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Primary 2’s week

Everyone in Primary 2 wrote a thank you letter and drew a picture for Mrs Ward, our school secretary, to say a big thank you for all the work she does for us. Mrs Ward said, ‘ I love them, thank you!’

We have been making puppets and trying to make up stories for our puppet shows. We are hoping to show them to the nursery on Thursday morning next week.

We are looking forward to making pancakes next Tuesday with Mrs MacDonald and eating them!

Primary 2’s week

We have started to learn about money. We have been identifying coins and adding them up.

We have been reading lots of ‘Horrid Henry’  books – ‘Horrid Henry’s Rainy Day’ was very funny.

Jessie’s dad came in to speak to us about being a builder. He has built schools, swimming pools, and houses all over East Lothian. He showed us his special work trousers and told us about how good at maths he has to be to do his job.

We enjoyed watching our drama’s about people who help us. Team Nurses had the best drama because it made us laugh!

Primary 2’s week

We are enjoying reading ‘Horrid Henry’ books in class with Mrs Bagnall and we drew what might happen next when we read’ Horrid Henry and the Bogey babysitter’.

For our topic we made collage police cars and Keeley’s dad came into talk to us about his jobs working as a taxi driver and a football teacher. We had lots of questions for him and we showed him our great listening skills!

We have been learning more colours in French and we can sing a song about colours in French.

Mrs Bagnall gave us some new maths games – we all like ‘I see Ten’. Logan King says ‘I love it!’



Primary 2’s week

Primary 2 enjoyed a visit from Child Smile this week as part of our ‘People who Help Us’ topic. Two dental nurses brought big puppets in for us to practise brushing teeth. They  told us how to care for our teeth and we all brushed our teeth together.

We are working hard on our writing and have done lots of cursive writing practise, as well as some super creative writing. Mrs Bagnall is very pleased with us.

Everyone has been playing lots of subtraction games this week to help us get quicker at mental maths. The Green Circles like the Bus Stop game.

Next week we look forward to a visit from Jessie’s dad to talk about his work as a builder and Keeley’s dad to talk about his work as a football teacher. We have lots of questions to ask them.

Homework for week beginning Monday 18th January-

Reading – Please read your reading book every night and practise your red and green words. Ask a parent or carer to sign you reading log every night.

Spelling – learn your spelling words for your Spelling Elephant test on Thursday. Make fancy flash cards with your spelling words on them. The best sets will get a prize!

Maths – everyone has ten Mathletics tasks assigned to them. Please do two tasks. I check on a Friday afternoon that this work has been done. I notice some are missing! Please do try to get this done.

Literacy – please do the ‘Names’ worksheet in your best cursive writing.


Primary 2’s week

We have been getting back into our routine this week and have enjoyed sharing what we did during the holidays. Everyone wrote and drew pictures about what they had done. We all agreed that we had forgotten quite a lot about what we need to do when we are writing! But by the end of the week we felt we had remembered.

Our new topic is ‘People who Help Us’. Our classroom has our model fire engines, ambulances and police cars to decorate the window sills. Everyone found making these a challenge, but they show how great we have become at using our cutting skills. We have been working in our cooperative learning groups to make life sized pictures of People who Help Us, including a nurse who looks like Keeley’s gran. We are all sharing how we think someone in our family helps people in their work. It would be great if some parents could come and talk about/ answer questions about their work with the children. Give Mrs Bagnall a call if you would like to come and speak to P2.

In Maths we are working on subtraction. We have played games, moved people, counters and blocks to help us learn how to do it as well as our Elmer subtraction worksheets. Everyone is really enjoying their maths.

Our French assistante teachers are really pleased with our progress in French. We can count to sixty. Every day we sing our French songs. It’s fun.

Homework 11.1.16

Reading – please read your book and practise your green and red words every night. Ask a parent or carer to sign your reading log.

Spelling – write your spelling Elephant words out in rainbow colours in your homework jotter and learn them for your test on Thursday.

Literacy – complete the word endings sheet in your jotter in your neatest writing. Do a few sentences every night.

Maths – please complete at least one Mathletics task. Everyone has ten tasks allocated.

Primary 2

We’ve had a busy week! We have started learning our transport topic looking at old and new trains. We found out how steam trains work.

We had fun learning a new song  this week  about the days of the week. Everyone has worked hard on handwriting and maths this week, adding up and working on remembering numbers before and after. Our maths brains and our writing fingers are warming up!

This morning we had a lot of fun in the gym hall, our first time in P2. We tried the BBC’s ‘Let’s Move’ and made ourselves into crabs and lobsters….we giggled a great deal.

We have enjoyed lots of Bible stories this week including ‘Joseph’s Coloured Coat’ and we were very well behaved when we went to mass.

We can all say hello in French now and we are working on counting up to ten.


Primary 2’s week

This week Primary 2 have been very busy learning lots of new songs and rhymes with actions. Our favourite was ‘Cobbler, cobbler’ because you get to take your shoes off!

We’ve had lots of stories this week but we all agree that ‘Catch a Kitten’ is the best because we get to say Uh Oh! every other page.

We’ve made beautiful collage rainbow fish and we are busy making them into under the sea pictures. Primary 2 hope you will come and look at them on Wednesday evening.


P7’s news

This week the primary 7s had a wonderful time at Ross High and Mikaela also enjoyed St David’s. During our time at Ross High we enjoyed Graphic Design and Manufacture, Drama, Science, Food Technology, Maths, French, Computing animations, Personal and Social education and Art. Everyone enjoyed their lunch and a drink called Suso. All the teachers and sixth years we met were really nice and it was fun meeting older pupils. Mikaela liked Computing class because they got to use a programme called Scratch and she really enjoyed Geography, Maths where she worked with a partner. She also met her History teacher. Many of us enjoyed meeting our English teacher Mr Foley as he let us listen to music during the lesson.

P7’s week

Some members of our class went to Meadowbank and participated in athletic activities. Lewis Higginson came 2nd in the 80 metres sprinting final and 2nd for the high jump. Everyone else enjoyed taking part in their events, despite the rain!

Circles 1 have completed the challenge of their 40 maths tests and have now embarked on an even harder book! They went to see Mr Doig he is the head maths teacher at RHS and learnt about Gelosian multiplication. Lewis then taught the  class how to do it. Shaun surprised us with a mathematical trick Mr Doig had shown them.

The guidance teachers from RHS came to talk to us about going to the big school. They explained how things work up there and gave us a booklet to help us with a map and other key bits of information.

Alisha, Reegan and Camy Smith were given a certificate by the head teacher at Ross high for completing their induction course which they have enjoyed.


Primary 7’s week

In Art we have we have been making our St Martin’s memory trees. These have sparked lots of memories of our years at St Martin’s and we have been writing these down. We have some very funny ones including sleep walkers and talkers at school camp; and someone crying because a boy  kissed her in nursery!

Almost all of us  started our e-profiles successfully this week. Gerda was the class ICT guide getting us all successfully on to our websites. We wrote our ‘all about me’ sections of our profiles in our jotters first so that we did not need to worry about what to say at the same time as getting onto our websites.

We had our first rehearsal with P4,5 &6 for our school show and have been learning more movements to go with our section of the show. Katie successfully auditioned for a lead in the show. Jack is her understudy.

Next week one of our Maths groups is going up to RHS to meet Mr Doig the Maths teacher. We are looking forward to hearing about that. We have 14  P7 pupils taking part at Meadowbank Athletics Tournament next week and we wish them luck and success.