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Our Experience and Activities at Benmore !

Our experience at Benmore was absolutely amazing!! We enjoyed every second of it. We enjoyed lots of activities including orienteering- it was interesting and hard, caving- it was scary, hard, fun and dark , biking- it was fun and bumpy, shore scramble- it was wet and rocky, gorge walking- wet, hard  and very very rocky , canoeing- it was wet tiring and fun , rock climbing and abseiling were hard, high and scary but really good  at the same time  , a forest walk-it  was great , ropes course – it was great and we felt like mini James Bonds and a very scary night walk!  

All the activities were EXCITING, SCARY and alot of hard work !!! It was still fantastic and we even got hot chocolate on some activities, it was great. On most of the activities we were soked through to the skin. It was very uncomfortable. Everyone loved it at Benmore and if we could have the opportunity again to go I am sure we would take it!!

E.C and O.G

Our Favourite Experience At School Camp !

My favourite experience at camp was gorgewalking because it was terrifying and I’ve never done anything like it before. We had the choice of going up a keyhole or not so I decided to give it a go! A keyhole is a hole in a rock where the water comes through and you climb up it! I also went in the water until it was up to my waist to rub a stone and make a wish.It was the best!!!  Hannah ,Chloe and I shared a dorm with two really nice people called Chloe and Kelly. By Katherine

My favourite experience at camp was Climbing and Absailing because when we went to the big rock it was massive and I said I wasn’t going to do it. With the help of Katherine and Mrs Blair I made it to the top of a 48ft Cliff! Thanks Katherine and Mrs Blair. For the absailing it was the same I decided not to do it then Angela my instructor came with me and helped me down! I also met some really nice friends called Chloe and Kelly from another school. By Hannah.

Our Experience at Benmore

My favourite experience at Benmore was when I did rock climbing. The best part of the rock climbing was when I finally reached the top of the cliff. You had to ring a bell at the top, bring bring!!

My other favourite experience was biking because I liked going across all the bumpy logs and through all the muddy puddles.


My favourite experience was the night walk because it was dark and you never really knew where you where going. I also liked it because at the end I fell on top of someone, someone fell on me and we all kept falling on top of each other! We ended up all VERY muddy!!

My other favourite experience was the biking (the same as Anna). I liked biking because it was fun going through all of the deep, mucky puddles. The hot chocolate near the end was amaaaaaaaaaaazing. Mmmmm, yum yum!!


P7 Camp Experiences

My favourite experience was the abseiling from the 50 foot cliff because it was a very big challenge and i managed to do it.At the start i was shaking but once i got the hang of it i started to enjoy it.It was a great experience and i am very proud of myself and i will tresaure that moment for the rest of MY LIFE!!!!!!!! 

 A BIG CHEER FOR CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy P7:D

My favourite experience at camp was caving and i hated it at first but then it got easier as i went along.Some people started to cry but they had a good reason to! It was a tight squeeze but i managed.It was hard to jump down the small holes because it was very dark but we had head lights on. I got very wet going through the water fall but who cares it was SOOO FUN LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Kirsty ! P7 🙂


Our Benmore activities were absailing, rock climbing, caving, shore scrambling, mountain biking, orinteering, night walk and the forrest walk. They were exhausting and cold but very enjoyable and incredibly interesting ! 

Our favourite activities were Shore scrambling, Absailing and Caving.

Shore scrambling was fun because we got to go in the sea.

Absailing was really funny because we kept on falling off the rocks.

Caving was amazing it was really fun. Our favourite cave was the toblerone cave.

We hope you enjoy your time at benmore when you go!

By Kyle and Kelsie

Our Benmore experience

Our favourite Benmore experience was when we did the abseiling down a 50 foot cliff outside the centre. It was nerve wracking but still very exciting and well worth the long wait.Our second favourite Benmore experience was the cycling through puddle lane as the puddles were MASSIVE!! It was also very good as at the end of the cycling we even got hot choclate and it was delicous.

by Rachael and Emily