Friday 27th April

We have really enjoyed Careers Week. Throughout the week we were visited by different guest speakers including a Nurse, Paramedic and Audiologist. On Wednesday we went to a Careers Fayre in the school gym and found out even more about careers. At the fayre we found out about Holly’s dad’s exciting job and Mrs Santos showed us some of the equipment a Podiatrist needs.

We are very interested in our new IDEA Castles. This week we learned to use non fiction books and the internet to find out all about the different parts of the outside of a Castle. We made fantastic Castles in groups using paint, bricks, lego and sand. We enjoyed sharing these with our friends and labelling the different parts.

We had another special visitor in our class called Freddy the friendly dragon. He has come to visit our class because the Wicked Witch has cast a spell on Fairytale land and made it disappear. He needs our help to read Fairytales and describe some of characters and settings so he can have his home back. This week we started by drawing and writing about Freddy. We also read and wrote about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We have lots of potential actresses and actors who loved acting out the story!

In Maths we have been learning about numbers to 20 and beyond (up to 100). We have been practising forming numbers correctly and identifying numbers before and after a particular number. This week we also reinforced our money skills by paying for different foods using more than one coin.

Friday 10th February

We had an exciting start to the week when we participated in a Drama workshop with Kirsten from Love Drama. We had to devise a recipe for lining up. The children had great imaginations. We ended up all over the world gathering ingredients for our magical recipe.

Throughout the week we have been learning all about the ee/ea sound. There has been a super range of objects brought in from home in the sound box which has greatly helped us learn this sound. Thank you!

In Writing the children learned to plan their own Katie Morag adventures using a story mountain. They wrote super stories and enjoyed sharing these with their friends. They are trying extremely hard to sound out words on their own and spell their key words accurately.

In Numeracy we learned a funny rhyme to help us order and sequence the days of the week.  We continued practising the number before in preparation for our subtraction work after the holidays. Please remember to write a little note in your child’s homework diary when you feel your child is ready to practise the next set of number bond facts.

Throughout the week we have been learning about school life in an island and comparing it with our school. We have decided that we like Stoneyhill best because there is lots of different rooms in our school and lots of children although it would be fun if sheep got into our playground like Struay!

In RME we enjoyed learning about a mosque. We learned the names of some of the parts of the mosque and acted out what to do/ how to behave there.

In Art the children created wonderful pictures in the style of the Scottish artist Charles Rennie MacIntosh. Many of the children enjoyed sharing that their mums had jewellery designed by MacIntosh! We also worked hard to make kilts using our tartan designs.

At the end of the week we were joined by Bert from Tiger Cubs who taught us some Karate moves. It was lots of fun!

New homework books have not been issued over the holidays. If you have time, please revise all sounds, practise reading and spelling word wall words and practise number bond facts. I hope you all have a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing you again on Monday 20th February.

Friday 3rd February

This week we have had lots of fun learning ‘The Sair Finger’ by Walter Wingate. We are looking forward to reciting it at our School Scottish assembly this morning.

Throughout the week we have learning about the two ways we can make the ai/ay sound. We have enjoyed reading more Katie Morag adventures. We focussed on the story Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins. We had to sequence and write about the main events. We also wrote our own diary entries about a naughty event and how we felt. I’m sure they are not true!

In Maths we have been learning to name and sequence days of the week. We have been sharing what we do on particular days. We have lots of great hobbies! In Numeracy we have been continuing to practise counting backwards  and naming the number before. We particularly liked the lucky dip sequencing rocket activity and made some super rockets.

We have been continuing to learn more about Island life. Next week we are emailing questions to children who life on an island to find out how their school is different from Stoneyhill. This week we have been learning more about the characters who live on the Isle of Struay. We have made super peg dolls which we will be using to retell our favourite stories.

Friday 27th January

The children are enjoying learning about Island life through the Katie Morag stories. This week we found out about Coll – the ‘real’ Isle of Struay. We compared it with Musselburgh. Most children would prefer to live in Musselburgh! We also learned about Granny Island and Granny Mainland.

