Benmore Day 3

Good evening!


Another busy but exciting day coming to an end here at Benmore. The boys and girls are in good spirits and they can’t believe how quickly the time is passing so they must be having a ball! The weather has turned a little for us today with some drizzle but we’re not letting that spoil any of our fun!


All of the groups took turns on different activities today and pictures will follow!


We’ve had many positive comments from Benmore staff about how polite, respectful and responsible our children have been so far during our stay so we are very proud, as I’m sure all of you at home will be too. The children have been taking their cleaning responsibilities around the house, in the common areas, very seriously and the scores at this morning’s room inspections were fantastic! All three of the girls’ dorms scored 10 out of 10 and the boys’ dorms followed with, very respectable, scores of 9 and 9 and a half out of 10! The teachers tried to extend this learning by asking the children to help them with cleaning their dormitories but unfortunately there were no takers!


Day 3 Diaries


“Today was really fun. We went caving which was very scary and fun. We were lowered in then had to find our way out. It was tough but we got out in the end. We had to climb and I didn’t even need a rope.”



“After lunch we went biking – it was really bumpy. Then we went to a lake to skim stones.”



“Today was AMAZING. We canoed to the caves, did the tight caves and then canoed back. It was also funny because me and Lewis W’s canoe tipped on top of us upside down. Dinner was really good and yummy because we had chicken bites and rice. We had an artic roll for dessert.”



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  1. Glad you got out of the cave. Sounds like a great experience. Can’t wait to hear about it all tomorrow

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