Our Christmas Show

This week we performed our Christmas show and sang our hearts out. It went super well and our audience were amazed. All the actors and actresses remembered the lines really well especially Maia  who had so much to learn. Every class were fantastic and performed really well.

We are still practising our songs so we can sing them at Tesco next week. We also sold our baubles at the Christmas Show. You can still buy the baubles if you bring in £3 next week.

We wrote our  final draft of Titanium in literacy and it went very well. We have learned how to upscale our sentences and words and to use the show and not tell technique. We have also learned how to use the different tactics from our slow writing. We have discovered how to write a story without being really repetitive. We are going to display our writing so feel free to come and have a look.

On Wednesday we had a whole school Christmas Lunch.  House and Vice captains helped organise it and when Maia finally got her lunch she got it spilled all over her. The pigs in blankets were the best thing. The house captains got a big bowl of left overs. Special shout out to all the dinner ladies and Mr Gray and all the teachers who helped with the lunch.

In Maths we have been learning about volume. We have been learning all the calculations to work out volume. We found out the l x b x h gives you volume. We had to write out all we knew about perimeter, volume, area and length.

In Science we dissected owl pellets. We found out what the owls were eating and we tried to piece the bones we found back together to find out what species it was. We found out that when they eat something it goes into their stomach and the regurgitate it. Owl pellets are  not actually poo but are food they cannot digest. We can work out what their habitat is like depending on what they eat lots of. We did a crossword to test our knowledge.

Feel Good Choir went to QMU to perform our Christmas Mash up that we have been learning and everyone joined in and the little ones were cute. Lots of people said we were amazing. Santa Claus was there and he came to speak to us.  All the other Primary 7 class went to the MGS Christmas Concert. It was epic. There was choirs and the orchestra. The Rock Band were excellent and sounded amazing.

We put up the Christmas Tree and the class is looking very festive.

The girls football team have a game against Pinkie today. Wish us luck.

Next week we are going to sing at Tesco to do our Christmas mash up. Some parents are going to come and watch. We also have our parties next week, Christmas activities and the Panto.

Its nearly Christmas.

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