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19th January 2012

Primary 1 have enjoyed creating the Isle of Struay in the class this week, we printed the background using paint and then looked at a map of the island to decide all the different features we would need to include. We drew, painted and made models of the houses, we are very pleased with our hard work!

We enjoyed listening to the story of Katie Morag Delivers the Mail and sequenced the main events on a storyboard. We also wrote a diary from Katie Morag’s perspective. We thought about how she felt when things went wrong in the story and how she solved the problems.

In numeracy we have been using a number line to help us with the counting on strategy. We are working really hard at counting on or back from any number. In literacy we learned the ‘sh’ sound, we worked on blending words and forming the letters using the cursive style.

In art we designed our own tartan to make a kilt, we have some fantastic colourful tartans. We continued to work on our Scottish Country Dance steps and are working with P1A who are teaching us a dance.

13th January 2012

Happy New Year from P1B!
We’ve had a great start to the new year and have been very busy starting our new IDEA- Katie Morag. Through this IDEA we will be focusing on the following curriculum areas- Writing, Reading, Drama and Social Studies.

This week we thought about what we want to learn about Island life. We hope to find out what school is like on an island and compare it to life in Musselburgh.

We began work on making the Isle of Struay (where Katie Morag lives) for our classroom and next week we will be adding the houses as we find out more about all the story characters.

In numeracy we revised the number stories and are getting even faster at working out the answer by adding on. In phonics we learnt the ‘ch’ sound and practised making words that begin and end with ‘ch’.

In art we had great fun learning about Tartan patterns and designed our own. Next week we are going to design our own kilts. In dance we are learning some of the steps used in Scottish Country dancing. This was such great fun!

25th November 2011

P1B have had a very busy Challenge Week and have been thinking about all the technology skills they have used during the Toys IDEA. To show our learning we have been planning, designing and making our very own Toy. We have some fantastic ideas and designs including cars, dolls and Jack in the box. We look forward to finshing our model Toys and sharing them at home soon.

In phonics we have been learning the j and z sounds, we made jeans and zig-zags at the craft table. We practised our handwriting at the writing table and made plates of jelly at the playdough table. In writing we watched a short clip about Little Red Riding Hood and continued the story using our imagination. We had some fantastic ideas and endings to the story!

In numeracy we worked on the number story of 7, we showed our learning by putting spots on clowns bow ties and practised writing out the sums. We also worked on counting forwards and backwards and counting out objects.

18th November 2011

Primary 1B have had a fantastic day supporting Children in Need! We have all turned out in spotty clothing, hats and painted faces. Today we made super Pudsey Bears, with spotty eye patches and moving arms.

In our Toys IDEA we have been learning about old and new toys and thought about how we can tell the difference. We drew and labelled pictures of toys from the past and modern toys. In technology we designed fantastic Spinners and had great fun trying them out. We look forward to bringing them home next week.

In numeracy we learned the story of 6. We thought about all the numbers that add together to make 6 altogether. We drew frogs on lilypads to show this.

In phonics we have learned the f and b sounds. We made fast fish and beautiful butterflies at the craft table. At the writing table we practised writing f on footballs.

November 2011

What a super busy week we have had! We have been really enjoying finding out all about Toys. Our role play area has been turned into a Toy Shop, where we have been making, pricing, selling and buying toys. In social studies we have been investigating how the toys we play with have changed and drew a timeline of what we enjoyed playing with as babies, toddlers and now. We have also really loved listening to stories about family members favourite toys when they were children. In science we investigated forces, exploring how objects move using push, pull and twist.

In literacy we have learned the o and g sounds. We made ghosts and orange octopus at the craft table and formed our letters on the Interactive whiteboard.

In numeracy we have continued work on adding and are getting very fast at counting on from any number. We used the toy shop to help us with adding on and next week we will be hopping on the number bus to help us learn our number stories.

In art we discussed fireworks and made some sparkly firework scenes using different media. Next week we will be exploring Autumn inspired art.

October 2011

This week we started our new IDEA- Toys. First of all we talked about all the things we know about Toys and then we thought of things that we want to find out. We came up with lots of questions like ‘How do toys work?’, ‘How do toys move?’ and ‘How are toys made?’

We drew pictures of our favourite toys and wrote about them. We started to write letters to help us find out about toys in the past. We look forward to turning our role play corner into a shop next week.

In art and design we learned about an artist called Renoir who painted a beautiful picture of a rainy day. We used the picture to make our own rainy day collage. We cut out and drew umbrellas and raindrops and used lovely cold colours.

In numeracy we practised writing numbers and adding on 1 and 2 more. In phonics we practised making words with the sounds we know.

