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The big countdown is on as Primary 7 enjoy their last few weeks at Stoneyhill.  This week  several of the children participated in an Interscholastic Sports Day at Meadowbank.  They all did fantastically well and we came 2nd overall.  We also had a netball tournament this week and the team also performed well; a real credit to Stoneyhill.

Yesterday we had a visit from Mrs Mackay from Musselburgh Grammar, who was able to tell the children a bit more about what to expect when they move on after the Summer.  The children found this really useful and were able to ask lots of questions.  They are all really looking forward to their 2 day visit on the 8th and 9th of June.  Also next Thursday we have a transition event at the Grammar when the children will take part in a Forensic Science Project.

In class we have almost come to the end of our South Africa Project.  We have enjoyed learning about different tribes, making African Masks and writing biographies of Nelson Mandela.  We will now be moving onto our Music Topic which will encompass our end of term show, Grease, and finding out about different styles of music.

In maths we have had fun with measure, especially making capacity cocktails and are now ready to find out more about shapes and their properties.





I hope you all had a fantastic Easter holiday and weren’t too inconvenienced by the travel chaos.  P7 have made a great start to their final term at Stoneyhill.  We have begun our new IDEA – South Africa, by looking at its location and finding out more about the country itself.   We have created a mindmap about what we’d like to learn and look forward to finding out about its history and inspirational leaders.  We will be studying a novel, Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman, which links to our  IDEA, covering the topic of discrimination.

In language we will focus on imaginative writing and use of similes and metaphors to enhance description.  In maths we have already started to review our knowledge of measure and look forward to carrying-out lots of practical activities about this.

 In PE we will continue with tennis and Mrs Sellwood will be working with the class on athletics.  This term our PE days will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Congratulations to Murray and Scott who took part in an East Lothian Schools’ Cross Country event yesterday and did really well. 

No doubt you are aware, we have begun to think about parts for our end of term show.  We hope to carry-out auditions next week.  Thank you for your support and offers of help with the show.  We will contact you shortly with more information about this.



FRIDAY 12th MARCH 2010

Having held a very successful assembly last Friday on the Red Cross and how they are helping in Haiti, we’ve been finding out more this week about the meaning of charity.  We have begun a piece of imaginative writing based around items from a  charity shop and their previous owners. 

Yesterday the class had the second of their 3 rugby taster sessions.  Now the weather has taken a turn for the better we are really enjoying taking part in rugby outside.  After the sessions a team will be picked to represent the school in a forthcoming competition.

We are looking forward to Health Week next week, when the class will be involved in a variety of activities, from Cheerleading to Golf.  Can you please ensure your child has a P.E. kit in school each day?  On Thursday we will have a whole class lunch.  The children can either opt to bring in a healthy packed lunch or a dish to share with the class.  I’ll put a list up on Monday of suggestions.


Thanks again to all parents, friends and pupils who helped make our Bring and Buy Sale in aid of Haiti such a success.  Our final total is £1000, which is fantastic.  Hopefully, you managed to see some of the children in today’s Courier article.  We have been in contact with the Red Cross and have arranged for someone from their organisation to visit the school after the February holiday.  They will be working with P7 to extend the children’s knowledge of their charity work and find out more about how the money we have raised will help.  We will of course be handing over our cheque to them at this time.

Next week we will be hearing the Burns poems in class and selecting our class finalists to go forward to the next stage of the Poosie Nancy competition.  I would be grateful for any support you can give your child in helping them to learn their poem.  Next Thursday we plan to celebrate our Scottish traditions with a Scots afternoon, where the children will have the opportunity to put their Scottish dancing skills to the test, listen to poems and hear some Scots music, played by the children. P6 and P6/7 will also be joining us.  I’m sure it will be a great afternoon    


Happy New Year!  It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through January already.  The children have made an enthusiastic start to our IDEA this term; Natural Disasters.  We have been closely following the news coverage of the Haiti earthquake, which has given the class a deeper understanding of the impact and devastation caused by such disasters.  Linking this to our language focus of news reports, the children will have the opportunity to come up with their own news stories and will be acting-out their broadcasts out using scripted drama. 

