Primary 3

Friday 28th May

Another fantastic week from Primary 3! Our new IDEA about minibeasts is well underway. We have set our personal key research questions and created a Minibeast laboratory in the role play area. We are looking forward to getting outside and observing minibeasts in their natural environment. We are also preparing for an Ugly Bug Ball with all the other Early Year Classes – It will be great to work with lots of different people.
We have also begun ‘Primary 3’s Big Book Of Values’ in RME. When it is finished we hope to display it in the library.
In maths the Perfect Prisms and Super Spheres working hard to remember their times tables (2,3,4,5 and 10) and are beginnng to divide! Cool Cubes are working hard to recognise odd and even numbers and are learning the 2 times table.
Wow! What a busy class!

Friday 19th March

This week we have been busy doing lots of different sporting and healthy activities as well as some of our usual class work.

I really enjoyed doing our IDEA work finding out some customs about Easter. By Isla

I really enjoyed doing the food tasting and Art. I especially liked the blackberries. By Erin

I really enjoyed doing the food tasting, I liked the beetroot. By Anna

I have liked everything this week! By Andrew

I liked doing HIPHOP dancing. It was fun! By Kate

I liked doing skipping with Mrs Smail. It was really fun! By Chantelle

I really enjoyed watching the skipping DVD. It told us how to skip in different ways. By Sophie

I really liked the golf. It was lots of fun. We learnt how to use the chipper and the putter. By Seb

    Friday 26th February

We really enjoyed planning our new IDEA ‘Food and Celebrations From Around The World’ Erin and Rachel
I enjoyed art, we were designing collages Scott
I got to film this week’s Personal Achievement Show! Ross
I have liked absolutely everything! Andrew
I liked getting messy when we designed the collage Nicole
\I really enjoyed playing in the world kitchen, I made some sushi out of plasticine. Anna
I enjoyed three things; art, PE and ‘Relax Kids’ Nicole
I enjoyed art this week Emily
I’m going to try and eat soup with chopsticks Lois
I really, really enjoyed handwriting, I was so neat! Sophie
I worked really hard with my reading and remembered to wear my glasses! Raveena

Another fantastic week from Primary 3!

Challenge Week! Week beginning 8th February

We are reaching the end of our Ancient Egyptian IDEA and we have absolutely loved it! We have learned so much and in so many different ways. Challenge week is our opportunity to share our knowedge and transfer knowledge from one curricular area to another.
On Monday we took part in an Ancient Egyptian Quiz Show. The questions came spinning onto the whiteboard and we had funky music for thinking time. We worked with a buddy and discussed each answer.
It was good working with someone different, Scott
If I wasn’t sure of an answer, I could discuss it with my buddy and I also helped her when she wasn’t sure, Erin
The music made it feel like a real quiz show, Lois
It was fun! Seb.
We also began hearing some presenations. We were amazed by the different ways P3 chose to share their learning. We saw a power point quiz, power point presentations, talks with models of pyramids, canopic jars and posters. Mrs Taylor was speechless, she couldn’t believe how confident and professional we were! Mrs Mercer is looking forward to hearing the rest of the presentaions on Wednesday and Thursday. There will also be an art challenge where we can choose to represent our IDEA in any way we like. We could draw a chalk death mask, make a boat, create a tomb painting, design a canopic jar… It’s up to us and we can’t wait!

Friday 12th February
The rest of the presentations were all awesome! By Isla

It was really fun doing the Challenge Art activity. I did a golden mask. By Anna

I had fun making masks because it was a challenge. By Rachel

I have absolutely liked everything this week. By Andrew

I liked doing Cinderella in Drama becuase it was fun. By Raveena

Primary 3

Friday 29th January

Primary 3 have been incredibly busy this week. We have enjoyed working hard on our Egypt IDEA. We found out all about Egyptian tomb paintings and pyramids. We tried to make pyramids out of LEGO and cardboard. We have also been busy in all of our other subjects and we really enjoyed the Bring and Buy sale today.

I liked absolutely everything this week! By Andrew

I liked doing drama because we were acting out Cinderella and the Step Sisters. By Raveena

I enjoyed drawing Tuankhamun’s death mask and using chalk. By Erin

I enjoyed drama. By Sam

I enjoyed making Tutankhamun’s death mask. By Nicole

I enjoyed doing column subtractions with Mrs Mercer. By Isla

I enjoyed doing exchange with hundreds, tens and units. By Ross E

I had a lot of fun doing the imaginative writing. It was very funny. By Seb

I enjoyed doing my maths. By Lois

I had a good time in assembly today. By Sophie

Friday 22nd January
Another FANTASIC week from Primary 3!
P.3 are making super links between drama and writing. Mrs Taylor gave out so many house points for our descriptions of Cinderella’s kitchen. Next week we are introducing the ugly sisters and wei hope to make Mrs Taylor laugh with our improvisations and descriptions!
Our IDEA is so much fun and interesting. This week we designed Egyptian jewellery, tried out Egyptian make-up styles, mummified a doll and made an Egyptian mask…WOW!
In Sciences, we evaluated websites about materials. Some had lots of information and some had lots of cool games. We are going to use some of the more exciting websites to help us learn more about materials.

