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Don’t Worry, Be Happy- Talk and Tell Sessions

Hello everyone.
I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying the snow ⛄️
I wanted to let everyone know that if you had a Talk and Tell session booked for Wednesday or Thursday of this week and have missed it due to the snow storm, that I will be in touch with you next week to rearrange your appointment. You will not miss out on your Talk and Tell time, it will just be at a different time.
Stay safe and warm and I shall see you next week.
Mrs Hayes

P1 Farm to Fork

Had to share this lovely email that I’ve received from Jane who was our leader during our visit today:

What a wonderful class visit this morning  –  We really enjoyed having the children in store today, they were a credit to the school  –  hope they enjoyed their visit as much as we did.
Looking forward to working with the school in future with any of our other Farm to Fork topics
Jane Shepherd
Community Champion / Farm To Fork Trail Guide
Tesco Extra Musselburgh
Mrs Carlyle is a very happy and proud teacher….
Well Done Primary 1!!!!!!!

This week in Primary 1

What a busy week we’ve had in P1……. Mrs Carlyle has been checking that we know all our sounds and can read tricky words.

  • We are learning all about sentences and how to make a sensible one.
  • We are also learning to tell the time : o’clock and half past
  • Lots of learning about Space, the planets and gravity.

We all enjoyed our trip to Dynamic Earth…. here’s a photo

Primary 1 at Dynamic Earth – 2nd March 2017

and today we celebrated World Book Day as we were away yesterday…..

             Dressed up in our favourite books characters

Have a lovely weekend

from Primary 1

Happy New School Year from P1

Happy New Year!

The children have settled back into school really well.

Isla S says that we must keep reading as we are learning lots of new words…….. Mrs Carlyle is happy that we are bringing our reading books to school every day.

In numeracy Isla M says that we have been guessing the amount of cubes then counting and checking to see if we are correct.

Alyssia is learning ‘Roguey, Poguey’ as her Burns poem……. we need to practise lots as we are going to read them to our Buddies on Burns Day.

Here is our home learning for next week…..

Home Learning Record. 16.1.17docx

Have a nice weekend

From Primary 1


This week in Primary 1

Shining stars in Primary 1 this week……….

  • had our photographs taken, Mrs Carlyle thinks we all have lovely smiles!!,
  • Class Dojos go live on Monday, the children are so excited.
  • Our P7 Buddies made sure we knew the correct direction of reading and writing.

Our Learning:

Esmae says that ‘we have to make sure we put our numbers the right way round

Daniel mentioned  three sounds: f, e, l that we have been learning this week.

Ben K loves mathletics! Everyone tried to use their username and password to get in.

Lucy loved learning about Environmental Print.

Isla M says that using Freddy Fingers are so important to help us make words.

Home Learning next week…..

  • sounds u and b
  • collect pieces of environmental print for our class display, for example: cereal packets.  This will help us read…….

Have a lovely weekend – Stay Safe

Love from Primary 1




Training Tuesday’s and Friday’s

We would to thank everyone for your support throughout all of last session to help us do the very best that we can for your children. A special mention has to be given to the outstanding success of the Race for Life event and how the community of St. Martin’s pulled together to raise money for such an important cause. The training that went into preparing the children was well worth it!
Now that the event has been completed the training sessions will now stop so there will no longer be training sessions on a Tuesday and Friday. When we decide to do another event similar to the Race for Life then the training sessions will be organised again as they served a fantastic purpose in getting us all race ready!

Many thanks.

Meet the Teacher Open Evening

Wednesday 31st August 2016
To give everyone the opportunity to meet the teachers of St. Martin’s we are holding a ‘Meet the Teacher’ workshop. This involves teachers giving you a little presentation about themselves and information about the school week in relation to their specific class. It is a great opportunity for parents/carers and family members to learn more about the daily routines, weekly timetable and expectations that are set for your children in terms of homework and behaviour.
Each teacher will present 2 workshops to allow as many people to attend as possible. The second workshop is a repeat of the first.
Workshop 1 – 6.30 – 7pm
Workshop 2 – 7.00pm – 7.30pm
There will also be an opportunity for you to ask the teacher questions. Please support us in teaching your child by coming along and spending time finding out about your child’s life at school. It is evenings like these that make the difference in helping your child reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally.
Please return the slip to the class teacher or the school office.

Many thanks!