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Primary 3’s Friday Reflection

In Primary 3 this week we have had lots of fun!

On Tuesday we created our co-operative learning teams that we will be working in. As partners we came up with a team name and made a banner. Our team names are; The Awesome Rangers, Team Excellent, Minecraft Zombies, Team Shopkins, Team Lego Land, Team Rangers, Team Celtics, Team Princess, Team Magnificent Minecraft, Team Lego Friends, Team Star Wars and Team Gem.

During our reading time on Wednesday time we read a story called, I’ve Got This Hat. In the story there were lots of different hats, so we decided to make some of our own hats and then use adjectives to describe them. Some different hats we made were a letter M hat, a cowboy hat and a princess hat.

Our topic for the first few weeks is about Friendship. Yesterday we watched a Horrid Henry video which we then had to use puppets to perform a friendship play to our class.

In Music this week we sang a new song all about coming back to school, and in PE we learnt how to move about in different ways.

We had a great week in Primary 3 and are excited for next week!

Primary 3 Homework

Home Learning Week 2 Term 1

Hello Families,

Please find below the home learning for this week starting 22/8/16-26/8/16:


Due to being the first home learning task for the school year please re-read the story in the homework bags with your child, mainly focusing on the sounds in the book.


Please play this addition game with your child using the resources provided. Please focus on quick mental calculations.


Our topic for the next two weeks is how we can be the best friend we can. Have a discussion with your child about what they can do to be a good friend. You may like to draw, write or just discuss this.

In the new homework pouch the homework books from Primary 2 are being returned and these do not need to come back to school.

Any questions or concerns please come and see me!

Miss Gladman 🙂 

Training Tuesday’s and Friday’s

We would to thank everyone for your support throughout all of last session to help us do the very best that we can for your children. A special mention has to be given to the outstanding success of the Race for Life event and how the community of St. Martin’s pulled together to raise money for such an important cause. The training that went into preparing the children was well worth it!
Now that the event has been completed the training sessions will now stop so there will no longer be training sessions on a Tuesday and Friday. When we decide to do another event similar to the Race for Life then the training sessions will be organised again as they served a fantastic purpose in getting us all race ready!

Many thanks.

Meet the Teacher Open Evening

Wednesday 31st August 2016
To give everyone the opportunity to meet the teachers of St. Martin’s we are holding a ‘Meet the Teacher’ workshop. This involves teachers giving you a little presentation about themselves and information about the school week in relation to their specific class. It is a great opportunity for parents/carers and family members to learn more about the daily routines, weekly timetable and expectations that are set for your children in terms of homework and behaviour.
Each teacher will present 2 workshops to allow as many people to attend as possible. The second workshop is a repeat of the first.
Workshop 1 – 6.30 – 7pm
Workshop 2 – 7.00pm – 7.30pm
There will also be an opportunity for you to ask the teacher questions. Please support us in teaching your child by coming along and spending time finding out about your child’s life at school. It is evenings like these that make the difference in helping your child reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally.
Please return the slip to the class teacher or the school office.

Many thanks!

Welcome Back!


Welcome back today to one and all!
We would like to welcome back all familiar faces to St Martin’s as well as some new faces that are joining our St Martin’s family.
A BIG welcome to Miss Gladman in Primary 3, Mr Conroy in Primary 6 and Miss Watt in Primary 7. I know that all of our pupils will make them feel welcomed into our St Martin’s family.

Please follow our school website for information about school events, letters, class news, class Friday reflections and for homework information on Mondays.
Please also follow us on TWITTER at @StMartinsRCPS

Welcome Back!

P3’s Monster Special

This week has been a very busy one:

We have had 4 100% in Accelerated Reading this week.  Well Done!!!

7 children were successful in their spelling elephants.  Jan is now on to Spelling Bees!!!!!

Training for Race for Life is going well.  Some of us are in new groups now.  Group 3 achieved 5K today.

Our imaginative stories have been finished and Mrs Carlyle is so pleased.  We all know our next steps so please ask us at home.

We also played ‘Simon Says’ in French!!!  We are learning the names of fruits such as apples, grapes and pears.

We have started our multiplication journey…… watch this space.

Our seeds are growing really well – We will be planting them in the garden soon.

Finally, well done to all our children in P3 who received their Sacrament of Reconciliation on Tuesday.