I loved evaluating the materials websites, Anna
I really enjoyed making the Ancient Egyptian masks, Erin
I enjoyed mummifying the doll, Kate
I really, really enjoyed playing the Egyptian games on the computer, Isla
I enjoyed Assembly Sophie
I visited all classes to share my Cinderella descriptive writing and I got 5 house points! Seb.

Friday 15th January

This week P3 have found out all about the River Nile and Hieroglyphics. Everyone made a cartouche of their name on tea-stained paper using hieroglyphics.
In maths P3 have been working hard on times tables. Cool cubes made some great dominoes, perfect prisms and super spheres amazed Mrs Mercer and Mrs Rae with their fantastic work on exchange in column subtractions. Keep up the hard work everyone!

I’ve enjoyed working on the Ancient Egyptians. By Anna

I really enjoyed doing Ancient Egyptian activities. By Nicole I

It’s been a fun week! By Ross E

I enjoyed making the River Nile, I loved making the cartouche and I enjoyed handwriting. By Erin

I enjoyed making the Cinderellas. By Isla

I enjoyed making my cartouche. By Kate

I loved everything I have done this week, especially learning exchange in maths. By Andrew

Friday 18th December

It’s been a fun week for P3. By Sam

It was fun working with Gordon. We were playing instruments and some people got to be conductors. By Kieran J.

It was really fun being in the Singing Santas. We performed at QMU, the Co-op and infront of the school at assembly. By Anna

At QMU we also went to see ‘The Selfish Giant’. It was the best play in my life! By Seb

I really enjoyed RME. We were telling the Christmas story in a way that interests people. By Isla

I loved reading stories at the end of the day. By Erin

    Enterprise Month – December

What an enterprising class P.3 are! We have had a fantastic month and shown such responsibilty for our learning. We have tested and designed reusable bags, created a choir of ‘Singing Santas’ and held an exhibition. WOW!!
The ‘All About Me’ exhibition was a huge success and was so well supported by parents, grandparents, aunties, brothers, sisters… P.3 created questions about their posters for the visitors to try and answer. The visitors were also asked to add any ‘stars’ to the posters. P.3 were given so many positive comments and were very polite and informative. There were even Christmas cookies for the guests to nibble on – many thanks to Mrs Smail for baking with us.
The ‘Singing Santas’ held their first performance on Tuesday 15th December at Queen Margaret Unversity. We performed in front of a huge audience, who really enjoyed our performance, some people even called out ‘encore’! We were very lucky to meet the University Principal and we had a whole table reserved for us with crackers, sandwiches, crisps and juice. What a fantastic day! We are looking forward to visiting the University again on Thursday 17th December for a performance of ‘The Selfish Giant’.
The ‘Singing Santas’ also performed at the Co-op to entertain shoppers and lots of friends and family. Many thanks to all who supported the choir on Wednesday.
On Monday 21st December P.3 will be performing a dance inspired by ‘The Snowman’. We will be performing to all classes and staff throughout the morning and parents/carers are welcome to join us on Monday at 11am in the gym hall.
Well Done Primary 3, Mrs Mercer and Mrs Taylor are so proud of you all!

    ‘All About Me’ Exhibition

P.3 are holding an exhibition of posters they have designed all about themselves. Parents/carers are welcome to join us in the GP room anytime between 9.30am and 10.30am on Friday 11th December.
There may even be some festive snacks to nibble on as you tour the exhibition!

Friday 4th December

It has been a great week in P3. We are thinking of interesting ways to re-tell the Christmas story in RME. We will continue working on these next week. We worked on a mini-enterprise topic this week. We each designed a pitch board for a re-usable bag. We are going to send all of our ideas to the Co-op. Hopefully if they like any of our designs, they might even turn them into real bags!

Next Friday we are holding an ‘All About P3’ exhibition from 9.30-10.30. We hope that some of you will come and join us. We will even be making some tasty snacks to eat!

We had a brilliant RME lesson. By Ciaran W.

We had a nice assembly with Mrs Webster. By Sophie.

I enjoyed doing maths, especially the 5x table. By Isla.

We sang Christmas songs in assembly. By Kieran J.

I really enjoyed doing the bags. By Erin.

I enjoyed doing the bags. By Rachel.

Friday 20th November
It has been yet another busy week here in Primary 3!

