Friday 3rd February

We’ve been practising Scots poems. Katie

We’ve been learning about the weather. Holly

We have been making a weather diary. Charlie

We also made our weather posters look even better. Abbie

We learned about the rain. Ailsa

In the flood they used a big boat to get away. Millar

We made a plan for a rainy day story. Ben M

We made a picture for a rainy day. We used paint and different types of paper and material. We practised cutting, sticking, tearing and curling to make the collage. Evan

We decided on our tables what kind of weather chart we would make. Amy

Hannah,Amy and Evan said their Scots poem in the Scottish assembly. Hannah

Mrs Sim was so pleased with the whole class because we all practised a poem and did very well that she gave us all a wrist band. Olivia

 Monday 30th January

We made busy verb bees. Hannah

We have been learning about weather. Holly

We have been making posters about the weather and we have been learning all about the weather. We went outside to see what type of weather it was. Mason

In art we designed and made tartan scarves. Dawson

In art we made snowflakes from straws. Ailsa and Sophie

In ICT we have been writing our names in capitals and in normal letters. Tiegan

We have been trying to use bottles to make a rain gauge. Millar

This week we have been learning country dancing. Katie and Amy

It was called the circassian circle. Everybody in P2.

We have been learning about Rabbie Burns birthday. We have been practising a Scottish song or poem. Abbie

We have been drawing and writing about weather instruments in topic. Charlie

In maths we have been playing bingo to practise numbers to 90. Bobbi and Jamie

Ben S wants you all to know that he has been very good at maths.

In writing we have been making instructions for other people. Oliver


Friday 13th January

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a lovely holiday. The children are back into the routines of school and are doing very well getting to grips with the revised behaviour policy. Primary two has earned 3 gold stars this week. This is when other adults in the school have noticed how well they are following the school rules.

The museum visit was a big success and I would like to let you know that a visitor to the museum was most impressed by the behaviour of the whole class. They did an excellent job of representing the school and taking responsibility for their own behaviour. Well done primary 2 I was very proud of you! I would also like to say thank you to the volunteer adults who came with us on the visit. You made the experience an enjoyable one for everyone with all your hard work.



 Friday 25th November

We have been learning about the olden days. We saw magic granddad and it was all about not having proper bathrooms and toilets. Ty

We have been making some numbers and have been making them up to 2010 to make a time line. Evan

In numeracy we have been finding out how to use a grid. We put some animals in 9 squares and had to put them in order. Oliver

We have been learning about the olden days and if the toilet goes inside or outside. Olivia

In Health and Wellbeing we were trying to make up a name for our groups. We had to vote for the most popular name. Bobbi

In maths we used beebots to learn our directions. Hannah

We wrote a story about Aladdin but the man telling the story said Aladeen. Amy

We have been learning about tall letters and we had a big strip of paper and we drew 2 lines and we practised our tall letters and our small letters. Mason

We have been learning tricky words like said, my and go. Emma

The whole school has been practising songs for our school play. Jamie


Friday 11th November

Primary two have had yet another very busy week.

 We put up an old house on the display for IDEA. Evan

We have been learning tricky words. Emma

We have been learning about the olden days. Ty

We went to our assembly and we had a two minute silence. Hannah

We had a silence to think about the soldiers. Abbie

We have been learning about the people that died. Dawson

We have been learning about the names of the things all around us.  Oliver

We went outside for our science. We learned about sounds. Tiegan

It was fun learning about the olden days. Jamie

We went to the dinner hall for drama and we went on an imaginary adventure to Newhailes. Mason

We went to Newhailes and pretended to be rich people and poor people. Ben M

Today we went outside for numeracy. We were learning about directions. We had to be the treasure, the director and the finder. Bobbi and Mason

We wrote a story about the olden days. Mason


Friday 4th November

Thank you very much for sending in all the special things from the past. The children are very interested in this topic.

