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On Wednesday 13 June ‘The Garden Gnomes’ harvested the potato sacks that they had planted earlier this year. They were given to us by ‘The Potato Council’ as part of their ‘Grow your own Potatoes Competition’. It was great fun harvesting the potatoes! Our potatoes were not as big as we had hoped but at least we tried! We’ll send our results into the competition anyway. Next week we are going to cook and taste the potatoes. YUM!

Eco – Winners!!!!

The winners of the Eco- Committee  litter campaign competition for Primary 1, 2 and 3 are:

Lucy Masters – Primary 1

Daryl Grieve – Primary 2

Dean Porter – Primary 3 

Well done!

The Eco- committee hope that all the boys and girls in Primary 1, 2 and 3 enjoyed taking part.

Remember the message  —- DON’T DROP LITTER!



Gardening Indoors

Week 2 of Gardening Club and because of the bad weather we had to stay indoors. We planted seeds in pots  with the help of Mrs McDonald and  also spent time making posters.

EW wrote this post for the website.

The Gardening club is restarting for Primary 6 So far there are ten members and our Head gardeners Mrs McDonald and Mrs Sharp. We were pleased to see that the RHS Campaign for School Gardening have send us a Garden Planner for different Months. Here are some suggestions for May:

  •  Sow some lettuce and radish.
  • Thin out seedlings sown outdoors if necessary.
  •  Plant out seedlings from earlier sowings once large enough.
  • Protect French beans, early potatoes and pumpkins if frost threatens.
  • Earth up early potatoes.

The Garden Gnomes

Last week the gardening club started up again for the summer term. Ten willing helpers from Primary 6,along with Mrs Sharp and Mrs McDonald, tackled the weeding in the John Muir garden. The garden has been out of bounds for about a year due to the pitches being laid in the field behind the school. Can you imagine a year’s worth of weeds? It was not a pretty sight! Well done to all the workers! This year the garden club members have chosen a new name. They are to be called ‘The Garden Gnomes’. We hope we can work some magic and make the garden beautiful again.

Eco Committee Meeting Minutes

2 February, 2012

People present: Mrs Sharp, Zack, Eryk, Niamh, Molly, Ronan, Andrew, Lewis, Dominic, Emma


1. The committee welcomed Emma as a new representative.

2. We completed the Eco Audit

3. We put forward ideas for our Action Plan.

4. Mrs Sharp is going to discuss our ideas with Mrs McDonald, the head-teacher.

Next Meeting: 23/02/2012