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Friday 11th June

Primary 7 had an exciting time visiting Musselburgh Grammar this week . They had many stories to tell and are looking forward to starting there after the summer. They have had a busy week practising for their Grease show. They have also been creating scenery.

Primary 6 have been working together to create their own musical drama which they hope to perform to Primary 7. They have also been creating biographies for their Guitar Hero character which they re-drafted in ICT. This morning they enjoyed participating in a rugby tournament at the Musselburgh Rugby Club. Unfortunately they were the only school there but they had a fun time!

Everyone has been revising their adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing skills in Maths. They have also been learning vocabulary associated with the home in French by creating houses.


Primary 6/7 have had a jam packed week. They finished their topic on South Africa by researching Harry Schawrtz and his role in the fight against Apartheid. They also studied the benefits of being part of a football team in South Africa and compared it with their experiences in Scotland.They are moving on to their new topic Music Mania next week. They will be studying music through the decades. We will be using Guitar Hero and Primary 7 will be focussing on music during the ‘Grease’ era.

The children have been studying capacity this week in maths and enjoyed ending this sequence of lessons by making mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails)  during golden time.

The children created super Haikus in Language this week and are sending them to children in South Africa.

Congratulations to the netball players and members of the athletics team who represented our class and school at competitions this week. Well done!

Friday 23rd April

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break.

This week we began our new topic ‘South Africa’ by brainstorming what we wish to learn and finding out about its location. Through our topic we will researching the history of South Africa and exploring issues such as racism and predjudice. We will also be researching the lifes of inspirational people such as Nelson Mandela.

On Tuesday we began our new class novel ‘Noughts and Crosses’ by Malorie Blackman. We will be developing our reading skills through this novel and our group novels. Reading homework will be issued on a Monday.

In writing we studied similes this week. Over the term we will be looking at different literary devices which we can incorporate into our writing. We will be continuing work on imaginative writing by exploring real life events and moral dilemmas.

In maths we have started to study measure and are looking forward to carrying out lots of practical activities related to this topic.

The children have PE on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The children are continuing to develop their tennis skills for the first few weeks . Mrs Sellwood will be working with the children on Athletics.

As you are probably already aware Grease auditions are taking place next week. Thank you for all your support and offers with the show. We will contact you shortly to arrange dates.



MARCH 2010

We have had a busy start to the term. We had great fun completing our Natural Disasters topic by exploding our model volcanoes. We also learned about the formation of different rock types. Now we have moved on to our new topic ‘Charities’. The school minister, Yvonne Atkins,  talked to us about the meaning of Charity and Red Cross representatives explained to us how their charity was set up and how it is run. We are now supporting Sport Relief by organising a whole school dance competition ‘Dance Factor’.  However the main focus of our topic will be ‘volunteering’. We are hoping to share our skills with the school and local community.

In Maths we have been revising money. We are participating in a mini enterprise project by making and selling smoothies during Health Week next week.

In language the children have been writing imaginative stories about different items from a Charity shop. They have also been practising using direct speech. We have launched a reading challenge in our class with all children aiming to read at least 10 books for enjoyment by the end of the year!

The children are enjoying developing their tennis skills. Next week, as part of Health Week,  they are looking forward to participating in a range of other sports such as judo and basketball. They will also be working with Queen Margaret University.



Friday 12th February

This week we have been learning more about volcanoes by researching Mount Vesuvius and creating model volcanoes. After the February break we will be carrying out experiments to make our volcanoes explode.

In language we continued to focus on Newspaper articles by creating a report about a burglary in our school. Several children believed the story was true but fortunately it was false. The children also continued their independent novel studies by discussing and writing about the main and underlying themes in their books.

In Maths we calculated time durations and used different timetables to plan journeys. The children will be able to practise these skills if you are planning an outing during the holiday!

This week we enjoyed reciting our Scottish Poems to each other. I was very impressed with the high standard. Congratulations to Aaron who has been selected to represent the school in the annual Poosie Nancy competition.

On Thursday we had a Scots afternoon to share our Scottish dancing skills, poetry and singing.  Liam played his chanter and Keira sang.

I hope you all have a lovely February break.


Friday 29th January

The children have had an EXTREMELY productive week organising their Bring and Buy sale to raise funds for Haiti. It was a huge success and we hope to announce how much we raised on Monday. Thank you for all the generous donations!

This week we continued to focus on Time and Percentages in Maths. In Language we studied different newpaper articles and identified the main features. Next week we will be writing our own newspaper reports about our Bring and Buy Sale. 

 Friday 22nd January

Moved by events in Haiti,  the children have decided to raise funds by organising a Bring and Buy sale in school on Friday 29th January. This week they created leaflets and spoke at assembly to inform other classes about the earthquake in Haiti and to encourage pupils to bring in old books and toys for the sale. They will be working with Primary 6 and  Primary 7. They hope to have a Cake and Candy stall too and a Games Zone.  

In Maths we revised 12hr and 24hr time and calculated time durations. Next week the children will be planning a trip to the cinema using bus and cinema timetables.

The children are enjoying carrying out their independent novel studies. This week we studied characterisation and used quotes and examples from our texts to support our opinions. We also practised scanning for information and re-telling events in our own words when researching earthquakes.

On Wednesday Primary Seven had a great time at the Risk Factory. By acting out various scenarios they are very clear about what to do if they encounter such dangers.

This week the children have also enjoyed Handball and Bowling sessions.



Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for the many lovely gifts.

