Primary 1/2

June 2010

P1/2 have had a fantastic week learning about the lifecycle of caterpillars. We have been observing our class caterpillars change and have been recording them on a lifecycle diagram. We have enjoyed working with children from P1, P2/3 and P3 to research a chosen mini beast using ICT and will be presenting our posters, fact sheets, models and leaflets soon!

In maths we are learning abourt symmetry and are making beautiful butterflies to show what we have learned. We also wrote fantastic ladybird acrostic poems.

May 2010
P1/2 are having a great time learning about their new topic of mini beasts. This week we planned what we would like to learn and then started to create a mini beast world in the classroom! We also had a delivery of 5 tiny caterpillars, which we shall be observing over the next few weeks! Next week we are looking forward to a mini beast hunt around the school grounds!

April 2010

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!

This week we have been starting our new topic People Who Help Us. We have been making a street called Community Street and we’ll be finding out next week about some of the people who live there, that can help us.

We are learning about World Religions and have been reading stories about Sikhism. We are going to be finding out about symbols and traditions within Sikhism.

In art we are learning about observational drawing skills and have been looking out for signs of spring. We have our very own sketchbooks and have enjoyed drawing outside.

February 2010

We are learning about our new topic The Cafe this week. This is an enterprise topic and we started off by planning what we wanted to learn and do.

We made our role play area into a cafe and voted on the name. We agreed to call the cafe The Rocket Baker Cafe. We decided that the name sounds like we will have very fast chefs cooking and fast waiters and waitresses serving!

In writing we wrote an imaginative story thinking about the beginning, middle and end. We had some wonderful stories about Princesses, Astronauts, magical islands, mad scientists and aliens! We had great fun writing them!

In maths we have been learning to do our times tables and add and subtract. P1 were adding 3 numbers and working out missing numbers. Next week we will be learning money.

In science we were learning all about the body and made a class poster with facts about how our body works. We found out lots of information like… our bodies work throughout the night and we breathe oxygen. Next week we will be learning about our senses.

P1/2 have been really enjoying challenge week and have finished off the Pirates topic by writing a report on what they have learned. We also designed our very own treasure maps using co-ordinates. This was great fun! We hid gold, coins and jewels in our maps and challenged each other to find the treasure using the co-ordinates.

In reading we were exploring story prediction using the story of The Little Red Ship and the Pirates. The children came up with fantastic ideas for what might happen next and have worked in groups to produce a display all about their learning.

In science we were continuing to learn about how we change as we grow. Next term we will be exploring the senses.

In phonics P1 were learning the oo sound and P2 were revising the qu sound and learning all about Pronouns.

I wish you all a lovely February break!

In art this week we had great fun continuing our learning about cold colours and though about different ways to use paint. We looked at a famous painting called Splash by David Hockney and created a painting based on this using straws to create a splash effect. Messy, but great fun!!

In writing we were learning abont the beginning, middle and end of stories and wrote our very own Pirate adventure stories. What great imagination!

During IDEA time we researched Pirate life and learned about non-fiction books. We designed posters to share facts on Pirate homes, jobs, clothes and food. We found out some horrible facts like Pirates ate biscuits with bugs in them!

In maths we continued to explore subtraction, number stories, doubles and multiplication.

Next week is challenge week and we are going to sharing what we have learned about Pirates and what we have enjoyed the most.

January 2010

This week we were continuing to learn about Pirates, we made a Pirate ship in our role play area! We worked in groups to make the ship, a treasure chest, a cannon, a flag, a telescope and an anchor. We made them from junk, cardboard and lots of paint! We had great fun!!

In maths P2 were learning how to subtract using column sums, we worked so hard. P2 were also taking away from numbers up to 14. P1 were adding to 9 and 10. P1 had great fun counting gold coins in the Pirates treasure chest.

This week we wrote about a Pirate adventure, we finished a story about what a Pirate saw through his telescope. We wrote about treasure, x marks the spot, mermaids and waterfalls with secret trap doors! Brilliant ideas!!

In art we learned about cold colours and how to make a wax resist picture of waves and water. we worked together to see what magic happens when you mix paint and wax crayon.

What a super busy week! P1/2 have had great fun designing and making their very own interpretations of Neverland from Peter Pan. We have beautiful collages, paintings, models and lego models. The children had amazing ideas and let their imagination run wild!

In writing we wrote a description of Neverland, thinking about describing words and P2 practised using full stops and capital letters.

In maths P2 have begun to use subtraction and have worked on this using the context of Pirates, counting gold coins and coconuts on the palm trees.

In science we talked about how our body changes as we grow up. We drew ourselves as babies and how we are now. We thought about all the things we can do now that we couldn’t do when we were babies.

A big thank you for all the work on Pirate treasure chests, telescopes, treasure maps, the children are so proud of their models.

P1/2 have had a fantastic start to their Pirates topic and already we have some amazing treasure chests that the children have been busy making at home.

