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Primary 1’s Spooktastic Week!

Our tickled pinks this week are:

  • My listening on the carpet is getting better Mrs Hayes – Ian
  • I can do ‘u, u, u’ umbrella and uncle but I need help with the kangaroo ‘k’ – Leyla
  • Making soup I chopped the pumpkin up with my friend like the duck in the story – Erin
  • Reading about Zelda Zebra and Gino Giraffe – Olivia

Our green for growths this week are:

  • Doing the ‘K’ sound on my own – Lily
  • I need help playing games in the playground – Romey
  • Helping my friends tidy up – Cairn
  • Making sure my volume bubble doesn’t burst when I’m at my table – Leon     

Children’s University CU Friday’s

I’ve attached a flyer promoting our next round of CU Fridays – Friday afternoon CU Learning Club at QMU – which run for 3 weeks from Friday 30th October 2015 to Friday 13th November 2015.

There are 20 places for QMU CU pupils and in order to book a place parents/guardians should email no later than 5pm on Friday 23rd October 2015.

I’d be most grateful if you could help us to raise awareness of the workshops by communicating the opportunity to Children’s University Families.

CU Friday’s Oct-Nov 2015 Programme

Primary 1’s week

Primary 1 Homework

Primary 1 Homework
1. s handwriting practise worksheet
Our sound for this week is ‘s’ slither down the snake.
Complete the ‘s’ worksheet – practise writing the ‘s’ sound and colouring the ‘s’ words.
2. Number worksheet
Draw 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 items in the circles provided.

Please encourage your child to write their own name at the top of the worksheet.
Many thanks,
Mrs Hayes.

Primary 1’s First full week!

Hello mums and dads and people who want to watch what we are doing in school to learn.
We have been busy with Mrs Hayes this week and we have been in all afternoon.
These are the things that have tickled us pink and the things that we are going to work on.
Tickled Pink
1. Our m maisie, mountain, mountain
2. The number 1 puppy
3. Bringing in our family photos
4. Seeing Father Jim at church – He’s Jesus’ friend and he helps people
Green for Growth
1. The number 3 puppy because it’s tricky
2. Lining up with our grow partners
3. Writing my name on my own

Mrs Hayes has been good at eating her snack banana with us at nurture time on the carpet. We like the healthy snack trolley and the primary 7’s
Thank you for listening.
See you next week!
Primary 1