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Ross High Experience!

On Wedensday the 9th and Thursday the 10th last week, Primary 7 took a two day visit  up to Ross High  to see what it was like because as you know, some of my classmates and I will be moving up to Ross High after the summer holidays.Another reason that we went up for these two days was to calm our nerves down a little as we were all very nervous but we soon got used to it and I often thought to myself that every body was going through the same proggres as I was and that we all had to look out for each other. If you are nervous about going up to Ross High dont be as I can guarantee you, after a couple of days there you will love it and I have not even moved up yet and I am really looking forward even excited about going up. 

                            yours dearly Rachael Mcgoldrick.

I also really enjoyed my two day visit and am so excited that after the holidays I will get to go up there! I know that I will miss St Martin’s a LOT and will be sad when the day comes  when I have to leave. The night before I went for my two day visit I packed my school bag and thought about what my visit would be like. I was a bit nervous but also very excited. I thought what it would be like to actually go to high school. When I arrived at Ross High I gasped. it was so big! It looked ten times bigger than my primary school. Although I was so happy and excited that I couldn’t wait to get in there, I was also super frightened in case I got lost or didn’t know anyone in my classes! But when I got in the main hall, that wasn’t the case. I knew a lot of people there! As well as people I knew from my class at school, I also knew people from my dance class and other after-school activities. I really enjoyed the subjects there, as well as the tasty lunch I had! The days I spent there were really enjoyable and I can’t wait to go after the summer!   Emily

Ross High Experience

Well I was feeling very scared at first but it was getting better. I was meeting more people that Ididn’t know at first but I got on really well with them. I was thinking how hard the work was going to be but actually it was easy. We had different subjects like maths,English,p.e,art,music, french and I.c.t . My favourite experiences was when we had break time and lunch time. The food was amazing especially at snack time you got burgers,bacon rolls and paninis. Lunch time was the same.Another one of my favourite experiences was when we were playing dodgeball.After the visit Iwas felling very confident I couldn’t wait. I was really happy that I made new friends.Ross High was amazing!!!!!!!!!

By Lewis and Scott

Our transition days!

On the 10th and 11th of june p7’s of every school in the Tranent cluster went to Ross High for their two day visit. During the two days we done lots of different subjects like maths, english, P.E, C.D.T, F.T, science, music, R.E, geography, and lots more. At the start of every morning we went into the assembly hall and sat in our houses then went too our classes . At break we got to go to the dinner hall for a snack then go into the social area and talk to your friends .After break we went back to the assembly hall and got back into our houses and went to our classes . Then at lunch we has our dinner and then went back to the social area again to talk to our friends and then when the bell went we went back into the hall again watcvhed the simpsons movie then back into out classes then at the end of  the day we gathered together as a school and mrs blair and miss lavelle walked us back to st.martins!

We really enjoyed the induction day because we met new people, teachers and also tryed out new subjects..  now we are all looking forward to going to Ross High now that we have had our visits.                          

                                                                                By Erin and Kelly !x

P7 Induction days at Ross High

Anna’s favourite subjects at Ross High were Maths, English and Biology. I enjoyed maths because we got to draw a caterpillar and putting the numbers in the caterpillar’s body. I enjoyed English because we had to read the poem and describe the monster and got to draw the monster. I enjoyed biology because we got a bowl and inside it were were insects and we had to find out what they where called.

Ava’s favourite things that I done at Ross High was ICT because we got to make our own animations on the computer, Science because we got to clear liquids put it in a jug and it turned into a yellow liquid and finally English because we got to draw an imaginary monster that lived at the back of the room!

Before we left to go to Ross High we felt very nervous and scared at first, then we got there and we really enjoyed ourselves. Now we are really looking forward to going to Ross High after the summer holidays!

By Anna and Ava x

Ross High Induction Days !

Before i went to Ross High I felt really nervous and scared because I didn’t know what to expect. My favourite experiences were science because we got to do an experiment of mixing to liquids together to make a colour.I also liked P.E because we played Quick cricket.I felt really excited after my visit to Ross High!I’m looking forward to going up.

