Benmore Blog 2011

While we are at Benmore we plan to blog to tell you all about our experiences (technology permitting!). Please feel free to leave us some comments too…

9 Responses to Benmore Blog 2011

  1. Robbie says:

    Welcome to Benmore Sarah, hope you have a fantastic time. Love from Mum, Dad and Rachel xoxoxo

  2. Laura McArthur says:

    Hi Kirsty,

    Hope you have a fantastic week. Lots of Love Auntie Laura, Uncle Craig & Cameron

  3. Caroline (Sammy's mum) says:

    Thanks to all P7s for putting together a great exhibition of Benmore this morning. It really helped me build up a great picture of your time there. Well done everyone!

  4. Ciaran Walker says:


    Benmore sounds so fun and exciting. What sort of activities do you do there ?


  5. anonymous says:

    Benmore well what can i say it was Fabby dabby do i loved the caving and going to the disco :DDDDDDDDDDD

  6. Aimee says:

    everybody benmore is the best school trip you get to stay there for a whole week but when you come back youre exhausted well atleast i was !!

  7. Aimee says:

    hope all of the 2012 p6’s have a great time at benmore i did but definitly take an extra pare of socks it gets so cold have fun everyone and i hope its sunny for you all ! :-p

  8. dont know says:

    yeah definitly take spare socks the year i went to benmore it was alright weather but you still got cold :-p

  9. katie says:

    all the p6s who r moving up to p7 now have a great time at benmore it was awesome
    do all of the activites even abseling

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