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P7’s week

This morning Primary 7 went up to Windygoul primary school to take part in the Ross High Cluster Spelling Competition Final. Our two finalists, Heidi and Jenna made it through to the second round of the final, but were foxed by spelling ‘gnome’ correctly. We are all proud that we had 2 finalists to represent St Martin’s.

Jack, Julie, Gerda, Deri and Katie are  excited about their auditions for the school show next week. We have been starting to learn movements to match our first song for our part in the show.

We also joined several school from East Lothian for the Tag Rugby competition matches this week. Again St Martin’s did very well. We lost 2 matches, won 2 matches and drew a match. Mr McCann was very pleased to hear of our success.

Yesterday Mr Gilmour came to help us set up our Edubuzz accounts and our eprofiles for going up to high school. We found it very interesting and exciting. There is a lot to learn and we are excited about finding out more.

Oscar, Lewis and Cameron Smith are taking part in the performance athletes in school football trial on Monday. We wish them luck and success.


Primary 7’s week

This week our class went out to run around the 3G pitch to help us prepare for the Meadowbank athletics competition. Lewis led the way!

In Maths, Circles 1 are looking forward to going up to Ross High to meet with Mr Doig, the head of Maths in a couple of weeks. The group are also delighted that they have almost completed the challenge of finishing their Mental maths book! Mrs B will soon have to set them a new challenge.

We have built circuits together using some equipment from Ross High and have enjoyed working things out about electrical circuits together. One group made a huge circuit installation!

Heidi and Jenna have successfully gained places at the Cluster Spelling Bee competition and we are excited to see how they get on at the final.

We have made a start on thinking and planning for our e profiles for going up to Ross High.

Some of the Primary 7s are planning an induction day with Sandersons Wynd. Pupils will come down to play some sports and do a variety of activities with us.

We got our leavers sweatshirts this week – they are really brightly coloured. Finlay says ‘They are fabulous!’ Jack and Camy agree that they keep you warm. However Heidi is worried because her pretty pale pink stains too easily – she already has marked it with a permanent pen!!

P7’s week

We had a music specialist, Mrs Payne and we got to know her a little and started to learn a song called ‘Gully Rider’.
The class all enjoyed playing football and rounders on the 3G pitch in the sunshine.
We’ve been studying an article called ’25 Facts about Gravity’ and using this to make mind maps for our books.
In Maths, Circles 1 began learning Algebra and it wasn’t actually as hard as we all thought it was going to be. Triangles, Circles 2 and Squares had fun measuring and understanding all about it.
We are entering an Art competition and it is for the National Gallery and the theme is flight.
Preparing for our SCIAF activities has been fun and the whole class have been learning to do the Haka – watch out for scary practising!

Primary 7’s week

Mikaela, Lewis, Shaun and Katie went to Muirpark to look at the cairns. They found out that they were contributing on behalf of St Martin’s to a time capsule which is being buried there. They had written the story of St Martin of Tours and Holly had written the story up in her lovely handwriting. They took photos from Tours which Mrs McDonald had from her visit there.

In Science we made parachutes and we wrote and illustrated reports on this work. Andrew and Gerda made a giant one which we took out to the playground to help our investigations.

In Maths we have started work on data handling and we have made pie-charts and bar graphs in our groups.

P.E. has been about improving on our highest scores in preparation for Meadowmill.

We are looking forward to our end of term Easter treat and we have nearly finished planning our SCIAF week for next term. We are really excited about getting our leavers sweat shirts after Easter.



Primary 7

P.E. this week was really good fun because we worked with our groups in athletics.  The highest scorers for the plank were Laura, Finlay and Oscar. The plank is going into a push up position and holding it for as long as possible.

We had fun writing about ‘A Day without Gravity’ in our writing lesson. Shaun, Gerda and Ellie were so keen they had to take their jotters home to finish as they wanted to write more!

We practised Scottish country dancing. We tried the Gay Gordons again and started learning The Flying Scotsman.

We are all researching and thinking about what careers we might be interested in for the future and thinking about high school.

We all completed our Maths assessments. We have been making our own Maths flashcards to help us learn things we know we are needing extra practise with and as a class we are doing heaps of mental maths to prepare for high school.



