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Friday 11th June 2010:

We ended last week with a fantastic display of talent from P5 when they carried out their P5’s Got Talent during assembly. Well done to everyone for taking part!

P5 also had the chance to experience their new class on the move-up day on Tuesday. Everyone is excited about the change!

Here are some comments made by P5 this morning:

Sarah: “P5 is Great!! Iam enjoying doing our class newspaper!’

Kirsty: “We are all excited about going to P6!”

Kayleigh: “I don’t want to move to P6 as I like P5 so much!!”

Aimme: “I am enjoying P5’s newspaper work!”

Bridie: “I am enjoying going around the classes and asking them what their achievements are!”

Kirsty: “I like doing the front page for the newspaper!”  

 :Friday 28th May 2010

Primary 5 are coming to the end of their East Lothian topic. They have been learning about different aspects of the area such as the islands, towns, castles and battles. Their presentations will still be carried out over a two week period starting the 14thJune. I hope they are enjoying gathering and preparing information on an aspect of their choice. We are just at the beginning of our new topic, Our School, where the class will be investigating who contributes to Stoneyhill. In science we will be looking at more energy efficient ways of running the school. Primary 5 will also be creating a class newspaper and will have the opportunity to interview people who contribute to the running of our school. P5 have really been enjoying their rugby sessions on a Thursday and have been developing their tackling, dodging and passing skills. The last session is Thursday 3rdJune. Hopefully the class will have the chance to show off their skills during a rugby festival held later in the month.

Thursday 25th February 2010

We have busy over these past few weeks with our new IDEA, Water and Sea. Primary 5 have been learning all about the water cycle and the changing states of water. This has allowed us to carry out lots of experiments to investigate aspects such as evaporation, condenstaion and the process of the water cycle.

The class were able to consolidate their learning this afternoon through the Genration Science workshop. It was an active and fun way to learn more about water and the water cycle. Children were able to hold snow, become a water molecule, as well as take part in a competition to see who could melt an ice cube the quickest!

Health week was also a great success with the children having the opportunity to take part in all sorts of different healthy activities such as, cheerleading, fruit tasting, aerobics and judo!

Next week we are looking forward to finishing the term with challenge week. This allows the children to demonstarte their learning of their IDEA in an ineteresting and relevant context. We also have the visit to St Andrew’s church on Thursday 1st April for our Easter service. This will be a great way of ending the term and starting the Easter holidays!

Have a lovely Easter break P5 and I will see you in the new term!

Here are some of the comments made by P5 pupils:

I like playing maths games” Bridie

“I like playing spelling games”

“I like ‘Cool in School’ ” Erin

“I am really enjoying golf”  Daniel




All P5 children will have the opportunity over the next few months to experience golf.

They will be receiving 6 firstclubgolf sessions during their curriculum PE.

firstclubgolf is delivered using modified equipment and covers the 3 basic shots.

Kate Green, the Junior Golf Development Officer, will visit for one session and set up a miniature golf course in the school playing fields.

This gives the children the opportunity to put the three basic shots together and play round of golf!

Kate will distribute information about continuing to learn to play golf by progressing on to clubgolf Stage 1 at a local golf club.

clubgolf Stage 1 is open to children aged 9 and above and only costs £2.50 per hour of coaching. 

Equipment can be provided if needed.

All abilities are welcome and short coaching blocks are initially offered so that children can come along with their friends and give it a go.

In 2009 20% of P5 children in East Lothian choose to continue on to Stage 1 and 360 children were participating in the various levels of coaching.

Coaching is available in:  Musselburgh, Haddington, Aberlady, Gullane, North Berwick and Dunbar

Parent/Guardians/GolfersWe need your support.  Please let me know if you would like to support Junior Golf as a helper or Volunteer coach.

If you would like to register your child’s interest in golf coaching or would like to offer your support please contact:

Kate Green, Junior Golf Development Officer, East Lothian Council
Tel:  01875 619071

Check out my website for further information:


Friday 22nd January 2010


Firstly, I would like to say how nice it is to see Primary 5 leaving comments on the site-keep it up!