 We were learning about the olden days and how we used to live in the olden days. Mason

We have been bringing in some things in to show the class. There were some old records. Ben M

We wrote letters to ask about if they could come in and talk to us or give us things to bring in about the past. Hannah

We found some information in some books and we saw a mangle to squeeze the water out of the clothes. Abbie

We have been watching “magic granddad”. Liam

We have been bringing stuff about the past in. Jamie

We have been learning tricky words. Emma

We have been painting trees with little dots like the artist Vincent Van Gogh. Amy and Hannah

We have been listening to sounds to learn about how we can hear from far away. Bobbi

PC Smith came to assembly to tell us about keeping safe with fireworks. He said never go near them. Millar


Friday 14th October

We have been practising about under the sea. We have been making food chains and puppets. Some of them were stick puppets and some were string, some were glove and some were paper bag puppets. Bobbi

We did dancing with P2/3. It was under the sea dancing. The P2/3 class were really really good. They did a jelly fish dance. Ailsa and Bobbi

We have been using counting on to find the missing numbers in maths. We used clocks to practise finding o’clock. Olivia and Dawson

At the special assembly I got a certificate. I felt happy. Ryan

We have been learning the sound ff and words that have ff in them. Amy

We hope you have a lovely holiday. From P2.


Friday 7th October

We played a turtle game at ICT. You had to change the colours and the turtle to a fly. Millar


 We looked at different kinds of puppets. We planned which one we were going to make. I plan to make a shark. It was a string puppet. Ty


In PE we were playing with the parachute and we made a mushroom with it. I liked playing with it. We had to be careful. Katie


 In our IDEA we went into groups and we did a quiz about octopi. We had to answer questions. We had a piece of paper for the points. Amy and Ben M

We have been learning about Noah in RME. He made an ark for the animals to stay in when the flood came. Evan

We hope all the parents and carers have a nice weekend. From Hannah and all the boys and girls in primary 2.


Friday 30th September

It is so fun learning about under the sea. Ben S

We have been making stuff and bringing it into school.Dawson


 Everybody has been bringing in all different creatures and we have been making stuff in the classroom. Olivia


 Some of us have been making cookies for the coffee morning. Ty


 Mrs Smail helped us to make the cookies. Oliver


 They were yummy scrummy. Tiegan


 We collected money for helping The Macmillan nurses. Evan


 We have been making lots of dioramas. They are really good. Ryan


 The cookies were yummy.Erin


 The cookies had chocolate on them. Charlie


 We have been making models. Mason


 We dressed down for the coffee morning. Holly


 We made a finger puppet because we were learning about the story of the princess getting stuck in the castle. We thought of a story ending. Amy


 We have been trying to finish off the end of the princess and the fisherman story. Katie


 It was fun making the cookies. Jamie


 We have been outside for our PE. We practised bouncing and catching the large balls. Millar

We have been learning tricky words. Emma


  In circle time we practised our listening. We had to listen for the bells with our eyes closed. Kelvin

Have a good weekend!




Friday 23rd September


Primary two have been very busy this week. 

We have been learning about under the sea. Hannah                                 

We have been making projects for homework. Bobbi                                  

We did our assembly today. Ailsa                                                                 

We sang some under the sea songs. Abbie                                                        

People have been bringing models about under the sea. Sophie              

We have been listening to the bible story about Daniel in the lions den. Tiegan                                                                                                                

We have been making fish. Ben M                                                                

We have been making stuff and bringing in stuff about under the sea. Liam                                                                                                                   

We have been making fish, jellyfish and starfish. Shaun                   

Starfish are called sea stars. Dawson                                                              

We have learned about another sea creature called cephalopod which is an octopus. Oliver                                                                                            

We have learned how to do missing number sums. Bobbi                         

We have made a boat for the fisherman and he has a fishing rod. Shaun                                                                                                                        

The children did very well in the assembly. Great work primary 2!  I hope you all have a good weekend.


We have had an extremely busy week in primary two. The children have been continuing with their idea work for “under the sea”.  They have been learining about food chains and using text books to read for information.

In literacy this week the children have written fantastic shark poems and learned about presenting work well.    

The classroom is sparkling with lovely fish made during art time and their has been a lot of interest in our new “Cursive Corner”. They are keen to practise their letters by making beautiful butterflies and busy bees.

I hope everyone has a good  weekend and that the children enjoy their extra day.

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