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28th May

We have just started learning about Minibeasts.  So far we have planned the topic and set ourselves some research questions which we hope to answer over the next few weeks.  We hope to hunt for minibeasts around and outwith the school!  We have also been learning how to do a survey and create charts and graphs with the results. In RME, the children will be learning all about Sikhism and have started by learning about the 5Ks of Sikhism.  So far this term, we have enjoyed playing team games in gym – rounders is a favourite at the moment especially as we can play it outside in the sunshine!  Many thanks to everyone who helped us at sports day  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the events and the sunshine. 


26th April

P2/3 have had a busy first week back.  We have begun our new topic – Africa and Tanzania. As you may already know, we have a link with a school in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania so the children will be learning about the school and life in Tanzania.  Last week we planned the topic together and set ourselves some questions.   We have also started to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  We have enjoyed reading  the story, making golden tickets, writing about the chocolate factory and drawing pictures of Willy Wonka! We are looking forward to find out what happens next…

8th February

We have continued our work on pirates .  We used the pirate maps and characters which we created to help us write imaginative stories about the adventures of our pirates.  In reading we have been using a story called The Little Red Ship and the Pirates.  The story is in four parts and we have been using our prediction skills to guess what might happen next to the Little Red Ship. P3 have continued their imaginative work on Cinderella. They have used their drama work to help them write about Cinderela, her step sisters and the Fairy Godmother.

15th January

We have been very busy sice the start of term! Our new project is Pirates and so far we have enjoyed designing our own pirates.  We then added labels to tell people all about the pirate and we even gave them each a nickname! P3 have been enjoying taking part in drama and writing activities about Cinderella.  In writing this term we will also be creating characters and settings for imaginative stories about pirates.  Earlier this week we enjoyed working with P6 to create ice sculptures in the playground.  We took lots of photos which we will put on the website next week.  Unfortunately, some of our sculptures only lasted a few hours as they were melted by the sun!!

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4th December

We have been busy learning all about the Christmas Story.  We listened to the story and then worked collaboratively in groups to retell the story.  Some groups are drawing pictures whilst others are acting out the story.  Also this week we drew pictures and wrote descriptions of the witches house in Hansel and Gretel.  This week P2/3 also tried a new sport! We were very lucky to have 4 students from Telford College come in to teach us some of the skills of handball.

13th November

We have enjoyed learning about toys in class.  So far, we have talked about our favourite toys, discussed how toys move and designed toys which will move by being pushed, pulled or twisted.  Next week we will make and evaluate our toys.  Using the film Toy Story as inspiration, we have written about being a toy which gets lost and in dance we have discussed how toys move and created dance sequences to show this movement.  In RME we have enjoyed learning a little more about Buddhism including stories about the Buddha and finding out about Buddhist symbols. 

9th October

P2/3 this week enjoyed learning about how wheat is harvested.  We also found out about the process of turning the harvested wheat into flour.  In class we used flour to make bread.  Can you guess the other ingredients which went into our bread? It had to rise and bake in the bread machine for 3 HOURS!  We all enjoyed tasting the delicious bread.  Thanks to Mrs Shiells for bring in the bread machine and helping us to make the bread.  Also this week we have enjoyed playing in our farmshop and learning about money. We ahve also been learning all about Harvest Festivals in RME and have been learning songs about harvest with Mrs Townsend.

25th September

P2/3 have enjoyed baking today for our MacMillan Coffee Morning.  The children made chocolate crispies and decorated cakes to enjoy at golden time.  Thank you to everyone who brought in a donation.Macmillan Cancer Support  We have also begun to make our scarecrows and hope to finish them off and display them soon.  Our farmshop has opened and we have spent some time this week designing posters for our new shop products.  This links well with our numeracy topic which is money.  We have also been enjoying reading our new class novel – ‘Esio Trot’ by Roald Dahl.


11th September

P2/3 have had another busy week. As it is Roald Dahl week we have been reading ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ and are hoping that the crocodile won’t eat any children when we finish the story next week! In art, we have been using collage to create farm scenes and we have been discussing various aspects of farm life including Farmer Fred’s scarecrow which we hope to make next week…  Today the children have completed the first page of their reflective diary.  This will be completed each week in school and sent home on a Friday.  It would be great if you could look at this over the weekend with your child and write a comment if you wish.  There is also space at the back of the booklet to record any achievements out of school.  The diaries should be returned to school each Monday.

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Since we came back to school last Wednesday we have been very busy. We started by making and decorating peg and tray labels. We have been writing about the things we did on holiday.We have also talked about our families and drawn pictures of them. We have been able to play with some construction toys like lego, playmobil and cars. Today we had PE and enjoyed practicing throwing and catching a ball and we played dodgeball!

8 thoughts on “Primary 2/3”

  1. Hello – I hope every one from my P1 class last year is well.

    I did not know which page to send this e-mail to … so I chose this one – I hope it reaches my friends.

    We have had a hot summer here with temps over 30 degrees every day. Its a bit cooler now but it is still about 20 degrees now. Snow will be here soon though so I will be able to go skiing again soon.

    I have started my new school and its really good. I get taught in both English and German and I have made lots of new friends. After school I go to an after school club which is called a “Hort” here. Everyone is really nice and they help me do my homework so I don’t have to do it at home.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Grace C. x.

  2. hi p2/3

    it sounds like you have had a busy week and you all must work very hard .

    from Ciaran

  3. I am reading charlie and the chocolate factory and i am really enjoying it and I hope you are to :):):):)

  4. Helo Mrs Snowdon I have ben to my ballet dress rehersal and done my dances. Hope you have had a nice weekend. From Isla ps. I’m lookimg forward to doing my literacy this week.

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