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Primary 5 and Primary 2’s weekly reflection


In P2 and P5 today we have been thinking about our week. This week…

I see…
The Scottish Hibs cup
Me doing my maths with my friends
My teacher smiling
Me needing help with my reading and I got it
My friends playing the playground and being kind with their words

I think…
That I could do with help with adding numbers. My brain hurts when I do it.
I LOVE mathletics and it helps me get quicker at my numbers.
I did really well using oil pastels in art making my basket.

I wonder…
What we are doing in Art next week. I LOVE art.
If we will be learning more about The Cay our topic book.
If we will have an assembly or a hymn practice.

See you all next week!
From P2 and P5

Primary 5 Homework

P5’s homework for the week:

1. Spelling: Use Look, Cover, Write and Check to learn your spelling words this week. Your challenge will be on Thursday.

2. Reading: AR Reading group books and independent books. Remember you should be trying to read for 30 mins per day.

3. BIG TALK HOMEWORK: Ask your child to discuss the superhero descriptive writing that they worked on during the BIG WRITE on Thursday. Discuss how writing in the first person would help to convince the journalist that the superheroes are real.

This should be completed for Thursday the 15th of Sept 2016.

Many thanks
Mrs Hayes 🙂

Primary 5 Homework

Good Morning!
Here is P5’s homework for the week:

1. Spelling: Use your spelling words as a letter bank. Then make up as many words as you can using those letters.
2. Reading: AR Reading group books and independent books. Remember you should be trying to read for 30 mins per day.
3. Mathletics – Log on at home for the first time in P5 and take part in Mathletics Live. Please DO NOT attempt any of the Mathletics courses until I have set you them.
4. BIG TALK HOMEWORK: Ask your child to discuss superheroes they have seen in cartoons or films,
or read about in books or comics (e.g. Batman, Spiderman, Superman,
Catwoman). Prompt them to discuss what these superheroes look like,
what special powers and equipment they have and what they use their
powers for.

This should be completed for Friday the 9th of Sept 2016.

Many thanks
Mrs Hayes 🙂

Reflection Friday P5

This week we have enjoyed:

1. Art with Ms McLeod where we were using watercolours to make a desert island. Next week we will be starting Planning Block 2 and starting to read The Cay by Theodore Taylor. We can’t wait to learn about desert islands and ocean animals.

2. We are learning how to think better. Mrs Hayes is helping us get our thoughts and I wonder’s out of our heads by talking and by writing. We used I see, I think, I wonder to help us in R.M.E and in planning our new topic.

3. We LOVED our homework task this week and spent time this morning in circle time sharing our ‘Getting to know you’ boxes. We know more about our friends now.

Thank you for listening and we shall see you next week.
Primary 5 and Mrs Hayes

Primary 5 Homework 29.8.16


Here is Primary 5’s homework for this week.

1. Spelling – Using your 10 spelling words and your ambitious vocabulary, create word pyramids for each of your words. If you would like to extend this then create a paragraph of writing using as many of your ambitious vocabulary words as you can. You can choose any theme.
2. Reading – Please read the allocated pages of your AR group novel for your allocated reading days. (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)
3. Getting to know you Challenge – I want to get to know every single person in P5 and learn more about their skills, ambitions and god given talents. Please create a box/bag/container that holds items that tell me a little bit more about you as an individual. We will share these at circle times on Friday and Monday.

Please ensure that your homework is in on time to be able to get a COOL CARD this week!

Many thanks
Mrs Hayes

Primary 5’s fantastic first week!

imageWelcome back from the Summer Holidays to all of our friends in all of the St Martin’s Classes.
On Thursday we started to make our Olympic medals in Art with Ms McLeod and this is one of our highlights.

Eevayne – “I am really good at Calm Time because I was able to fall asleep and have a rest when I didn’t think I could. It just makes me less tired and I can do my work in the afternoon better.”

Charlie – “Last year I rushed my reading but this year I am taking my time.”

Sammy – “Last year my handwriting was really messy and its a lot better now.”

Abbie – “I’m not that good at Art and the modelling has been really hard. Mrs Hayes has asked me to ‘Ask 3 before me’ and then if I’m still stuck I could ask the teacher.”

Anna – “I’m not good at spelling and I ask my friend to help me but I want to learn to do it myself. I would like Mrs Hayes to know this so that she can help me.”

Over and out from P5 and we shall see you next week!

Primary 5 and Mrs Hayes.

Primary 5 Homework

homework_red_2Welcome back to school P5 and welcome back to all families and friends of the P5 class. We have settled in well to the workings of a Primary 5 classroom and are constantly learning new things about one another and about our friends.
This weeks homework will be given out on Monday the 22nd of Aug and should be returned on Friday the 26th of Aug. At the Meet the Teacher event I will talk further about the timeframe that families have for homework and how to request extensions.

Monday 22nd August Homework

1. Reading – Ensure that all set group reading is completed on allocated days to allow for in depth discussions in school reading sessions.
2. Numeracy – Addition Mathletics worksheet

3. Homework diary – Add name and information to your diary

I look forward to meeting family members at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ event next Wednesday evening to explain more about Primary 5 and the plans we have in place for learning in school and at home.

If you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to give me a call or speak to Carol at the office to arrange a time to come and see me.

Many thanks
Mrs Hayes