PONY VISIT  There will be an opportunity for all the boys and girls to have a pony ride on Wednesday 16th June. The ponies will be at the nursery from 11.00 – 12.30 and 1.00 – 2.30. This will be the highlight of our topic on “Horses”.

The children are also enjoying the visit of “Spirit” a super rocking horse very kindly lent by the children and staff of the Burgh nursery.

  Nursery picnic  We will meet you and your child at Lewisvale Park, opposite Musselburgh Sports Centre on Thursday 24th of June at 9.30 until 12.15.

This is a chance for the morning and afternoon children to get together. There will be no afternoon nursery that day.


  TRANSITION   On Tuesday 15th June the children will have a Teddy Bears Picnic with the P1 children.

Thursday 10th June – The morning boys and girls went to visit the “big” playground in the school. They met some very helpful primary 6 children and the two play ground supervisors. The children will have the opportunity to visit the playground again next week.

The children have had opportunities to visit the primary one class rooms recently. They have met the current P1 children and have had chance to become more familiar with the school layout.


Welcome to Anna and Alan, our new children who started in the afternoon nursery recently.  We hope you enjoy being in Stoneyhill nursery class.

The children are already working hard this term and have shown interest in the recent ash cloud. At the painting activity they have created a super volcano picture and supplied all the words to describe it.

The children are continuing to look for signs of  Spring and have created some lovely pictures of the wonderful blossom trees to be seen around Musselburgh.

Parents and carers are very welcome to pop into the nursery to have a look at the good work.

Last week some children in the morning and the afternoon session baked scones for snack which were delicious. Well done, boys and girls.



Congratulations to the morning children who received a certificate from Mrs Sellwood the gym teacher. Everyone listened very well and tried hard to follow the instructions.

The children are working hard finding out about “People who help us”.

We are hoping that they will find out about a job that is done by someone they know. This could range from mum or dad helping them to learn new things, make a cake, look after the baby etc or it could be someone they know who has a job helping people outside the home. This week we will be asking the children to share their findings with their classmates.


The children will be visited by a local minister on Thursday who will talk to the children about how she helps people in the local community.



Christmas is almost here and the children have been very busy making lovely sparkling decorations for the playroom. Each day we are opening two advent calendars, one traditional and one on the internet. Waiting for your day to open the calendar can be very hard but gives the children an opportunity to practise turn taking.

The morning class have baked “festive parcels” for snack every day this week. They have enjoyed baking so much that a lot of children have asked to bake even more things. We will therefore continue this interest by baking various Christmas treats next week.

The children have been listening to the Christmas story and have the opportunity to reprise the story through role play, wearing traditional costumes.

We would like to remind parents/carers that the last session for both nursery classes will be on Tuesday 22nd December between 9.00 and 12.15. The new term begins on Wednesday 6th January.




We wish you all a happy October break and we will see everyone back at nursery on Tuesday October 27th

We have had a very busy term learning lots of new things. The children had opportunities to find out about wheat and potatoes in our project about the farmer’s field. There was a potato week and a bread week at snack time. The children even sold potatoes grown in the nursery garden and the money raised was used to purchase a parachute for outside play. We have also had a shop in the nursery which the children have used to find out about coins as part of the maths curriculum.

Mrs Pearce and Miss Evett, the two student teachers told us they really enjoyed their time at the nursery working with the afternoon and morning groups of children.



Welcome back to all the morning preschool children and welcome to all the new starts in the afternoon ante preschool nursery.


Thank you to all the parents/carers for bringing in items for the gluing activity. We are happy to receive boxes, ribbons, wool, yogurt pots, card, corks, bottle tops etc but we must request that no packaging that has contained nuts, medicines or meat products are brought in to nursery.                                              


As you will appreciate nursery children use a lot of paper for their activities and if anyone has access to unwanted paper the nursery would be very happy to put it to good use.


We are teaching the children about the importance of hand washing and the use of tissues for runny noses, coughs and sneezes and it would be helpful if parents/carers could supply a box of tissues for use by the children in the nursery.  We encourage the children to use the hot water taps for hand washing purposes and we would like your help to explain to the children that the nursery has special taps which supply “warm water” which never gets too hot.                                                                                                                           





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  1. hi i would just like to say that my little sister has just started nursery holly.She said to me that she really likes nursery.She did really good paintings on Monday.

    love big sis Ellie xxx

  2. Well done on getting your certifacites from Mrs Sellwood

    The teachers will love your listening skills in school!!!!!!

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