The children are very interested in their new topic, Natural Disasters. This week they learned about the Earth’s structure, continental drift and how volcanoes occur by creating models. They also created fantastic paintings of volcanoes in the style of Hokusai, a famous Japanese artist. Next week we will be creating exploding volcanoes and learning about the impact of volcanoes on people and place by researching Vesuvius in Pompeii.

In language the children are very motivated by their Independent Novel Studies. Some great novels have been chosen. Tasks will be completed in class but the children should be reading their novels at home. In listening and talking the children have been studying Scots Language.  We have had great fun working out what some words mean. As part of our annual Burn’s celebration the children must learn and recite a Burn’s poem. They may wish to continue learning ‘Address to a Toothache’ or another Burn’s poem. In language we have also been comparing Tabloid and Broadsheet newspapers and identifying the features of newspapers.

In Maths we have been linking percentages to fractions and decimals and calculating fractions of quantities. The children were excellent at Sale shopping! Next week we will be starting Time. If your child has a watch at home, it would be helpful if you could encourage them to wear it.

In French we have been learning to describe the weather. We will continue practising this skill next week by becoming weather forecasters.

This term the children have modern dance on a Tuesday, Scottish dance on a Wednesday and fitness on a Thursday. Our library slot is still on a Wednesday.

Friday 18th December

I hope you enjoyed our performance of Scrooge on Monday. I’m sure you will agree that the children were wonderful. They have worked extremely hard and should feel really proud of their show.

In Maths we continued working with decimals and will be using this learning next week to carry out Christmas challenges.

This week we finished listening to our Famous Victorian presentations. They were very interesting. Well done everyone! On Thursday we had a fabulous time at the Victorian Classroom. It brought our learning in class ‘alive’ when the children had to dress up as Victorian school children and participate in typical Victorian lessons. In their reports this morning, the children have been writing about what a wonderful time they had. Thank you to the parents who helped with this trip. I think our helpers had great fun participating in the lessons too!

The children had great fun at their Christmas Parties on Wednesday. This week we also created Christmas art in the style of the Victorian artist William Morris. The children made Victorian Christmas cards with Mrs McMath and have been practising songs for our Christmas assembly next Tuesday.


This week the children have been extremely busy practising for their performance of ‘Scrooge’. The dress rehearsal went well on Thursday and I’m sure you will enjoy the show on Monday.

This week we have also enjoyed listening to each others talks on Famous Victorians. The presentations have been very interesting and I have been impressed by the high standard. It has been great to see the children speaking articulately, making good eye contact with their audience and using their prompt cards effectively.

In preparation for our visit to a Victorian classroom next week we have been learning about what it was like to be educated during the Victorian era and comparing it with our experiences today. We have also been researching the life of Dr Barnardo.

In Maths we have been learning to equate fractions with decimals and will be linking this learning to our Victorian Theatre.

Our class Christmas tree is looking very bare. We are looking forward to seeing the different decorations we have created hanging from the tree. So far we have had some wonderful creations from Emily and Callum.

Congratulations to Jason, Erin and Karen. Hope you enjoyed the Special Assembly!


The children are looking forward to starting their Victorian topic. This week we have learned about when the Victorian era was and linked this to other important historical events. Over the next few weeks the children have planned to learn about this era by adopting the role of a child who lived during this time. They will use research and drama to write diary entries of events during this time such as the introduction of the railway and the outbreak of cholera.

In language we have been practising skills learned last term by creating imaginative stories about a ‘Magic Door’.

In Maths we have been working hard to improve our table facts by participating in table challenges. We have also been revising our addition and subtraction skills.

On Tuesdays this term the children have PE with Mrs Sellwood. They will be developing their gymnastic skills. They will also be participating in rugby sessions on Thursdays with the development officer for the first couple of weeks of this term.

Our library slot has changed to a Wednesday and it would be helpful if you could remind your child to bring their book in.

Friday 9th October

Our Theme Park project will sadly end next week. This week the children have had great fun carrying out different force experiments and relating their learning to theme park rides. In Maths the class were learning about coordinates and scale. The children also learned how to set a map, use keys and give accurate directions using Theme Park maps – hopefully they won’t get lost now! On Thursday we had great fun sharing our Design and Technology skills with our P1/2 buddies. We made scary moving monsters. The class also enjoyed a taster hockey session with a local coach and are looking forward to participating  in another hockey session next week. ‘Out Of This World’ is now completed and the children are looking forward to presenting this to other classes next week. They will also be using their mapping skills to participate in an orienteering challenge, constructing Theme Park rides and completing and sharing their Switch stories.

The children have had a great start to the term. We have been sharing our holiday news, designing team P6/7 t-shirts and discussing class rules and expectations. In language we have started writing imaginative autobiographies. I’m sure you will enjoy reading our predictions for the future. In maths we have been revising our multiplication facts and creating board games in technology to help us with the sums/facts we find tricky.

A highlight of our first week back was meeting and working with our P1/2 buddies. The children are setting an excellent example for their buddies.

In our classroom I have created a class magazine area to encourage the children to share their news, interests, experiences and successes with the class. Some of the children have already started to bring in photographs and materials (thanks Liam, Lauren and Megan!) To help launch this area I have set this as a homework task for Friday. I have created a list of possible activities. The children should only complete one task. They do not need to complete a task from each section

This term we have PE on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The children have music with Mrs Roberts on a Monday. Our school library slot is on a Tuesday and the children should have brought home a book today. 

The children have been given a poly pocket and homework diary. I would appreciate if you could help them bring this everyday. This will hopefully ensure daily letters/notes arrive home and at school.

We have been taking lots of photographs and will post them on our page soon.

Thanks for your support,  Miss Craig

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