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Don’t Worry, Be Happy- Talk and Tell Sessions

Hello everyone.
I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying the snow ⛄️
I wanted to let everyone know that if you had a Talk and Tell session booked for Wednesday or Thursday of this week and have missed it due to the snow storm, that I will be in touch with you next week to rearrange your appointment. You will not miss out on your Talk and Tell time, it will just be at a different time.
Stay safe and warm and I shall see you next week.
Mrs Hayes


Monday –  we sadly didn’t have Miss Jameson because she left but we still had fun learning new things.

Tuesday –  we had assembly and we had fun seeing pictures of everyone in costumes for World Book Day. We also learnt a lot about fractions and measurements. It was fun measuring people and objects in the classroom.

Wednesday –  we had Miss Thorpe and we played amazing games with her. It was fun to try to think of a lot of punctuation and a lot of sentence openers.

Thursday  – we had Mrs McLeod for art it was fun to frame our own masterpieces. Also we did Big Writing it was fun to learn about History and the Plague. We also had our obstacle course which was amazingly fantastic.

Friday – Today we did some PE with Mr Conroy and it was very fun to try and catch the tennis ball and for  golden time we had lots of fun and everyone in our class kept their GT.



Primary 6’s Fabulous Week

Monday- On Monday we went to PE and we were doing gymnastics, we had to make up routines it was so much fun! After break we went to music and we practiced for the school show.

Tuesday- On Tuesday we started working on fractions at first it was really hard but by the end most of us got it. We also did circle time and talked about when we felt excited that was fun to do as well.

Wednesday- On Wednesday we had our school trip .We went to Dynamic Earth all we can say it was the best thing ever!!!!!! We just missed the bus and had to wait for the next one. In Edinburgh we had to walk for ages to Dynamic Earth but once we arrived there we had a brilliant day. We loved the time machine and the earthquake and the 4D show was amazing! We also had a workshop about volcanoes which was very interesting and that’s what we’ve been doing for our topic.

Thursday – On Thursday we were learning about fractions and did our Big Writing about our trip to Dynamic Earth. We also learned about the Pope Francis Faith Award which we will be looking at in class. At the end of the day we were building our class volcano which will erupt next week!

Friday – We had our spelling test then went outside for PE (we did a daily mile). It was Golden Time then home time!

A very quick week!


On Monday we had PE with Miss Watt and Mr Conroy. In PE we were doing highland dancing with P7.

We also had music with Mrs Mailer. With Mrs Mailer we were practising for our school musical, Joseph and the dream coat.


On Tuesday we had assembly with the whole school. We also had maths with Miss Watt. In the afternoon we did some of our topic. We also did some big writing to get information about what we would be writing about in our big write on Thursday.


On Wednesday we had Miss Thorpe. We did some topic work on volcanoes. Mr Conroy came in after lunch to do some maths with us about 2D shapes.

We did our mind maps in literacy to prepare for writing our reports next week.


On Thursday we had art with Ms McLeod and we started to draw pictures of Tsunamis. We also done our big write and we were writing a recount to the head office (Dani Day). After break Mr Conroy started reading us a story about a volcano in the UK. It’s a true story!!!!!


On Friday we done our spelling test and reflection sheets and then we went outside to the 3G to do our daily mile. After break we had golden time and Mr Conroy read us some more of the volcano story and we did our raffle then we went home.