In Literacy we learned about the ‘th’ sound and wrote super descriptions about people that are special to us. We are working hard to learn our common/key words to help improve our reading and writing. We  began learning some Scottish poetry in preparation for our Scottish School Assembly. We are learning ‘The Sair Finger’.

In Numeracy we practised counting backwards and working out the number before in preparation for future subtraction work. The children had great fun making their frying pans with lots of sausages to take away. Addition number bonds are improving. Thank you for reinforcing these facts at home.

The children enjoyed learning about tartan in Art and used the computer to find out what their family tartan looked like. We had lots of fun experimenting with rulers to draw thick and thin lines to create a new family tartan. We are looking forward to using our tartan to make kilts.

Friday 20th January

It was an exciting morning in Primary 1A today because it was our turn to share our learning at Assembly. We told everyone  what we have learned about Katie Morag so far, displayed our amazing Katie Morag pictures and performed a Scottish dance. Some of us felt a little nervous and excited. We also felt proud sharing our work.

This morning we had great fun at our first Friday Fun Club session. The children enjoyed sharing what they had been doing and are looking forward to their clubs next week. The face painting club and baking club had been very busy!

Throughout the week we have been learning about the ‘sh’ sound. We have also been writing super diary entries for Katie Morag and sequencing the main events in ‘Katie Morag Delivers the Mail’. In Numeracy we have been practising the adding on strategy and trying to recall our number stories quickly. In Maths we have been discussing and sequencing our daily routines.

In PE we continued to practise our football skills and in dance we enjoyed teaching P1B the Scottish dance we choreographed.

Due to a timetable clash our library slot has been changed to a Tuesday.

Next Thursday the School Photographer will be taking class photographs.

Friday 13th January

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday.

The children were excited to be back on Tuesday and share their holiday news with their friends.

We have had a busy start to the term. We have been learning all about our new Behaviour Policy. The children are looking forward to choosing their Friday skills clubs and are working hard to earn lots of gold stars and positive referrals for their class.

We have started our new topic ‘Katie Morag’. This week we shared what we would like to find out about Katie Morag and the Isle of Struay. We also began to learn about Struay by creating a huge display of the Island.

In Literacy we learned about the ‘ch’ sound and wrote about what happened in our holidays. In Numeracy we practised our adding skills. We also learned about left and right by singing and dancing to a cool song. Our favourite activity was giving the toy roamers directions to our friends. It was quite tricky!

In PE we practised our football skills and we learned some Scottish dance steps in dancing. It was lots of fun!

Friday 9th December

We are enjoying our new IDEA ‘Christmas’. We had lots of fun decorating our class Christmas tree. We learned and acted out the start of the Christmas Story and  began making our own Christmas story books. Mrs Atkins, the School Minister, was very impressed by our knowledge when she came to work with us on Wednesday. We had lots of fun playing her ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ game. In Writing we remembered to use key letter words and phrases to write super letters to Santa which Miss Craig is posting.

Throughout the week we have had the opportunity to create lots of different Christmas art. Some of the children chose to make great Angel Gabriels and Santas.

In Numeracy we have been learning all about the story of 8. We used Christmas trees and baubles to create the different number facts. In Maths we have been learning all about pattern and designed amazing hats and scarves.

In Literacy we learned all about the sounds x and y.

In PE we tried to improve our football skills by practising dribbling, passing and trapping. We have lots of potential footballers who have enjoyed sharing their skills!

On Thursday we set up an experiment to find out how water changes from a liquid to a solid. We have made interesting predictions about what may happen. Next week we will find out if we are correct.

We are practising hard for the Christmas show. Our class song is called ‘Santa’s Coming’. It would be great if the children could bring in and wear a Santa hat, tinsel or reindeer ears for the performance. Please do not go and buy any of these items if you don’t have them at home.

Friday 25th November

This week we began learning the songs we will be singing in the Christmas Show. Hopefully your ticket arrived home safely and you can attend the performance. 

Our Toys topic is coming to an end. This week was Challenge week. Throughout the week the children had opportunities to share and transfer their learning. They have amazing ideas and one of their challenges was to plan, design and make their own toys. Unfortunately we ran out of time when making our toys and will continue to do this next week. On Thursday we will be starting our new topic Christmas by sharing what we already know and identifying what we would like to find out.

