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JRSO and Walk to School Week



JRSO reps for this year are Courntey Bennie, Katey Edmond, Josh Robertson and Liam Black. The four reps did a fantastic job before the holidays during Walk to School Week. They were so enthusiastic about encouraging everyone to walk to school. Every morning they were in school before everyone else ready to go out and reward the children who had walked to school with stickers and other fun things! Well done to our JRSO Reps.

Also a big well done to everyone else in the school who made the effort to walk to school and please continue to do this!

Mary’s Meals Backpack Day.

Today at our Mary’s Meals we have packed bags for children that don’t have soap,a toothbrush and toothpaste to brush their teeth in the morning and at night time, pencils, clothes to go to school, rubbers and an education. It was fun putting stuff into the bags for the children because we got to choose what we put in.

Niall King: My bag was for a boy aged 7. I put in a tooth brush, a t-shirt, soap and pencils.

Lennon Rafferty: I made a bag for a boy who was aged 4 and 1/2 and we packed clothes and we packed toothbrushes and 2 bits of soap and toothpaste.

Becky Archibald: Mine was for a little girl and she was aged 6-7 and we packed 3 t-shirts, toothpaste and a toothbrush and we packed pencils and rubbers.

Josh Love: My bag was for a little girl and she was 6 years old. We put toothbrushes in, rubbers, a pencil case, a dress and a pen. We found a school blue dress and I folded it an put it in the bag. I folded it because it would have been crushed for the little girl.

Adam Martin: It was fun to pack the bags because we packed toothpaste and brushes, a pencil, a rubber and a notepad and soap and we packed 2 t-shirts in and some crayons.

Charlie Dodds: My bag is for a little boy and is age is 8. I put in a t-shir, 2 bits of soap and a rubber, some paper, a sharpener and a toothbrush and toothpaste and a stripey t-shirt.

We really liked helping everybody who doesnt have anything to wear or to use. We hope that the children get a good education.


May Fun Day and Car Boot Sale- Saturday 25th May


Just a wee reminder that the Fun Day and Car Boot Sale take place on Saturday 25th May.  There are still spaces available for the Car Boot Sale. To book a place please see a member of the Parent Council or ask at the School office. Spaces cost £10 and the boot sale will run from 9.30 to 12.30.

We would also be grateful for donations for the Tombola/Bottle Stall, which can be handed into the school office, and any donations of home baking can be brought to school next Friday or on the Saturday morning.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you next Saturday.

Thanks from the Parent Council

Water Aid Showcase


Come and see some of the wonderful work that the School and the Nursery have been up to. They are all been learning about a specific country and that countries involvment with Water Aid.

You will be whisked away on a journey through countries such as Nigeria, India, Ghana and Malawi. You will be given a passport on entry to the school. You can drop in anytime between 9:00 and 10:30am with a little pit stop at our Macmillan Coffee morning in the dining hall. All of our tea and coffee as been sourced by P2 and is Fairtrade.

There will also be some art work for sale in each of the classrooms and all money collected will be donated to Water Aid.

Come along and enjoy the fun.

Sanderson’s Wynd Visit to St. Martin’s


Today P3/4 and Mrs Thomson came down from Sanderson’s Wynd Primary to tell us all about Fairtrade. They did an excellent job sharing their learning and have obviously been working very hard.

We are just beginning our Fairtrade journey and P3/4 have given us a lot to think about. Is there one thing that you normally buy that you could swap to a Fairtrade option? If everyone takes little steps we can all take a big step together and make a difference!!

Ethiopian and Water Aid Adverts

There was a lot of hard work and enthusiasm this afternoon in Primary 5 when we began to create our TV adverts using Windows Movie Maker. It was a first for a lot of the class and I was very impressed by how quickly everyone picked up the skills they needed to use the programme. Well done! I am very much looking forward to watching the final edits!!