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We are Spectacular 6’s!

Monday-On Monday we were at PE and did some Scottish dancing. It was amazing and Miss Jameson knew a lot about dancing .

Tuesday-We watched Arthur Christmas and it was amazing. We watched it with the P7’s we were laughing lots because it was very funny.

Wednesday-On Wednesday we had our school party and also it was our last day with Miss Forshaw. We were very sad. The party was AMAZING! We played pin the ears on Mr Conroy the  elf. It was  so funny!

Thursday– Today we had library and we are going to have golden time and ZUMBA  yeah!



Our week of wisdom

This week we have had a good time .In P.E we have been doing table tennis and we have also been working on racket skills. With racket skills we have been passing a ball (with rackets) and seeing how many times we can keep it going. With table tennis we get into groups of four and basically play table tennis. We were also learning Scottish dancing.

On Tuesday we went to Muirpark Gardens care home for carol singing. We were supplied with plenty of food and drinks. It was a good experience and hardly anyone could eat their REAL lunch afterwards.

On Wednesday we had Miss Forshaw and we learned about fake money.

On Thursday we had art with mcloed and made 3D Christmas cards.

This Friday I am writing this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a AMAZING weekend everyone!!!!

On Thursday we had math in the morning

Super Six’s Fantastic Week

Monday: We did some PE with Miss Jameson. There were two stations: Ping Pong and Badminton. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it . We also did  music with Miss Mailer and we were learning how to use a  Ukulele. We got our home learning and Mr Conroy told us what to do for it!

Tuesday: We had Hymn practice and we are getting more ideas for our St. Martin’s song.  After Hymn Practice we watched a short bit of a cartoon film  called SAUSAGE and had to describe its features! It was really fun doing this and watching the SAUSAGE film!

Wednesday: We had Miss Forshaw and we did a morning task. It was a car invention for traffic and it was lots of fun .We did Big Writing  and were writing a poem. We played heads down thumbs because Ethan was the Secret Student

Thursday: On Thursday we had maths in the morning we were rounding up and rounding down on number lines and Mrs McDonald  was asking us if it was easy for us . After that we had Mrs McLeod. We were making Christmas  wreaths for the Christmas fayre .

Friday: We have done our spelling test . We went to golden time . We had a  raffle and now we are going home.

From p6

Super 6’s Spectacular Week!

On Monday last week we did P.E with Miss Jameson. We did stations and we had to have lots of energy  and good balance. We did skipping , jumping, racing , tree pose and jumping jacks.

On Tuesday it was All Saints Day and P6 were leading Mass and we all read our best. Father Jim said “It was fantastic!”

Last week on Wednesday  when we did Big Writing we did a time slip in our story with Miss Forshaw. Time was slipping away from us it was so fun!

Last week on Thursday we did Rugby and it was sixtacular . Michael let us play Rugby tag and it was tiring but really fun. We learnt a lot about Rugby.

On Friday we had our open morning and we did our best. We hope that our mums and dads learned something new. Also we hope they liked their questionaires that we created for them.

Hope you have a fandabeedosey week! From p6

P6 Weekly Blog

Welcome to our weekly blog!

On Tuesday we had our assembly. Mrs McDonald thought it was really good we sang Heigh Ho. We worked hard on it. It was the first day back from the October holidays.

On Wednesday we did big writing with Miss Forshaw. We had quiet music on.

Yesterday we did topic about World War 1.  All the tables had a sheet of paper with a key figure on it to share. All of the tables got to search facts of that person and then they told the class what they found out about that person. We had fun doing it.

Today we did our reflection, golden time and  raffle as normal.

P6 Friday Reflection

There’s been lots happening in P6 this last week! We had our first drama lesson with Miss Watt and she took us for PE. We got our up to date spelling bees and elephants and  finished our art project with Miss McLeod. We had maths with our teacher in our textbook, we had our spelling test and we had circle time with Mr Conroy.


Welcome back everyone! I hope everybody has had a great holiday and I look forward to meeting family members at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening next Wednesday. This week we had a look at some of the most commonly misspelled words which we will use for our spelling homework. Can I ask that everyone practise their words using LSCWC (Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check). There is also a word search and Maths worksheet to be completed for Friday 26th August.

Enjoy your week!


Mr Conroy