In Literacy the children have been learning the sounds j and z. They have had great fun making words with these letters. However their favourite activity was making a Jack and a box! They are all developing good reading skills and greatly enjoy our reading sessions. Thank you for practising word walls and reinforcing key reading skills at home.

In Maths we have been revising the number stories of 3, 4 and 5 and practising our adding skills. 

Friday 18th November

There was great excitement on Wednesday when we received a letter all the way from America. It was from Catarina’s Grandparents! They were writing to tell us about their favourite toys when they were little. Thank you to the other grandparents and parents who have written back or told the children about their favourite toys. It has greatly helped the children understand the concept of old and new.

As part of our toys topic this week we created some super adventure stories about our toys when they came alive. We also learned about spinning toys and made our own spinning wonders. In dance we explored and learned different ways we could spin. The children love the Toy Story soundtrack!

In Maths we have been working really hard to make and learn number stories. We had lots of fun making counting clowns and bow ties to help us understand and remember the stories.

In Literacy we read ‘The Fish Who Could Wish’. We retold our favourite parts of the story shared what we would wish for if we were a special fish. The children also worked hard to learn their two new sounds f and b. F is particularly difficult to form but we are practising lots! The children are really enjoying reading. Thank you for practising key words and word walls at home. New sound cards will be issued shortly which you can cut up and make additional words with.

Friday 11th November

This week we have been learning to recognise, form and blend with u and l. We have had fun learning songs, actions and playing games to help us remember these sounds. We have also been using different tools to practise forming the letters and writing different words. Many children enjoyed designing and cutting out their own umbrellas and lolly pops.

In reading,  aswell as our group novels, we read Kipper’s Diary and wrote our own diaries. The children enjoyed sharing the different activities they participate in outside school.

In Maths we have been investigating number stories to 5. The children enjoyed learning the animal bus rhyme and making their own bus to help them reinforce the number facts. We are hoping to achieve instant recall of these facts and will be playing lots of games to enable us to do this.

In our IDEA time we learned about toys children liked to play with during the Victorian times. The children identified the toys they would most like to play with if they were a victorian child and we discussed how they are different from the toys they play with today. In dancing we had lots of fun learning about the toys that came alive in the Toymakers factory and adopted the movements of the different toys. In Writing we wrote about Buzz or Woody from Toy Story. We will be extending this writing next week by going on an adventure with them.

In PE we continued to practise our jumping skills and our throwing and catching skills with a partner.

We enjoyed music with Mrs Roberts on Monday and ICT on Tuesday. We also had library on Tuesday. Please help your child to return their library book every Tuesday.

Friday 4th November

On Monday the children enjoyed their first music lesson with our specialist Mrs Roberts. They had lots of fun learning Halloween songs. I hope they sang them to you at home!

In literacy we learned to recognise, form and blend using the g and o sounds. The children learned songs, made scary ghosts, octopus and played a range of games to reinforce these sounds.

In numeracy we have been practising our adding on strategy by adding different groups of  toys together. We have also been practising positional language by playing hide and seek and where’s the teddy?

In our toys IDEA the children have been exploring how different toys move and identifying which toys push and pull. We have also been thinking about toys we played with when we were babies and toddlers and toys we play with today. We then learned how to use this information to make a timeline. The children also finished their toy letters. Hopefully they have arrived home! We are looking forward to finding out what toys our relatives played with when they were little and would really appreciate your support with this task.

We had a fun end to the week this morning when we made firework pictures using lots of different collage materials and special crayons. We also discussed fire safety. Have a safe and enjoyable Bonfire evening tomorrow!

“I liked making the fireworks.” Ellie

“I liked assembly. I liked singing the season song in assembly.” Brydon

” I liked prcatising o” Cameron

“I liked working out which toys pushed and pulled.” Tino


Friday 28th October

We have had a fun and busy time in Primary 1a. This week we started our new IDEA Toys. It is a popular topic and has generated lots of great discussion. On Tuesday we shared what we already know about toys and thought about what we would like to find out. Many of us would like to learn how our favourite toys work. Others would like to make their own toys and find out about what toys their mums, dads, grannys and grandads liked to play with when they were young. Therefore on Wednesday we started writing letters to mums, dads, grannys and grandads to find out what their favourite toy is and why. They will arrive home shortly!

