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Friday 23rd April

Welcome back everyone. We hope you had a really lovely and relaxing Easter holiday. It was very interesting to hear all the stories when we came back on Tuesday. Everyone in P4/5 certainly seemed to have a good time. We had  a trip to Wales, a visit to the BBC studios, spending a few days in a Wigwam and going to see Dancing on Ice on Tour. Great fun was had by all.

This term our IDEA will be East Lothian. We will be learning all about East Lothian, the different principle towns, significant landmarks and historical events. The children have already shared what they already know about East Lothian and what they would like to find out. This was a lively discussion and I think they will all enjoy their next IDEA.

This term we have P.E with the specialist on a Tuesday. Please remember your full P.E kit on this day.

We have been looking at fractions this week in maths and the children have enjoyed the different practical activities  which they have been doing. We now have a bright and colourful display of cakes split into fractions  and fraction boards.

We have had a very busy week and now that we are back from our holiday we have set goals and targets for our new term.

Friday 12th March

P4/5 have been working very hard over the last few weeks. We have finished our Viking topic which was really interesting and exciting. We made lots of things associated with the Vikings including longships, shields and jewellery. We ended our topic with an amazing Viking Assembly where everyone contributed and did a fantastic job.

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We have now moved on to our new IDEA which is Water and The Sea. We have been doing lots of experiments about water and we have learned about the Water Cycle which is clearly displayed on our wall in the classroom. We are really looking forward to a visit from Generation Science all about ‘Our Wonderful World of Water”.

As part of our IDEA we have been looking a poetry and have been writing lots of different types of poems based on our Water theme.  Everyone has tried very hard to be imaginative and descriptive.

We are all looking forward to Health Week next week with a varied selection of activities planned and a very exciting Sport’s Relief day next Friday.

Friday 29th January

P4/5 have been working very hard on their Vikings topic. We have learned a great deal in a short time and have discovered where the Vikings came from and why they came to Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom. We have been given a challenge for homework to design and make a shield, a weapon or some Viking Jewellery. Some of these have already come in from home and are fantastic. Clearly a lot of work has been spent on them. We will have an excellent display when the rest come into school.

This week we have made Viking Longships and Viking Longhouses. They look great and the children really thought carefully about how they would make them. Hopefully the slideshow which shows the children at work will be posted on our page very soon.

We have also been practising our Scottish poems. Don’t forget that these need to be learned off by heart by the 5th of February. Keep practising everyone.

Friday 18th December

What a busy week P4/5 have had this week. We started the week with our Christmas Show –  Scrooge. All the children had worked very hard learning songs, lines and positions in the built up to the final performance. I am sure you will agree that it was a fantastic performance and all the children were brilliant. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the children, all their hard work paid off.

Primary 5 also had their Christmas Party this week which was lots of great fun and very enjoyable.

As we approach the last few days before the Christmas Holidays we will be looking forward to our whole school Christmas Assembly and lots of Christmas Fun. The Primary 4 children will have their Christmas Party on Monday afternoon which they are all looking forward to.

P4/5 would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes.










This week has been a very busy week. We have finished our Climate Change topic and ended with various challenges and activities. At the beginning of the week the children prepared oral presentations which highlighted the global effects of Climate Change. They shared these presentations with the rest of the class on Friday. We definitely have some budding News Reporters in the making!!

We also created and designed a Cartoon character to send out the message of how we can help slow down Climate Change.  These have been displayed in the corridor and around the classroom alongside our written reports.

P4 worked on creating pictures using either warm or cool colours while P5 enjoyed a cold afternoon of orienteering.

Everyone looked fantastic in their pyjamas for Children in Need and were very generous with their donations. thank you for your support.

Week ending 6th November

This term our topic is Climate Change. We have spent a long time discussing what climate change is and have discovered that Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas which is contributing to Climate Change. We have had a very busy week this week investigating how we know when Carbon Dioxide is released. We all enjoyed the experiment where we dropped the alka seltzer into a glass and watched the fizz and bubbles appear which was a sign of Carbon Dioxide being released.

The children spent time making their own volcanoes for another experiment and then watched them errupt as they mixed the bicarbonate of soda with the vinegar and washing up liquid. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this experiment and all the children were also able to explain more about how we know Carbon Dioxide is released even though it is an odourless and colourless gas.

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Everyone really enjoyed the Rainforest topic and here are some pictures of our Rainforest in a box which the groups worked on in Challenge week.

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Week ending 2nd October

We have been working very hard on our Rainforest topic and have made a mini rainforest in the classroom. We spent time researching the different layers in the Rainforest and made trees, creepers and vines


We have also been working with P4 and P5 to make a Rainforest outside in the shared area. It looks great and will have more added to it soon. This week we received another letter from Quentin the Quetzal asking us to make his Forest friends and everyone has been busy researching animals and making them. One requirement when we were making our animals was that one part of their body had to move. Everyone worked really hard to make a movable animal and they are fantastic.

Today some of the class contributed to the Assembly by explaining what we have been doing and they showed the school some of their animals and read some poems.

This is a very enjoyable topic and we can’t wait for you to see what we have been doing when you come along to Parent’s consultations next week.

Week ending 4th September 2009

Primary 4/5 have had a very busy start to the year. We have started our topic on The Rainforest and this is going to be a very active and interesting experience. We know already what a Rainforest is and where they are found around the world. We have drawn a cross section of tropical fruits and even tasted some. The Avocado didn’t go down well! Next week we will meet Quentin the Quetzal who will continue to guide us through our topic. We have already thought of lots of questions we would like to research as our theme progresses. Look out for photos of our work and comments from the children.

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  1. I am really enjoying hearing about the rainforest, Gabriel has taught me a lot about the topic, have to say I love avocados though! Look forward to the photos.

  2. hi

    you were all amazing at the performance of scrooge whether singing or acting and you should be proud of yourself

  3. Hi to you all, it sounds like East Lothian may need to prepare for a new battle, an invasion of you lot!….hope we can all handle it! good luck with the project.

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