Sebastian amazed us all with his knowledge about the ear and how we hear with his fantastic presentation. He even did his presentation for Primary 6 and they were all really impressed with his knowledge. Well done Seb!

We had great fun designing one man bands in our IDEA work. Ross E was fantastic as our tester. We managed to attach drums, bells, tambourines, chimes and shakers to him. He looked and sounded great! We’re looking forward to trying out more of our ideas in our groups next week. We might even have a mini-parade on one man bands around the school!

Everyone in Primary 3 is making great progress in their maths. Cool Cubes did some fantastic doubles work. Perfect Prisms and Super Spheres are really learning their times tables well and also managed to do lots of fantastic column additions, well done everyone!

Friday 13th November
Another brilliant week from P.3! Highlights of the week include…
I loved making the opening scene for ‘The Snowman’, by Anna
I loved making the Hebrew scrolls, by Isla
I loved practising and choreographing ‘Ths Snowman’s’ opening scene, by Erin
I enjoyed art because it was fun creating new colours, by Ciaran
I loved doing ‘The Snowman’ dance and I got the responsible citizen badge, by Nicole

P.3 produced amazing farm feedback posters, letters, postcards, mind maps… as part of their homework, we hope to display them in the Co-op! We have also designed and made our own musical instruments. Next week we are going to discover how instruments make their sounds.

Friday 6th November

After a busy start to the week, we have continued to work hard in Primary 3. In our new IDEA, The Band Makes Music, we were looking at the different sections of an orchestra. Mr Reeves brought in lots of brass instruments and we listened to him playing them. Patrick, Kate, Isla and Jack all managed to make a sound come out of the trumpet! We are each designing our own instruments which we are going to start making next week. Don’t forget to bring in any resources that might be useful!

We have also done some fantastic maths work. Cool Cubes have been working really hard on learning their number bonds to 10. Perfect Prisms and Super Spheres have been using all of their place value knowledge to create place value games. We will finish these next week and test them out. They look like they are going to be good fun to play, and also should help us to learn our place value facts.

Tuesday 3rd November
P.2/3 and P.3 have just returned from a fantastic visit to Hirsher Farm Estate in Coldstream. It took an hour to get there but we were so excited the time just flew by! When we got there we split into two activity groups. Activity one was pizza making. We got to make pizzas from scratch and we chose lots of different healthy toppings like broccoli, mushrooms, sweetcorn and pineapple. We even got to take the pizzas home – what a fab take away! Activity 2 was all about investigating crops. We were very good at working out which crops give us crisps, bread, vegetable oil, pasta and even beer! We then looked at crops in fields and got to explore a maize field – the crops were much taller than us, it was like a jungle! We finished the day by visiting the Highland cattle, they were very friendly despite their huge horns!
What a fantatsic day out and P.2/3 and P.3 were a credit to Stoneyhill, outstanding behaviour and enthusiasm.
Mrs Taylor

Monday 12th October 2009

Challenge Week in P.3 – I.D.E.A. ‘The Farm’

Challenge 1 was to make a farmyard animation. P.3 created fantastic animations set in a farmyard. Here is what they thought…
I thought it was great working with Rachel and Anna
It was fun making an animation. We used 101 shots!
It was incredibley fun making the animation.
It was fun working with Ross, Isla and Jack.
I created my animation independently and I used 140 shots.

Challenge 2 – I.P.R. – A Farmers Day
We wrote amazing I.P.Rs today. We pretended to be a farmer and we set our own success criteria.

I smiled all the way through, I am so proud of my writing.
We all worked very hard.
I did a brilliant IPR and I showed it to other classes.
I did a brilliant IPR, I added lots of detail.
I did the best I could and I know I did well.
Kate has come up with our next step. We are going to create a book of IPRs called…
A Farmer’s Day.

Friday 9th October

Hello from P.3! We have had another fantastic week. Our learning wall is looking so busy and full of information. Lots of ‘happy farmers’ have answered lots of our tractor questions. P.3 used excellent personal research skills to answer their key questions. We used non-fiction texts, information from our learning wall and the internet to help our personal research.
Next week is ‘Challenge Week’ where P.3 will face 4 challenges related to out I.D.E.A. – The Farm.
In writing we will create an Imagined Personal Response (I.P.R.) as a farmer, in Technologies we will film a farmyard animation, in maths we will record role play in our farm shop and in RME we will complete podcasting our Harvest songs and we will write our very own Harvest prayer. We are looking forward to showing what we have learned in lots of different and fun ways!
Friday 2nd October

Primary 3 really enjoyed following instructions to make puppets this week. Some of the puppets are already looking fantastic. Another exciting task this week was baking bread. We were thinking about how the wheat from the field ends up as bread that we can eat, yummy! In RME we started to compose Harvest songs this week. We have some budding songwriters in the class who came up with great lyrics and rhythms. When the songs are finished we hope to record them as podcasts and add in some sound effects.