In writing we designed our very own Pirate character and thought about how they looked, what they wore, how they behaved and what they would say. We used speech bubbles to show our Pirate phrases.

We read the story of Peter Pan and designed a front cover for the book. P2 wrote a blurb for the story, next week we look forward to thinking about the story characters.

In maths P1 were adding to 7 and 8, P2 were adding within 20, using doubles and the 2,3,4 times tables.

In art we learned about cold colours and have used paint to mix a range of cool colours, which we used to paint a winter scene.

Phonics jotters will continue to be sent home on a Monday and should be returned on a Thursday. P2 will receive a blend and also a spelling list, which they should practise. You may wish to write them out using look, cover, write and check. Other activities with spelling words could be sentences, stories, pictures, clues, word searches etc.

December 2009

What a fantastic performance of the Selfish Giant at QMU yesterday. P1/2 had a wonderful time and really enjoyed participating in the story.
We have also been very busy rehearsing for our Nativity story, which we will be performing for the school assembly next week. P1/2 are very excited about their Christmas party next week.

We had great fun working collaboratively with P1 and P2/3 making a range of Christmas decorations and crafts.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

The countdown to Christmas begins! P1/2 are very excited to be learning about Christmas and the Nativity story. We have been acting out scenes from the Natvitity and talking about Christmas traditions. We have been working collaboratively to design a Nativity scenes using paint and collage.

In maths we have been learning number stories and P1 have made some posters to show the number bonds to 5. P2 have been working on addition and have been exploring a range of strategies to work out the answer.

We also looked at letter writing, thinking about who we write letters to and how to lay them out carefully.

Next week we look forward to some festive crafts and learning more about Christmas celebrations. We are also excited to watch the dress rehearsal of the Christmas show.

November 2009
P1/2 are very excited about their new topic Toys. We will be focusing on how toys move and will be investigating toys from the past. We have already begun setting up our own toy factory in the classroom for designing, making, packing and selling toys.

In maths we have explored 2D shapes and next week we will be looking at 3D shapes. Any donations of junk modelling materials would be really appreciated.

Our library day will continue to be Thursdays. PE will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Reading for P1 will be a Thursday and starting on Thursday 5th November P2 will read on a Tuesday and Thursday, although more information will follow next week.

October 2009
P1/2 have had a great time learning about nocturnal animals. We have built Percy the Park Keeper’s Shed in our role play corner and have been writing stories about nocturnal animals. Next week we will be holding a pyjama party (more details will follow) and share all of our knowledge about Day and Night.
In RME we have been thinking about Harvest and thinking about what we are thankful for.
We have beedn busy writing instructions for brushing our teeth and how to wash our hands.

P1/2 had brilliant fun working with their P6/7 buddies, making night time monster masks. P6/7 shared with us their technology skills and helped us to design and make masks based on the story Where the wild things are.

September 2009

What a very busy week! P1/2 had a visit to the school library on Thursday where they explored the books and next they will have the opportunity to take a book home.

In Literacy P1 have been learning the t and i sound and we have started to blend sounds together to form words. P2 have been blending and forming 3 and 4 letter words. We have been writing about our families and next week we will be writing about school.

In maths P1 have been counting to 10 and forming the numbers. P2 have been counting to 20 and beyond. We even got up to 100 on Thursday! P2 have also been adding and subtracting within 10.

We have been exploring the cycle of a day and have made a wonderful poster showing all the things we do throughout the day.

Today the children completed their reflective diaries for the first time. The children thought about their learning this week and set a target for next week. Please sign the diary and return on Monday. Your child also has the opportunity to share a personal achievement in the back of the booklet.

P1/2 have settled in very well and have begun a very exciting topic on Day and Night. The children decided to open a campsite in the classroom and have been having great fun putting up a tent, packing the things they need and cooking with the camping stove. The children have also been very busy making trees for the forest and bnext week we’ll be making the moon, stars and planets.

In matsh P1 have been listening to stories about the numbers 1-7 and have been practising writing them. What a super job! P2 have been practising numbers to 10 and 20, thinking about before and after.

We have also been writing about ourselves, sharing what we like to do. Next week we will be writing about our families.

In health we will be practising how to wash our hands carefully and also thinking about looking after our teeth.

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  1. The day and night work sounds fantastic, the tent in particular, I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING THE SUN AND MOON.
    I know that Jacob has really enjoyed the number stories and the songs that the class has been learning too, sounds like great fun that will keep on going.

  2. hi everyone

    hope you enjoy your new topic because I have done the pirates when I was in p1/2 I did the pirates and I really enjoyed it

  3. Hi to all of you. The assembly sounded great and I hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as Jaco said he did.

  4. you have worked very hard and i sound like you are going to be amazing artists when you are older :):):)

  5. It looks like you’ve had a super year doing all sorts of fantastic stuff!
    Thank you very much Mrs Naysmith for giving the children such a fun learning experience! Happy holidays!

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