IMS Performance with RAF Music

I am sorry to send this so late on a Tuesday. On Thursday evening at 7.30pm we will hold a ‘Facebook Premiere’ event to showcase the Instrumental Music Services’ collaboration with RAF Music Service – an exclusive performance of ‘Lass of the Loch’. It would be much appreciated if you could share either the facebook or twitter links below through your school’s accounts to draw it to the attention your school community and as many people in East Lothian as possible.
This has been a great opportunity for all of our young musicians and we hope that everyone watching the performance on Thursday night enjoys their hard work, dedication and talent.
Best wishes,

Musical Theatre Easter School at The Brunton

Musical Theatre Easter School for ages 8 – 16 years.
The Brunton in Musselburgh is running a Musical Theatre Easter School in partnership with Tommie Travers. Following last year’s sell-out Fringe production of Oliver! there has been a real demand for similar experiences.
The Easter School is open to 8 – 16 year olds, and runs from Sunday 5 – Thursday 9 April, culminating in a Showcase Performance on the Thursday evening at The Brunton. The experience focuses on a variety of musical theatre songs which will be performed in the showcase. As the children learn these songs under the guidance of a professional team, they will develop vocal techniques, have the opportunity to learn dance routines and also take part in fun drama games which build confidence.
The cost to participate is £120, and tickets for the Showcase Performance will be £10 adult, £9 child, £34 family of 4.
Book your space now, or for more information please email

Benmore Day 4

Well it was our last full day of activities today and what a day it has been. One group were caving and exploring the forest, one group were scrambling and caving and the other group were exploring the forest and gorge walking.

Caving was perhaps one of the most challenging activities for the groups but once again there was no giving up, everyone tried their best even when it was scary and the nerves were kicking in.

As I type everyone is getting ready for the disco, the highlight of the week which will begin in about half an hour.

This has been a fantastic week.  The children have been amazing. They have been supportive and encouraging and have all tried so many new things. They can’t wait to see you all tomorrow and be back in their own beds. There has been lots of discussion about what they are getting for tea tomorrow when they get home.

We will keep you updated with our expected time of arrival tomorrow.

Benmore update

We have had another very busy day. The sun was shining today and it was a lovely day. Today’s activities ranged from abseiling, caving, mountain biking and canoeing. Everybody was challenged today but everyone tried so hard and overcame a lot of fears. We are becoming very resilient in Primary 7 and our Growth Mindset is there for all to see.  Not one person gave up today.

Last night our evening activity was a quiz around the house and tonight we have teamed up with Bonaly Primary and are doing a scavenger hunt. We are beginning to make new friends at Bonaly which is fantastic.

Everybody is smiling and loving camp. Cake  O Clock is still the most popular time but the food here has been really amazing and everyone is making sure they are getting the three things we need to do all the activities – Food, Drink and Sleep.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s activities and of course the disco.


We are having a great time at Benmore.  We arrived yesterday ready to start our first activity but first we had to make our beds and unpack. Making our beds was quite tricky but everyone persevered and we got there. We explored the beautiful grounds of Benmore in our activity groups and got to know our tutors.  5 O’clock is Cake o’clock at Benmore which was very exciting and is now the time we all look forward to and are more than ready for after a very busy day of activities.

Last night we went on a Night Walk where we all had to work as a team and support each other. We might not have been able to see very well but we were all listening very carefully to the advice of those in our group.

After such a busy day everyone was exhausted and literally fell into their beds and went to sleep very quickly, ready for their first full day of activities.

Today there was gorge walking, canoeing, forest exploring and abseiling for all the different groups.  Every single person in every group worked so hard and managed to overcome any fears including the Stoneyhill Staff !

Tonight is a quiz night around the house and then early to bed. Hopefully 😉

Photos will be posted up when we can and Mr Johnston has also uploaded some photos and information on Primary 7 Google Classroom.

Everyone is having a great time so far.