Benmore Day 4

The final activities are completed, the pizza was yummy, the disco moves were epic and we have a bunch of rather exhausted children in their beds! We’ve had an excellent week here at Benmore! Can we rewind to the start of the week and do it all again?

See you all tomorrow! (Have the hot water on and the washing basket at the ready!)

Love from P7!

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2 Responses to Benmore Day 4

  1. Thank you to all the staff and for the updates/photos. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow Cameron love Mum, Dad & Ruairi xx

  2. Julie Jessup says:

    Thank you very much Ms B, Ms G, Mr B and to all the staff who contributed time and effort to make this trip happen. To all the P7 children thank you for your enthusiasm and team work. The photos have given us a brief glimpse of your fab time at Benmore. Hurry home I miss you. Water is on and hot chocolate awaits you Gemma. Love mum x

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