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Pope Francis Faith Award

Today, Primary 6 were learning about a gift of the Holy Spirit – KNOWLEDGE. We had an in-depth discussion about our roots and who helps us gain knowledge, how we grow in that knowledge and how we serve our friends, family, school and parish is sharing and serving that knowledge. We have all identified how we wish to serve others and what seeds of knowledge we would like to SOW. Father Jim joined us in the classroom to and will be joining some of our pupils again as they would like to gain knowledge about his role in the community. Here is an example of 2 of our ‘TREES OF KNOWLEDGE’

P6 – ‘What stuck with me this week?’

This week in Primary 6:

Dominic – I now know the ingredients to make 12 butterfly cakes.
Isla – I liked the S.O.A.R sessions and I have to read for 40 minutes without any electricity.
Reece – I LOVED the baking and the second that I got to the gate I showed the cake to mum and then I GOBBLED it up. The icing was amazing.
Brook – I enjoyed maths – cm and mm and it was fun. I can now measure mm successfully now.
Shannon – At ART we were making an art cake for The Great British Bake off.
Lucy – I now know how to measure in cm and mm successfully.
Kasi – I earned a bronze certificate in mathletics and I just need 1 more to get a silver.
Hannah – We completed the test for the CLUSTER SPELLING BEE and we are waiting for the results of who is going.