This Wednesday we are off to The Risk Factory, where the children will have the opportunity to develop their life skills and reactions to extreme situations.  I’m sure it’ll be a fun learning experience for all.  Also this week, the children will be participating in bowling sessions within the school, led by some seasoned professionals.  On Friday, five members of our class will participate in a swimming gala.  The rest of the class will be busy with our assembly input, which will feature our own sketches of The Broons and Oor Wullie, to tie in with our Scots theme this term.

Within Scots language, we have been reading the Eejits in class and are preparing for the annual  Poosie Nancy competition with our Burns poem.  Each child has a Burns peom to learn and I would be grateful for any support you can provide at home to help them tackle this. 

In Maths this week we are continuing with our topic of time.  The children will be planning a trip to the cinema, using the train and the bus.  Here’s hoping they arrive on time!

Our PE days this term are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I would be grateful if you could ensure your child has a full kit in school, especially on these days.

Friday 11th December 2009

This week the children have continued to put a tremendous effort into the school show and have  been busy with rehearsals and performances to P1-3 and our nursery.  It’s looking fantastic and they are all really looking forward to the performance on Monday.

On Tuesday our class visited The Victorian Schoolroom.  This provided a great opportunity for the children to experience what life was like for Victorian children.  They were able to dress-up in costume and the boys and girls sat seperately on wooden benches, as they used slates and pen and ink to write with. The left-handed children were also given a taste of the thumb stalk, used to force children to write with the ‘proper’ hand! The children were also able to play with Victorian toys and try out a few more domestic implements; the Victorian bath, stove and iron.

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Its been a busy week in P7 as show rehearsals and singing practise are in full swing for the forthcoming Christmas Show.  Our class song is coming on well and it’s evident that alot of the children have been practising their words at home.  Thanks for your support with this.  Thanks also to those who brought in their costumes today.  If your child has still to bring one in, can you please make sure it is in school early next week, as we have a costume parade planned.

Our Victorian IDEA continues to engage and motivate the children.  This week they began writing diary entries for their  Victorian character.  We read some fabulous exerts aloud in class which really captured what life was like for Victorian Children.  Today we were learning about the life of Elsie Inglis, a famous Victorian doctor who fought for women’s rights.   This prompted lots of discussion about the role of women and how times have changed.

Our maths this week took on a show theme, as the children were show managers, promoting tickets, special offers and tuck shop sales.  This gave them a real insight into costs and managing a budget.

Thank you to Ms Heraty and Mrs Stott, who provided fabulous golden time activities for the children.  Your help is really appreciated.

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Having recovered from our Spooky Fundraiser and Halloween antics last week, P7 have been working hard this week on our Victorian IDEA.  We have begun to create a Victorian street scene in the classroom, which reflects life as a poor Victorian.  Later the children will take on a character who will be living in the street.  We also had a very royal visitor to the classroom – Queen Victoria herself – who was able to answer questions that the children posed to her about her life and some of the main events which happened during her reign.  We will be using our notes and personal research to create a biography of Queen Victoria.

The focus for reading this term is non-fiction text and this week the children were able to summarise and pick-out key information about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. We have quite an extensive Victorian library and look forward to using this to further our knowledge of our topic and to develop our skills in reading for information.

In P.E. the children have been working with Mrs Sellwood to improve their gymnastic abilities.  They are concentrating on developing a sequence of moves.  We certainly seem to have alot of budding gymnasts in P7!  During our class P.E. slot we will be focusing on badminton and being able to work in a pair to improve our hand-eye co-ordination and delivery of winning shots.  Please note that PE is  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this term.

In maths we are working on fractions, decimals and percentages and already the children have brought in some impressive collages of information showing how these are used in everyday life.  Our regular brain-training slots are proving popular with the class, as we attempt to better our brain-age using the DS software. We have some very impressive scores in the class, with the majority of children improving their score each time.

This week ended in high excitement as we issued scripts for our Christmas production of Scrooge.  This fits really nicely with our Victorian theme and the children are very excited about it.  Auditions will take place on Wednesday.

Friday 9th October 2009

We have been continuing our IDEA work on the theme park this week which has fed into our imaginative writing, maths, art and science.  In writing we have spent time creating great description, fantastic starter and ending paragraphs which hook-in readers. We’ve now used these skills to edit our original writing to make it even better.