Throughout the week we have been revising all the sounds, letters and words we learned during the first term. Thank you for practising these at home too! We also practised our adding skills in numeracy.

Some of the children have shared their highlights of the week below.

” I liked making the umbrellas. We had use sparkly paper and tissue. We made them in style of Peter (Pierre Renoir)” Gabriella and Cameron

“I liked writing about my favourite toy.” Brydon

“The golden time reward was my favourite. It was Jack and the Beanstalk”

“I liked doing my letters. We have been practising all the letters we have learned!” Rhys

This term we have PE on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Our library time has changed from Friday to Tuesday. Please help remind your child to bring their book back

Friday 7th October

We have had another very busy week! In Literacy we learned two new sounds, h and r. We liked singing the h song. It’s our favourite so far! The children had fun designing their own houses and painting rainbows. We are working hard to make and read words using the sounds we know. There is great excitement when the children blend the sounds and work out the word!  

The children are very keen to practise forming their letters and numbers. The writing table was particularly busy this week with children painting letters and numbers in the sand trays and using wax resist to create ‘special’ letters and numbers. The children are enjoying their new reading books and are using the pictures well to retell the stories. Thank you for practising the key words at home. They are able to recognise most of the words now.

In Numeracy we have been been practising adding different groups of objects to find out ‘How many altogether?’. The children also worked in groups to make their own pictographs of favourite colours in the class. They are becoming very good at understanding and discussing the results.

The Jungle in our classroom is our favourite activity. The children love dressing up and acting out different explorations. We have been practising our cutting skills so our classroom has been taken over by anacondas, two headed snakes, vipers and vine snakes!! This week we started learning about endangered animals and wrote about why elephants are in danger. We watched a clip of an animal painting with his trunk and shared our views. Most of us thought it was amazing and cool! Some of us thought it was cruel.

In PE we have been practising our throwing skills. We liked using the javelins best and aiming at different targets.

 We finished learning about Noah’s Ark this week. We have made a super display and we have had lots of fun learning the song. We enjoyed using the musical instruments to accompany the song. Next week we will be using the instruments to make jungle sounds to accompany our stories and will hopefully make our own instruments!

Friday 30th September

This week we have had lots of fun learning the sounds c/k and e. Kyle, Oliver and Catarina put some super objects from home in the sound box for us to guess. We are all looking forward to our turn. The children have been working really hard to write their letters. Well done everyone! They particularly enjoyed writing in the shaving foam.

In Maths we found out what subjects everyone likes best and we made a pictograph. ICT and the Jungle were our favourites. We have practising our counting and sequencing skills further. On Thursday we made the most of the good weather and went outside to practise writing our numbers with chalk. We tried really hard …..8 is tricky!

In our Jungle topic we learned more about zebras, made zebra prints and learned lots of interesting facts about snakes in the Jungle. When we watched the clip of the anaconda we felt glad that we didn’t live in the jungle! This week we also wrote super stories about our adventures with Leo the Lion. We have also started making snakes using junk. We are looking forward to finishing these next week.

We had an exciting end to the week. On Friday we enjoyed raising money for the MacMillan Cancer charity by dressing down for the morning and going  on a cookie march. We then enjoyed eating our cookies which some of us made with Mrs Smail at story time.

 Friday 23rd September

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend. The children were excited to be back at school on Tuesday and enjoyed sharing their weekend news.

This week we had lots of fun revising the sounds s,a,t,i,p and n and using these sounds to make words. In Maths we have been practising counting and ordering numbers. We have been learning to write 6 and 7. One of our favourite number songs this week was ‘Nick Nack Paddy Wack’. I hope your child has been singing it at home!

During IDEA time the children have been learning all about zebras and wrote some amazing stories about how they thought zebras got stripes. They have great imaginations!

