P7 Maths Mini Project

This week in Primary 7 we started our maths mini project where you plan an end of year excursion. We were separated into groups to complete the task.  It has been hard to find different types of information and all of the groups are working hard. We had to figure out the cost for travel and the activity we have chosen, make a healthy snack and each day filled out our feedback sheet for everyone else our group.

When working on World War 2 we made Propaganda posters in art. Propaganda posters is when you want people to help you to encourage men to join the army. It is a false and exaggerated poster to persuade you to do something.

In our IDEA project we created a poster about a certain year in WW2. We had to find out facts about what happened in the year. It was a timeline. It went from 1939 – 1945 and we used books to find out the information.

In PE we were doing endurance and we had to do a fitness routine where we never gave up.

Yesterday was Mrs Naysmith’s last day before going on maternity leave.  We miss her very much and we hope to see her soon with her new arrival

Special shout out to Primary 5 for their AMAZING assembly.

It was good fun making the propaganda posters – Kyle

I enjoyed PE because it helped us get fitter and made us push ourselves – Reece

I enjoyed my birthday yesterday – Angus

I enjoyed doing the maths project because it was fun working out costs and using timetables for trains and buses – Kimberly

I enjoyed doing the Propaganda posters because you could be creative – Georgia

I enjoyed doing the maths mini project because I liked thinking of places to go. – Daniel

I learned a lot from the Primary 5 assembly – Skye

Something I found challenging was the maths project because it was hard to find out all the information – Maia

I learned something new from the students from the Netherlands. They taught us some Dutch – Erin.