By Hannah:)

I felt really nervous and scared before my visit because I wasn’t sure what it was gonna be like.I wasn’t sure if  I was gonna do things right or take all the stuff I needed ,the wednesday morning was quite stressful .My favourite experiences were FT because I got to make fruit kebabs covered in chocolate and FT was one of the things I was really looking forward to.I also enjoyed science because I done two very impressive experiments.I felt alot better after my visit and I am now looking forward to going up!

By Amy 🙂

P7 Induction days at Ross High :)!!

My favourite subjects at the Ross High induction days were ICT , English and FDT. Before I went to Ross High I felt worried that I wouldnt know anyone in my classes , I felt scared incase the older ones pushed me about but the teachers were very helpful there and know how to deal with difficult situations. After the Ross High visits I felt like I was a real Ross High pupil and now I know what it feels like to be there ….. I cant wait to get away from St.Martins and move on to Ross High 🙂 ! By Kirsty !!:)Before I went to Ross High I was worried I wouldn’t know anyone in my classes and my old friends wouldn’t hang out with me any more, but when I got there I knew alot more people than I thought I would and I made some new friends!! My favourite subjects were art, English and maths. After I’d been to Ross High I wasalot less nervous and I can’t wait to go!!! 😎 By Katherine !!!

Ross High Visit

🙂 We loved our visit to Ross High. We are going to tell you our favourite thing about going up .

Kyle’s favourite thing at the visits was CDT , he got to make a key ring. It is red and bent into a cool shape. The first thing he done to make it was filed the edges of a plastic square, then he had to polish it and put it into the oven. After it was out the oven he got to bend it into a shape then he had to dip it in cold water so it would go hard again ..

Olivia’s favourite thing at the visits was ART ! … In art we had to make a backround .. I done a desert . Then on a seperate piece of paper we had to draw something that you could move across the paper .. I done a camel which goes with the desert theme ! I then had to take pictures of the camel moving accross the desert themed backround and when you put it all together it looks just like a camel is moving accross a desert .. You can’t even tell that i was moving it ! 🙂

Kelsie’s favourite thing at the visit was English. In English she done poems and the poem she done was called the Marrog. We had to read it and then try and draw it and see if anyone had a picture that looked similar. She really liked her teacher, her name was Miss Aitkens !

By Kyle, Olivia and Kelsie ! x


Aaron and Lee went up to ross high with the rest of the primary 7 class.We went up on Wednesday 9th June and Thursday 10th June 2010.We all felt nervous but when we got  there our nerves went away. Lee’s favourite subjects were maths ,p.e ,french and english.Aaron just liked everything!!We all felt brilliant after we had gone but we were all exhuasted!!! Aaron and Lee cant wait till AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our Experience and Activities at Benmore !

Our experience at Benmore was absolutely amazing!! We enjoyed every second of it. We enjoyed lots of activities including orienteering- it was interesting and hard, caving- it was scary, hard, fun and dark , biking- it was fun and bumpy, shore scramble- it was wet and rocky, gorge walking- wet, hard  and very very rocky , canoeing- it was wet tiring and fun , rock climbing and abseiling were hard, high and scary but really good  at the same time  , a forest walk-it  was great , ropes course – it was great and we felt like mini James Bonds and a very scary night walk!  

All the activities were EXCITING, SCARY and alot of hard work !!! It was still fantastic and we even got hot chocolate on some activities, it was great. On most of the activities we were soked through to the skin. It was very uncomfortable. Everyone loved it at Benmore and if we could have the opportunity again to go I am sure we would take it!!

E.C and O.G

Our Favourite Experience At School Camp !

My favourite experience at camp was gorgewalking because it was terrifying and I’ve never done anything like it before. We had the choice of going up a keyhole or not so I decided to give it a go! A keyhole is a hole in a rock where the water comes through and you climb up it! I also went in the water until it was up to my waist to rub a stone and make a wish.It was the best!!!  Hannah ,Chloe and I shared a dorm with two really nice people called Chloe and Kelly. By Katherine

My favourite experience at camp was Climbing and Absailing because when we went to the big rock it was massive and I said I wasn’t going to do it. With the help of Katherine and Mrs Blair I made it to the top of a 48ft Cliff! Thanks Katherine and Mrs Blair. For the absailing it was the same I decided not to do it then Angela my instructor came with me and helped me down! I also met some really nice friends called Chloe and Kelly from another school. By Hannah.