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The Ancient Egyptians!

P3 have started a new topic this term, the Ancient Egyptians! Already we are finding out lots of interesting information and facts about the Egyptians and P3 have been involved in planning what they want to learn about the Egyptians. If anyone has any resources that you think may help us in our learning then please bring them into school. They can be used to help bring the topic to life and help make our display look even more exciting for all the people in the school to look at and learn from.


Looking After Ourselves and Our Pets

P3 have settled nicely back into school after our amazing Christmas holidays. We have started a new topic all about how we look after ourselves and our pets. We are working in groups to find out about different pets just now and we are going to tell the rest of the class all the things we have found out about by giving a presentation to the class. We are creating our own wall displays in the classroom so that everyone can see the work that we are doing. Very soon we might even be going on a trip to find out even more about how other people look after pets that do not have a home. If any member of your family or your friends have any expertise in how we should look after ourselves and our pets then please let us know, you are very welcome to come into the class to tell us all about it!

Thank you