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Our Amazing Second Eco Flag

We have been working really hard to win our Eco Green Flag. We have put in a lot of effort. Some things that we have done is our eco litter pick rota, always picking up rubbish and putting it in the bin, our 3G litter picks, building habitats for animals in our eco garden, tidying the eco garden and the John Muir garden and design competitions for the garden. Through all this hard work we have earned our second green flag!

A huge congratulations to our Eco Committee!


Just a reminder that on Saturday 19th March Earth Hour will be taking place.At 8:30 to 9:30. Everyone has to switch off something electrical in your household to save energy and to make the world a better place. So please try and tell your siblings and  guardians.

Christmas Card Recycle

The eco committee are  going to be recycling Christmas cards. Instead   of putting them in the bin bring them in and we will recycle them. Eco committee will come round in the new term to collect them.

The eco committee wish everyone a Merry Christmas and an eco friendly New Year.

Primary 2’s week


For this week’s homework we have been making musical instruments using recycled materials (Sarah). We are going to form a band with all our instruments. Miss O’Hara is very impressed with them all!

We have been measuring in metres using a metre stick. We were measuring big things such as the Monkey Bars (Harris R), climbing frame (Lilley), the buckets (Robert), the big red door (Ben) and the wall with the stairs (Kristin).

In gym we are working on our fitness (Hayden). We have been working on: relay racing (Ben), hurdle racing (Kristin), jumping and hopping using both feet (Noah).

There was a problem in our village this week and there was too much rubbish all over the village (Heidi). We had to think of ways to clean it up and stop this problem (Hayden). We were thinking of ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (Zosia).



P6 – ‘What stuck with me this week?’

This week in Primary 6:

Dominic – I now know the ingredients to make 12 butterfly cakes.
Isla – I liked the S.O.A.R sessions and I have to read for 40 minutes without any electricity.
Reece – I LOVED the baking and the second that I got to the gate I showed the cake to mum and then I GOBBLED it up. The icing was amazing.
Brook – I enjoyed maths – cm and mm and it was fun. I can now measure mm successfully now.
Shannon – At ART we were making an art cake for The Great British Bake off.
Lucy – I now know how to measure in cm and mm successfully.
Kasi – I earned a bronze certificate in mathletics and I just need 1 more to get a silver.
Hannah – We completed the test for the CLUSTER SPELLING BEE and we are waiting for the results of who is going.

Waste Week at St Martin’s

Waste Week at St Martin’s has been a fantastic success – Everyone is now more aware of the need to REDUCE,REUSE RECYCLE.

Here’s at quick look at our week:

Monday – the ECO committee visited Kinwegar Recycling Centre.

A super effort from all our children…

and a special Well Done to our winners Primary 1!!!!!!!

Please take time to look out all your unwanted items for our Ecokids

collections.  Children should have brought home their bags home today!!!  The bags will collected from the school on Monday 16th March.

Remember Waste Week should be every week!!!!!!  Here’s a reminder of why………..

Happy Recycling!!!!!!




Happy World Book Day!

Our children are S.O.A.Ring today! This morning some pupils gathered in the gym hall to Switch Off And Read their favourite books. They found it rather therapeutic and relaxing.
Why don’t you give it a go. Switch off that television for 30 mins tonight and help save electricity and our environment.

Eco update

Mrs Smith our local Community Warden kindly visited us on Wednesday at lunch time.

The Eco committee had a working lunch and heard Mrs Smith tell us about thje problem surrounding litter and dog fouling issues in the local area.

This is a serious problem that we are going to help her with and raise awareness in our school community.

Look out for further updates as we move towards Waste Week 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A huge thank you to Mrs Smith – your informed talk was really valuable and we look forward to working with you.