Writing a song was really fun – by Emily
I enjoyed making the bread! – by Kate
I enjoyed RME – by Christopher
I have enjoyed making the puppets – by Isla
I loved making the puppets – by Jack
I enjoyed RME – by Ross E
I enjoyed working with Kate in RME – by Erin

Wednesday 30th September

What a fantastic couple of weeks we have had in Primary 3. We can’t believe we are almost into October. Our farm IDEA is going so well and we have really enjoyed the variety of activities including our bread workshop (baking and tasting bread – yummy!), filming a farm yard animation (thanks Miss Harper for all your help and advice!), writing Harvest songs, making a bread mobile, buying products from our own farm shop… Our learning wall is looking very busy and Mrs Mercer and Mrs Taylor are very proud of us.
One of the highlights of last week was performing our ‘Boogie Wonderland’ dance in front of the…WHOLE SCHOOL! It was so much fun and the audience smiled the whole way through. Mrs Walker and P.4 want us to teach them the dance and Mrs Rae got us to do the dance twice in Gather Round. Some of us were a little nervous but we helped each other and imagined the audience weren’t even there!
Mrs Mercer and I would like to say how impressed we are with the standard and variety of homework P.3 are producing. We really enjoy seeing the different ways you like to share your learning. We have even displayed your safer routes to school maps, pictures and instructions on the JRSO board so the whole school can see your fantastic work. Huge well done and thank you to you all.
Mrs Mercer and Mrs Taylor

Friday 4th September 2009

Well, it has been another busy week in Primary 3. This week we have finished out All About P3 project. Our target tree is looking great with lots of target caterpillars crawling all over it! Hopefully it wont be too long before we have some butterflies flying around the classroom once our targets have been achieved. We have also created a display of ‘Our Vision of P3’ collage work which is brightening up the corridor!

We completed some challenge activities in maths and writing and we also really enjoyed listening to each others presentations and looking at our homework posters all about ourselves. The posters all look amazing, everyone has put in so much effort. We will be displaying these posters in the school at a later date and hope that some of you may be able to come in and see them. More information will follow.

We ve had a good week. By Erin

we had fun at PE this week by rossE

we had sum good times with mis m and mis t by jack.

Week ending 28th August 2009

Welcome to Primary 3’s class page! This page will be designed and written by Primary 3 each week and will reflect what we have been getting up to! We look forward to reading lots of positive comments about our class page and the activities we have shared with you.
Our first full week as Primary 3s has flown by so quickly. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and Mrs Taylor and Mrs Mercer are very proud of us already!

Mrs T and Mrs Mercer have taught us lots and it is great to have two teachers, from Isla.
We have had a great week and a half in P.3,
from Erin.
We have been learning about bar charts and we have made the world’s largest bar chart all about what we like to read!
from Patrick.
We have a target tree in our classroom,
from Erin.
Look out for lots more about Primary 3.

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  1. Thank you for all my lovely cards everyone made,my mum has put them up on my wall in my new bedroom and they look great,i am going to miss everyone so much, i had lots of fun at Stoneyhill and made really good friends,thank you for being the best teacher ever Mrs T,
    love Robbie xx

  2. It’s great to have two teachers and I have lots of fun with them. I had a good with Mrs Reid last year and I miss her.

  3. Hi Everyone !! sounds like you have all being doing lots of exciting projects,we have been doing alot of work about space so i have been really enjoying that,missing everyone very much,i saw Sam last week and he told me you where all doing great!! We are moving house again in December so i am soooo excited as outside my bedroom i can see a wind turbine and i love watching them spin really fast when its windy… mum said she will bring me up to see you all very soon,big hi to Mrs T and Mrs Mercer,
    see you all soon

  4. Well done P3.
    The Snowman dance was excellent, and lots of fun to watch. You are all little stars…Well done to Mrs T, for putting on an amazing preformance. xx
    Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and Santa is good to you all xx

  5. I really enjoy my classroom its great my teacher is fantastic i made lots of freinds!!!

    By Nicole!!!

    [PS] My classroom is brillant!!!

  6. hi

    I am really enjoying our I.D.E.A ‘ the ancient egyptians ‘ and I think it is the best topic EVER

  7. I would like to say a big thank you to mrs mercer for teaching me column additions and subtractions and thank you mrs t for teaching me the 2,3,5 and ten times tables
    love ciaran

  8. Many thanks for the lovely breakfast on thursday .It was really well laid out with a good variety of food on display.
    thank you mrs mercer for buying the breakfast.

  9. Hi P3 I am going to miss you all. Hope you all have great fun over the summer. I am really looking forward to starting my new school but i am going to enjoy my summer holidays first. 😉 Sam

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