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Primary School online payments

After the Easter Holidays, East Lothian Council are going to be able to accept online payments for trips, milk monies, uniforms, camp money etc. These payments will be accepted through the East Lothian Council Pay for it webpage.
Parents and carers can continue to pay using cash or cheque if they prefer. This website can be used for everything except school lunches.

A letter was sent out this week with all relevant information on it. Should you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Many thanks.

Please find attached the Primary School online payments live link

End of Term mass

The end of term  school mass is at 10.00 a.m. on Thursday , 19th December. We welcome everyone in the parish to join with us to celebrate mass as we approach the end of Advent.

Are you ready? Have you been preparing for the Birth of the baby Jesus?  Remember to go to mass every Sunday during the holidays as well as on Christmas Day!


Have a very Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year 2014. 

JRSO and Walk to School Week



JRSO reps for this year are Courntey Bennie, Katey Edmond, Josh Robertson and Liam Black. The four reps did a fantastic job before the holidays during Walk to School Week. They were so enthusiastic about encouraging everyone to walk to school. Every morning they were in school before everyone else ready to go out and reward the children who had walked to school with stickers and other fun things! Well done to our JRSO Reps.

Also a big well done to everyone else in the school who made the effort to walk to school and please continue to do this!

ICT Co-ordinators first meeting.

Hello! We are the ICT co-ordinators.

Primary 1 – Harris and Ava

Primary 2 – Eevayne and Finlay Coyle

Primary 3 – Daniel and Leigh

Primary 4 – Chloe and Aiden

Primary 5 – Reece and Sam

Primary 6 – Lewis and Cameron

Primary 7 – Ronan, Amy, Courtney and Tyler.

Our job is:

1. Teach people in our class how to use the site.

2. To make the website more interactive and up to date.

3. To teach you all how to write a post.

Family Mass Dates and Celebration of Rites 2013-2014

Dates for your diary! These masses are for everyone! During each of the masses there will be a Celebration Rite for the children in P.3 who are receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation or the children in P.4 who are receiving the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion in 2014. Come along and help us to celebrate together as a parish. Everyone is welcome!





Signing with the Cross


27th October


9.30 a.m. mass


The Rite of Enrolment


17th November


9.30 a.m. mass


The Rite of the Presentation of

the Gospels


15th December


9.30 a.m. mass


The Rite of Illumination


12th January


9.30 a.m. mass


The Rite of the Presentation of

the Creed


9th March


9.30 a.m. mass


The Sacrament of Reconciliation


19th March



7.00 p.m.


The Rite of the Presentation of the

Our Father


30th March


9.30 a.m. mass


The Sacraments of Confirmation and

First Holy Communion


8th June

Pentecost Sunday


9.30 a.m. mass




Celebration Sunday

A parish mass to celebrate with everyone

who has received sacraments (including Baptism).



31st August




9.30 a.m. mass


Morrisons Let's Grow

Dear Parents/ Guardians/ Grandparents/ Aunties/ Uncles/ Friends,

We have registered to take part in this promotion. Please send any vouchers you manage to collect into school with the pupils or hand them into the school office. This is the third year that we have taken part in this and we have managed to get various items  for the pupils to use in the garden e.g. trowels, gloves, seeds etc. It would be great if we could add to our collection this year. Please ask your friends/ work colleagues to help us too! Every voucher counts!!!!