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Welcome Back! 2010/2011

Welcome back to P6!

We will be doing lots of work on the blog this year. Hopefully! So far we have been working on decimals, and French! There has been a lot  more  homework too 🙂

We hope there will be lots of posts on the blog this year, from parents, relatives in foreign countries and just other people from other schools. Last year, we never paid much attention to the blog, but this year we will! Hope you enjoyed this article!

Eve and Lauryn, P6 🙂

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French and Maths

In the past few weeks we have been learning French. We can now count to 20 in French and ask someone their name. Then we would answer. Nearly everyone thought it would be hard to learn it but it was easy. Next we will be learning how to name the classroom objects in French. Now I think that everyone likes learning French.

In maths we have  learning  about decimals. First we learned how to do the tenths. Then we learned how to do hundredths, last but not least we lernt how to do whole units, tenths and hundredths. It was quite easy but I am sure that a few of us got stuck at times. Now we have finished decimals.

Zack and lewis


P6’s new term

Hi and welcome to primary 6’s new term blog. In the past four weeks we have been learning about different parts of the body and French. In French we have been learning how to say what is your name and how to reply. We have also been learning how to count up to twenty.

By Jason and Robbie

welcome to P6 2010/2011

In Primary 6 we have been learning French. I really like it because it is different from other subjects. In maths I have been learning about fractions and in science our topic is the human body. Over the summer my sister and her husband had a baby. They called her Eilidh. So that means I am an uncle again.