13th October

Primary 1B are really looking forward to welcoming Parents/Carers to the class on Friday at 9am-9.30am to share their learning.

We have been busy finishing off our Jungle IDEA this week by continuing to learn about endangered animals. We wrote some fantastic stories inspired by the Jungle Book. We also visited P4/5 to listen to them share their learning and stories about the rainforest. We had great fun getting to know the children in the class and loved hearing the story about the elephant’s trunk!

In phonics we have learned the m and d sounds, we made a meal and designed a dinosaur. We are getting so good at writing our sounds! In numeracy we have been practising learning the number after and number before. This has helped us with adding 1 or 2 more.

In gym we were learning to use an underarm throw and enjoyed exploring different activity stations like travelling on the benches, throwing to a target and jumping over the hurdles. In RME we heard the story of Joseph and his coat of many colours. We designed beautiful, colourful coats for Joseph and have put them on display.

7th October

In our Jungle IDEA this week, we have been finding out about endangered animals. We used non-fiction books and the Internet to find out about the animals and why they were endangered. We made posters all about elephants, zebras and tigers. We also had great fun finding out about elephant art work. We shared our opinions about the pictures and then created our own chalk drawings of elephants.

In literacy we learned the h and r sounds. We practised forming the sounds in different ways using pencils, whiteboards and paint. We made houses, rabbits and painted rainbows. In numeracy we have been learning about adding. We used the words ‘How many altogether?’ and enjoyed using different materials to help us count. Next week we will be thinking about counting on from any number and adding on 1 or 2 more.

In PE we have been using overarm throws and are becoming experts! We enjoyed exploring different stations in the gym hall, including beanbag throws, basketballs and travelling over different objects.

29th September

Primary 1 have had a great week! We have been learning all about different Jungle animals and made some fantastic posters about lions and chameleons. We had lots of messy fun making models of chameleons in groups. We worked really well as a team and enjoyed exploring lots of different materials.

In writing we created super jungle adventure stories. We explored the jungle with Leo the Lion and saw lots of interesting creatures! We worked very hard to draw what happened in our stories and wrote the sounds we have been learning.

In phonics we have been learning the c, k and e sounds. We practised writing the sounds in cursive style and are getting so good at it! We painted cats and made kites and also drew excellent elephants. In numeracy we have been continuing to practise our numbers, writing, counting and ordering. In maths we found out all about our class favourite activities and made a class pictogram.

Primary 1 have thoroughly enjoyed getting a reading book and exploring the adventures of Biff, Chip and Kipper. We are continuing to work on the skills of retelling the stories in our own words and recognising key words.

To end the week we enjoyed baking Gingerbread Men for the MacMillan Coffee Morning and look forward to trying them later today!

Have a super weekend!

September 2011

We have been very busy exploring the Jungle this week. We used role play to act out arriving in the Jungle, we then wrote lovely stories using our senses to describe what we could see, hear, taste, touch and smell there.

We have been busy finding out about lions, where they live, what they eat and we worked together to make fact posters. We are also looking forward to making lion masks on Friday.

In Numeracy we have been continuing to count, order and form numbers carefully. We are getting so good at it!

In Phonics we have been learning the p and n sounds. We made pink pigs and painted numbers at the craft table. We practised forming the letters on the Interactive Whiteboard.

In RME we have been reading the story of Noah and his Ark. We painted the Ark and we recorded our own version of the story using the video camera.

What a great week! Enjoy the holiday weekend

August 2011
What a busy week!

What a great week we have had in Primary 1B! We have been enjoying being in school all day and have learned a lot this week.

We were very excited to start our IDEA Jungle Explorers! We received a letter from Leo the Lion who has invited us to learn all about the jungle and the animals that live there.

August 2011

We have had a super first week at school and have been very busy getting to know each other and exploring our classroom. We have been working really hard to get used to the morning routine and are getting much faster at finding our coat pegs and trays.

In the classroom we have enjoyed exploring the different activities including the writing table, maths zone, ICT and arts and crafts. We have been busy singing number songs about 5 very cheeky monkeys! We had great fun painting a display all about the song.

We have also been really excited to learn all about the characters in the Oxford Reading Tree programme. We listened to the stories, drew and painted pictures of Kipper, Biff and Chip and with some help wrote the characters names.

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  1. My husband and I really enjoyed coming into school today and seeing Reece’s classroom. It was great to see what they had been upto in their first week and what they will be learning about over the coming months.

    Reece really enjoyed his first week at school, drawing pictures and learning about Kipper. He also enjoyed the number song about the monkeys.

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