic so that is why we picked him. Some pupils brought books to swap with others and we have enjoyed our Stop and Read times.

As part of book week we have been working with other classes to write stories. Some of us have read our stories to the other children and they liked our ideas.

Mrs Bagnall is very pleased with our reading. We even managed to read Horrid Henry word problems for our maths. We have been learning about halves.

Primary 2’s week

We have had a great week with our Spelling Elephants, ten pupils passed their Spelling Elephant challenges. We are practising really hard to get passed the next challenge.

We have been learning about counting money. We have been adding up money and taking away. Lots of the class like playing shops and Zed really likes the cash register.

Nursery children came to visit us and to watch our dramas about ‘People who Help Us’. We shared our learning in our MATs as well.

On Shrove Tuesday we made pancakes and we drank hot chocolate and ate marshmallows as a reward for working hard!