The children really enjoyed RME. We read the story of Noah’s Ark and started making Noahs Ark. The children are using the toy ark and animals to retell the story really well. We hope to use the flip cam next week to record our story telling.

Friday 16th September

Our plane has now arrived in the Jungle. The children acted out their journey and used their senses to describe what the Jungle was like when they arrived. We have started learning more about the different animals in the Jungle. This week we learned about the lion and made masks.

In Literacy we learned to say, write and form the letters ‘p’ and ‘n’ and in Numeracy we practised identifying and writing numbers 0 to 5. We sang popular number songs and participated in a range of activities to improve our counting and sequencing skills. We also carried out a survey to find out our favourite animals. We then used the computer to make a pictogram. The most popular animal that we would like for a pet is a tortoise!

Next week we are revising the sounds a, s, t, i, p, n. Please encourage your child to bring something into class that begins with one of these letters.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Friday 9th September

This week we read about Floppy and talked about our pets. In literacy we also learned to identify, say and write ‘t’ and ‘i’. We are finding it tricky to write our letters and numbers but we are all trying really hard.

In Numeracy we used  information we collected last week to make a pictogram about eye colour. We also read the number stories of 3, 4 and 5 and participated in lots of activities to practise our counting and sequencing skills.

We are enjoying our Jungle topic. This week the children created their own jungle characters in writing and art. They have made a super jungle frieze and are working hard to make a jungle role play area. If you have any resources at home that would be suitable for our jungle please encourage your child to bring them in.

On Tuesday we had our second ICT session with primary 6 buddies. We learned to use our secret password to logon and explored the tools in ‘Active Primary’.

The children are enjoying gym. We are working really hard to get changed quickly. The children are following the changing routine well but despite having a specific spot to change in clothes occasionally get muddled. Please ensure all clothes are labelled.

On Friday we borrowed library books for the first time. Our library slot will now be on Friday not Thursday . I would appreciate your support in helping your child return their library book every Friday.

 Friday 2nd September

The children have had a busy first week of full days. They have enjoyed having their lunch at school and most of the children who tried the school lunches thought they were yummy!

In Literacy this week the children have been learning to recognise, say and form the letters ‘s’ and ‘a’. Thank you for practising these letters at home. The children particularly like learning the songs and actions.

We have been reading more stories about Kipper. A particular favourite was ‘Kipper in the bath’ when his finger got stuck down the plug hole. We have been learning to recognise the words  ‘Kipper’, ‘Biff’ and ‘Chip’.

In Numeracy we have been practising our counting skills and we have been learning to form the numbers 0, 1 and 2. You may wish to practise forming these numbers at home.

The children were very excited on Tuesday when they received a letter from Leo the Lion inviting them to visit the Jungle. We used the globe to find out where the jungle is and planned what we would need to take. We are now busy creating a jungle in our classroom. If you have any toys or equipment such as a sleeping bag or binoculars which our Jungle explorers can use in the role play area please encourage your child to bring them in.

Below is a selection of the children’s  highlights from the week.

I have enjoyed learning to write numbers on the interactive whiteboard.” Gemma

I liked when Kipper’s finger got stuck in the plug hole.” Luke

I liked playing in the school with Gemma” Aaron

I have liked copying the letters a and s.” Catarina

I liked learning the ‘a’ song. It’s funny! ” Kerra

” I like learning the a song too and when Kipper’s finger got stuck in the bath.

I liked getting the letter from Leo the Lion . I want to learn about all the animals.

Friday 26th August

I can’t believe the children have now been at school for over a week!

They are settling in well and have been working hard to learn and follow the morning and home time routines.

The children have enjoyed exploring the different areas of the classroom with their new friends. Below is a selection of photos of the children’s favourite activities such as the school role area. They particularly liked being the teacher!

In Literacy the children met Kipper, Biff and Chip from our Reading Programme. In Maths we have been learning to recognise and sequence numbers. One of their favourite activities was learning the 5 Little Monkeys song and making monkeys. We have also been learning about patterns through the story of Elmer.

On Tuesday the children had their first PE lesson with our new PE specialist Mrs Jones.

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