Benmore Day 4

Well it was our last full day of activities today and what a day it has been. One group were caving and exploring the forest, one group were scrambling and caving and the other group were exploring the forest and gorge walking.

Caving was perhaps one of the most challenging activities for the groups but once again there was no giving up, everyone tried their best even when it was scary and the nerves were kicking in.

As I type everyone is getting ready for the disco, the highlight of the week which will begin in about half an hour.

This has been a fantastic week.  The children have been amazing. They have been supportive and encouraging and have all tried so many new things. They can’t wait to see you all tomorrow and be back in their own beds. There has been lots of discussion about what they are getting for tea tomorrow when they get home.

We will keep you updated with our expected time of arrival tomorrow.

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