A few little reminders for next week to start with! You would have had a letter home already about the Haiti bring and buy sale that the P6-7s are holding next Friday. Please bring any books, toys, DVDs, videos etc (that you no longer want) into school by Wednesday. Next week the P5, P4/5 and P4 classes will be working together to design and construct a Viking Longship and a Viking settlement. We need lots of cardboard boxes, tubes, scraps of card etc to be able to do this, so anything you want to get rid of will be greatly appreciated! The Scottish poems that the children chose this week will be read out to the class on Friday 5th January. This will also be a good opportunity for those people who would like to be considered for the Poosie Nancy competition (auditions-11th January) to build their confidence.

Primary 5 are also busy working with the ‘Being Cool in School’ programme which will be running for the next few weeks. The ‘Being Cool in School’ programme aims to empower children to cope with the situations they encounter in their daily lives in school, and beyond. It explores and rehearses via discussion, reflection/healthy introspection and role-play, a range of skills and strategies that equip children to manage themselves properly. The first two sessions of this unit have proved successful with lots of positive responses and participation from the children.

Primary 5 are responsible for an item in next week’s assembly and so we have been busy putting together our information boards and displays for it. The class have been working on specific aspects of Viking life and they will be presenting their research during assembly. Some of the children will also have the chance to wear or display the items they have been making at home for part of their Viking project homework. Everything is looking very impressive! (Please remember the children still have until the 12th of February to hand in their work).


Friday 4th December:

We have had another busy week in Primary 5! As well as the rehearsals for Scrooge, we have been carrying on with our Victorian topic, which all the children are enthusiastic and kean to learn about! This week we have been learning about the differences between a school in the Victorian era and a school in 2009. We have also been learning about symmetry in maths and next week we will be using what we have learnt to identify lines of symmetry in Victorian buildings. Yesterday afternoon P4-7 had their dress rehearsal. Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes, so well done!

Here are some things that Primary 5 would like to share with you:

Erin: “I am enjoying our advent calander activities!” (everyday we are opening a new advent calander window which tells us a fact about Christmas traditions in another country)

Ross: ” I really enjoyed working in my group when we had to decide which fact belonged to a Victorian school or to our school”

Kirsty: “I am enjoying the rehearsals for Scrooge”

Aimee: “I have been enjoyed doing our research on the computers to make our Victorian timeline”

Erin: “I really like our silhouette art work that is displayed, and I liked blending the chalks together to make my picture.”

Sarah: “I think everyone is doing really well with the play!”

Bradley: “I would just like to say I think that Glen is doing really well as Scrooge!”

Jamie: “Welcome back Mrs Townsend!” (Mrs Townsend has unfortunately been off unwell)


Friday 27th November 2009:

As well as being busy with the Christmas show rehearsals, P5 have been busy learning about their new topic, The Victorians. The class are enthusiastic to learn about all sorts of different aspects of Victorian life! This also helps the children to put the show, Scrooge, into context. Thank you for the great costumes that have been brought in so far! Tickets for the show are on sale and each child has a taken a letter home today to provide you with more information.

Primary 5 also had the chance to get outside last week and test their orienteering skills when we visited Newhailes for an orienteering afternoon. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and all worked well in their teams to complete their challenges!

Here are some points that the P5’s would like to share with you:

Lawrie: ” I am really enjoying the Victorians. It is interesting and I enjoyed the fun activity where we were making timelines”

Kirsty: “I like learning about the Victorians”

Ross: “I really enjoyed the Rainforest IDEA but now I’m ready to know about the Victorians!”

Sarah: “I really enjoyed learning how to blend the chalks when we were making our silhouette pictures in art”

Daniel: “I have learnt lots of different things since the beginning of  P5”

Elle: “I have really enjoyed working on my handwriting and i feel like I am doing better at it now.”

Elliot: “I really enjoyed making the city skyline pictures in art”

Liam: “I found art a bit tricky but I really enjoyed it!”

Erin: “I am enjoying learning about the Victorians and about how things were different then. I like learning about the schools and their fashion and the different types of money they used.”



Friday 6th November 2009: 

We have had another busy week in Primary 5. Our new IDEA is well underway! We have been outside exploring the grounds of the school to see what living things we could find. This has helped us to understand the importance of our ecosystem, both local and global. From our findings we constructed graphs to display our information. Primary 5 have also started class research to gather notes in order to write a report on endangered animals and ways in which we can help through conservation. 

Primary 5 had a busy Monday where we were making bird feeders to hand up in our gardens and next week we will be using this information to evaluate and construct more of our graphs. I have extended the homework due date so that the children have the opportunity to bird watch over the weekend as I am aware that there is limited time in the evenings to do this before it gets dark! 