Primary 7’s week

This week we had fun working on our Topic and we investigated friction. We had fun making our posters about the engines of boats, planes and cars in our cooperative teams.

P7 have been planning our secret project for SCIAF. We are very excited and hope everyone in the school will like what we are planning.

Our writing this week made us laugh so much that we invited Mrs McDonald in to hear us read some of them out. It was really enjoyable doing this writing. It turns out that we are very creative when it comes to thinking up ‘Instructions to annoy parents’! Cameron Ward is writing a book on the back of this entitled ‘How to be Homeless’….

We’ve been continuing our cursive writing with Primary One and that has been a success.

Despite the initial reaction from Primary 7 about learning to dance the Gay Gordons they are now able to dance it almost faultlessly and we are hoping to learn another dance next week.

Reegan, Alisha and Cameron Smith will be going up to Ross High next week. We are looking forward to hearing more about what happens up there.


P7’s week

We began our new topic which is all about Forces and Energy. We were challenged by our first experiment which involved using instructions and building a model to show how a wheel and axle can help lift a load.

On Thursday we created our Waste Week competition entry. To make this design we had to use recycled materials to dress our model. Ellie, Shaun and Deri’s design was used by P7 and the materials included were – newspapers, duct tape, bin bags, and tin foil.

Primary 7 had an exciting day on Wednesday. We walked to Meadowmill to join other schools for Transition Day, which involved dance, running, an obstacle course, basketball and some interesting talks and workshops.

We are looking forward to having Mr McCann back for PE next week.

P7’s weekly news

For homework we made mobiles to help us learn our words. Mrs Bagnall has hung many of them up in the classroom where we can enjoy them. Mikaela made a magical butterfly themed mobile which we all love.

The author Vivian French came in to talk to us about her books and to give advise on how to write well. She read us some of her novel ‘Robe of Skulls’ and explained how she had come up with the characters in the excerpt. We enjoyed sharing the experience with P7’s from Pencaitland, Sandersons Wynd, and Macmerry.

In PE we practised our gymnastics routines and took Mr McCann’s advice on how to improve. On Tuesday we began Scottish Country Dancing with Mrs Bagnall.

We began cursive writing practise this week with Primary One. We each had a Primary One partner and helped one another to learn how to form the letters correctly. Mrs Bagnall is hoping that our handwriting will neaten up!

We are currently preparing for our assembly next week. The theme is World Book Day and everyone has a role and the assembly is coming along nicely.

Next week we are going to Meadowmill to a day for Transition and we are looking forward to meeting up with friends from other schools.

P7 weekly blog

The most exciting thing that happened this week was the two percussionists who came to play for us. Finlay, Gerda, David and Jack had a chance to play with them. It was great fun.
In Maths we have started doing work on fractions and we have made time challenges for each other to solve as well.
Our topic plays are coming along nicely and we are hoping to perform them to one another next week. We have also been rehearsing our play for Catholic Education week. We took the story of the rolling away of the stone from Christ’s tomb and turned it into a play. Lewis wrote such a good one that we agreed to use most of his!
We’ve almost finished reading the story of Greyfriar’s Bobby in class. The edition we are using includes lots of information about old Edinburgh and this is helping us to prepare for our trip to Edinburgh on Wednesday.
Many thanks to the parent helpers who are joining us. Can I ask all parents to ensure that their child is warmly dressed and wearing sensible shoes, as it is still February and we will be walking around for much of the day.

P7 Weekly blog

This week we made scotch broth with Mrs McDonald. We found out how easy it is to make a meal cheaply. We also had a Burns night where we sang songs, recited poems, had a piper and enjoyed some haggis, neeps and tatties. In maths we had a time assessment and we started writing plays for our topic – The History of Edinburgh. We were thinking about famous people from Edinburgh, such as Robert Louis Stevenson and Alexander Bell.
Our class trip to Edinburgh is on Wednesday 11th of February. Any parents who would like to help out, please send Mrs Bagnall a message or a note. It is a whole day out, including a trip to Holyrood, a walk up the Royal mile and a tour of Edinburgh castle.