In maths we have been using our theme park maps to develop our knowledge of co-ordinates and direction.  We are looking forward to putting these skills into practice in an orienteering challenge next week.

Our Triple Universe park display is developing nicely, with the children all contributing ideas for different rides, shows and food outlets.  We have also been using ICT to test out our rollercoaster designs for safety and fun.  Having carried-out different forces experiments we have transferred this knowledge to the theme park, considering how forces impact the movement of a roller-coaster. 

Next week will be our IDEA challenge week, where we will transfer the skills we have developed through our theme park topic to other learning experiences in school.

It was great to meet all the parents this week and have the chance to chat about your child’s progress in primary 7.  Thank you all for coming along.  

Friday 25th September 2009

P7 would like to share with you some personal highlights from their Benmore trip;

“My favourite activity was the ropes course because it was high and scary and challenging.  I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it because I had to climb up these things called staples and it was hard to find the right place for your feet.  I thought I was going to fall!” EMMA

“I enjoyed splashing in puddle lane.  The food wasn’t very nice on the first night but the nightline was worse.  I was happy to get back to Benmore House.” SOPHIE.  

“I would say most people’s favourite activity was the gorge walk.  In nearly every single activity you always get a least a little bit wet.”  NATHAN

“On Wednesday morning we went kayaking on Loch Ech.  It was so fun because we played lots of games and at the end we swam in the loch.  The loch was freezing.” LEWIS

“It was the third day in the Benmore house.  It was a great day because we had the gorge walk. We crossed a river and walked up a waterfall until we reached a thing called the keyhole.  You had to climb up the keyhole with the water hitting you hard.  Eventually we reached the African Rock.”  DAVID  

” We all loved our dorms.  It was a giant sleep-over.  Most people wanted the top bunk but if you had the bottom one it was easier to get out and to make your bed.  We were able to bring sweets and snacks to share at night.”  HOLLY

Having settled back into school after our trip we are now focusing on our Theme Park topic.  Through this we are designing our own park ‘zone’ incorporating our ideas for rides, shows, food etc.  This has also provided a focus for our creative writing, especially in creating descriptive settings and imaginative characters.  In maths we will be using our park map to develop mapping- skills and working with co-ordinates, compass points and directions.

In science we have begun to consider the impact of different forces on theme park rides.  We made our own forcemeters and used them to measure forces around the classroom.  Next week we will be carrying-out more forces experiments and linking our knowledge to the theme park setting.

Thank you for the many donations to the MacMillan Cancer fund.  The children certainly enjoyed sampling the baking they were involved in making earlier this week.

Friday 4th September 2009

The children all had a fantastic week at Benmore and I’m sure they have returned, perhaps a little bleary eyed,  with lots of great memories and stories to tell.   Many of the activities were very challenging, but the Benmore instructors were excellent in encouraging the children to challenge themselves and push their boundaries.  Many proud moments were shared, especially at the top of the abseil cliff!

Hopefully your children are putting their new-found domestic skills to good use back at home.  After a shakey start , the dorms were gleaming and all rooms scored highly in morning inspections. 

Each child has written a diary of their time at Benmore and we look forward to sharing this with you.  Over the next week the children will post some highlights from their trip and we will share some of the many photos we have taken.

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  1. Just wanted to say well done to Georgia, Rosie, Becca, Maria, Lauren and Shannon for raising the amazing amount of just over £137 on Saturday 22nd August for The Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home by organising a table sale in our street. They organised everything themselves from gathering all the sale items, pricing, setting up the sale and running it all day. They should be very proud of themselves….I am!Thanks to everyone that came along and bought something too.

  2. Wow, Primary 7! It sounds like you had a fantastic time at Benmore: muddy puddles, nightline, abseiling – what fun! All that and loads of sweeties too – I hope you brushed your teeth after eating all those sweeties at night.

  3. We have been working very hard in P7. Huge thanks to all those who bought/ donated to our bring and buy sale. It has made a huge difference. Well Done all of P6, P6/7 and P7 on helping Haiti!

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