Friday 30th November:

Welcome back Primary 5!

We have started the new term with a new topic so we are now learning about Endangered Animals and Conservation. This leads on nicely from our previous IDEA where we were learning about the Rainforest. The children can use their knowledge to find out more about animals that are facing extinction and ways in which they can help. The class will also be learning about the issues surrounding conservation and the ways in which this is impacting on the rest of the world.

We had a great morning full of Halloween activities! The children enjoyed spooky Halloween stories, activities and games and Halloween smoothies!

The picture below was taken during our Badminton Festival last term. The children enthusiastically took part resulting in a great morning for all!

Friday 2nd October 2009

We have had another busy week working hard on all our different activities. P5 are putting together their sporting skills in hockey so they are ready to play each other in a P5 mini tournament soon. The class are also varying their fitness skills through their dance lessons, taken by Mrs Townsend on a Thursday.

The class have also enjoyed the opportunity to visit the book festival. On Thursday, the class were able to browse the wide selection of books on offer and several of the children have either bought or are planning on buying some. On Monday we will be able to go back to the book festival and children who wish to buy books can do so then. It is lovely to see so many of the children motivated and excited by their new books!

The class have designed and constructed some excellent rainforest animals with moving parts. These too will be added to our rainforestdisplay. Next week the children will be faced with more technology challenges from Quentin, our rainforest Quetzal!

Friday 25th September 2009

We have had an exciting morning where the children have had the opportunity to vote for their Health Promotion and Pupil Council candidates! Well done to all those who applied and congratulations to the successful candidates!

We have have had a busy week completing our 3D rainforest! We have been working with the P4/5 and P4 classes to create an impressive and imaginative 3D model of a rainforest in the corridor! Everyone has been busy working together to make trees, waterfalls, leaves, vines and flowers. Primary 5 are looking forward to next task where they will be making animals to add to the displays.

Here are some more of the activities that the class have been enjoying, which have been taken from our comments wall:

Kirsty: “I have been enjoying the problem solving tasks!”

Aimee; “I am enjoying gym!”

Liam: “I enjoyed our language game!”

Kirsty: “I have liked doing spelling this week`’

Friday 11th September 2009

We have been continuing our project on the Rainforest and have been finding out information about the different layers of the Rainforest and the types of animals that live in each section. We have been making our own food webs and food chains in science.

The Primary Fives have been writing letters to Quentin, a quetzal from the Rainforest. Quentin has asked for our help on issues concerning the Rainforest and P5 have agreed to help him!

We have had a great morning dressing up as characters from our favourite Roald Dahl stories!

Primary 5 have also started their “How Am I Doing Booklets”. These are a reflection of what the children have been learning during the week and gives the children an opportunity to comment on what they feel they have done well and the areas they would like to work on for next week. These booklets get taken home every Friday and should be returned on Monday. Parents and carers can have a look through these booklets to see what their children have been learning as well as how they have evaluated this. Please feel free to add a comment. There is also space at the back of the book for personal achievements, if you wish to add any. All comments are greatly valued.

Here are some comments P5 would like to share with you:

Lawrie: “I have been working well on our Rainforest topic. We got a letter from Quentin the quetzal and I’m enjoying our Rainforest topic”

Kirsty: “I have enjoyed dressing up for Roald Dahl day!”

Daniel: “Some of the costumes are great!”

Lewis: “Alex’s Mike TV T-shirt is funny!”

Erin:“Kirsty’s costume is really pretty”

Friday 4th September 2009

We have had another busy and interesting week in Primary 5! We have started our new topic on the Rainforest. Some children in the class carried out a Rainforest topic in Primary 2 and so this is an ideal opportunity for them to build upon their previous knowledge andexperiences. Here are a few comments the class would like to share with you, explaining what they have enjoyed doing or learning about this week:

Sarah: “I have enjoyed finding out interesting facts about the Rainforest”

Lewis: “I enjoyed making my IDEA folder”

Liam: “I enjoyed writing my Rainforest report”

Elle: “I enjoyed looking at all the frogs you can find in the Rainforest”

Ryan: “I liked finding facts for my Rainforest report”

Bradley: “I enjoyed writing my acrostic poem on avocados”

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