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Day 4 in the Benmore House

Activity Group 9 Go Caving….Lots more photos to follow from both groups but for now DINNER!!!

Day 2 in the Benmore House 2014!

So…. today has been another great day. our first full day and we are having a great time. Group 9 went Kayaking and for a forest walk that included some cool games and lots of mud and puddles. We then went pond dipping and found some beetles, water boatmen and a newt. Group 10 went gorge walking today and caving. It was a very active day. We are currently writing our diaries after filling our tummies with Chicken Curry, mango chutney and rice followed by arctic roll and fresh fruit. We have been keeping hydrated with lots of fruit juice and water. Another school have arrived today and we are starting to mingle with them to try and make new friends. This evening we have a night activity and then bed for 10pm tonight so that Mrs Hayes and Mrs Bagnall can get their beauty sleep. We are also getting the opportunity to go to the tuck shop tonight.

Tomorrow, there are lots of activities that we could be doing. Dependent on the weather we may be going kayaking and sailing BUT don’t forget to be back in time for TEA AND CAKE Mrs Hayes!!

Day 2 in the Benmore House 2014 – Primary 7 on PhotoPeach

Day 2 in the Benmore House – Primary 7 on PhotoPeach

David’s favourite moment – Playing prey and predators on the forest walk.
Gerda’s favourite moment – Kayacking with my group. We went to the end of Loch Eck. We played games and made rafts and we played the YMCA on the boats. We then went for a wee swim. EVEN MRS HAYES WENT SWIMMING!!
Andrew’s favourite moment – gorge walking was fun.
Katie’s favourite moment – enjoyed the forest walk. It was really fun because we were working together even though we slipped. We tried to help each other.


Shaun – I’m not as scared of small spaces as I thought I was.
Gerda – I really don’t like water but I was proud of myself.

Laura would like to be a little more responsible in the activities.
Mikaela – I would like to learn to accept help when people offer it to me.

Day one in the Benmore House 2014!

We arrived at the Benmore house at exactly 13:30 on the dot yesterday. We met with our instructors, Scrutts and Graeme and we got to know the builiding and the grounds that we will be living in for the next week. We had to make our beds!!! BUT we did very well at that indeed. We unpacked our clothes and were then given some waterproofs to keep us warm and dry throughout the week.
We are in 2 activity groups, group 9 and group 10. Mrs Hayes is with group 9 and Mrs Bagnall is with group 10. We went on a local area explore yesterday and we went down puddle lane and through ots of tunnels. We even got to go in the river. Some of us even went for an unintentional swim!!!! We then cam back to the house and had the infamous tea and cake and got ourselves dried off.
We had some free time until dinner at 18:15 and then we had diary time with Mrs Hayes and Mrs Bagnall and then we went on the night walk. IT WAS AMAZING if a little scary at points but we worked as a team and used commands to get us through. Andrew led the way for team 10 and Lewis for team 9. We all worked together and got through it. We found quartz and glow in the dark lichen which helped as we were not allowed any torches. Did you know that people with blue eyes see better in the day time whilst people with green eyes see better in the dark? If you have brown eyes you are the same for both.
We then got home, got ourselves dried and then straight to bed. We were knackered and slept well.
This morning we have had breakkie, cereal, toast, scrambled eggs and bacon and we are currently tidying our dorms for the inspection. Lets hope we get 10/10!
Group 9’s activities today are Kayaking and Forest Walk and group 10’s are Caving and Gorge walking.
Watch this space for more updates as the day goes on….








Over and oot!
The P7 Benmore tribe.

Orienteering: ODD – Orientation, Distance, Direction

We had two groups out this morning using maps to find their way around the Benmore Gardens area.
They learned:
– How to read a map of Tranent and the Benmore Gardens.
– What scale is.
– How to measure the time it will take you to get somewhere: Distance divided by Speed.
– How to read a key.
– How to tell what direction we are facing.
– That you need to take your time reading the map before you begin your journey.
– MOST IMPORTANTLY: That we can all read maps and we don’t need to rely on Sat Nav!

Have a look at the children in action.
Orienteering on PhotoPeach

Day 1 in the Benmore House!

Well we are all here safe and sound. Journey was good. We stopped at Luss to have lunch and the continued to Benmore. We arrived and then split into our activity groups, made our beds, went for a nature walk, had cake and tea, prepped dinner hall for dinner, ate dinner and then went on our night walk!

All is bed now safe and sound! More info and photos to follow 🙂

Mrs Hayes 🙂

Christmas Singers!! Ho Ho Ho

Right Mrs Hayes is getting her singing voice ready for the Christmas Fayre!!!

I am on the hunt for a group of children who would like to form the St Martin’s Choir for a one day only perfomance.

This would involve:

  • Spending 1 lunchtime a week in November practising a selection of Christmas carols with me!
  • Coming along to the Christmas fayre on Saturday the 30th of November.
  • Having fun singing!! 🙂

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in then can you speak to me asap or reply to this post with a comment.

Get those voices tuned! Music time with Mrs Hayes will commence on November the 6th at 1pm in RM7

Mrs Hayes

Christmas Fayre

St Martin’s Parent Council Christmas Fayre will be taking place on Saturday the 30th of November 2013.

It will start at 10am and will go on until 1pm in the School.

There will be a variety of stalls in the main gym hall for you to look around. These stalls will be selling items from independant companies/parent stalls etc.

There will be class stalls in the corridors for you to also buy your Christmas gifts from and teas and coffees in the dining hall.

Please put the date in your diary and come along and support the school.

Posters will be put up around the school on Friday so look out for them. P5 will be making them on Friday morning. If you have any ideas about designs for the posters please let a P5 representative know asap.

Many thanks.