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Don’t Worry, Be Happy- Talk and Tell Sessions

Hello everyone.
I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying the snow ⛄️
I wanted to let everyone know that if you had a Talk and Tell session booked for Wednesday or Thursday of this week and have missed it due to the snow storm, that I will be in touch with you next week to rearrange your appointment. You will not miss out on your Talk and Tell time, it will just be at a different time.
Stay safe and warm and I shall see you next week.
Mrs Hayes

primary 7 weekly blog

In primary 7 we have been learning about Donald Trump winning the US election. Donald Trump said he was going to build a wall between New Mexico and America to keep the Refugees out of America.

We were doing a new subject in maths called multiplication board it is dividing and times so its like board with numbers if you get 10 times 654 you would move right once and if you get 10 divided 321 you would move it 1 space left

In art we made WW2 pictures with paint,water pastels the art teacher gave us planes to put on the WW2 painting it was a good experience because Mrs McLeod brought in her uncles WW2hat and bible.




P7 Blog

what happened this week in P7

First we would like to thank P6 for their great performance at their assembly. Despite the technical glitches they carried on doing great WELL DONE P6!!!!!

Tuesday – We had Big writing it was stage 1 of  planning our letter to the collector.

We also had RME with Mr Conroy we were doing a see, think , wonder about Hail Mary.

Wednesday – We done big writing.  It was stage 2 of planning our letter to the Collector.

Mrs Carlyle came into our classroom to help us decide how to make our Christmas fair gifts.

In reading group as we tried to finish our group books Woodlice=House with no name.  Beetles = Spiders big match.  Ants= Adolphus Tips.  Spiders = The Borrowers.

Thursday –  We wrote our letters to the Collector and watched a video Email from the Collector.

We also had our HALLOWEEN PARTY !!!!!! A big thanks to our parent council for organising a fantastic party !!!!

We went along to see our P1 buddies and we were talking about the seasons of the year.

Friday –  In the morning we picked out three pieces of work that stood out to us and labelled them with 2 stars and 1 wish.

Mr Conroy came in and carried on our lesson about Hail Mary .

We all kept our Golden Time and we all enjoyed it.