16th March 2012

What a super week P.2/3 have had. Our farm IDEA has really caught our imaginations as we prepare for our ‘Come Dine With P.2/3’ event. Each member of P.2/3 wrote an invitaion and took it home on Friday with all the details about this exciting challenge. We will begin menu designing and waiter training next week. We are very excited! It is fantatsic to see the class coming up with such original and exciting ways to share learning and transfer their skills into real and meaningful situations.

Your IPR wriitng about Peter the farmer this week was fantastic. So much detail and understanding of work on a dairy farm was clear in everyones writing. Very well done!

Please remember to let us know how your tomato plants are doing (be it good news or bad!) There will be a spelling activity and a practical IDEA activity going home this week. Please remember to take your homework jotter home on Monday.

I am really looking forward to seeing the animation work you have been doing with Mrs Mercer, she is very pleased with your progress in this detailed and tricky ICT activity.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Mrs T.

9th March 2012

What a great week in P2/3. We made some tasty bread after learning about how farmers grow wheat and turn it into flour. Thanks for the bread machine Mrs Santos!

We had a vsiit from a retired farmer on Wednesday. She taught us all about potato farming. We have now planted our own potatoes and we are hoping to have a small and tasty crop before the summer holidays. We must remember to water the poptatoes and look after them properly otherwise they wont grow.

Our badminton skills are getting much better and it was great fun playing on Wednesday.

We all managed to make farm animations in ICT. We will be trying to improve on these next week.

Well done to P5 for a great assembly about Romans and Celts today. We all learnt lots of information.

24th February 2012

It has been a great first week back in P2/3 after the Februaury holiday. We have started our new IDEA – The Farm. Already our role play area is overrun with sheep, cows, pigs, tractors and all sorts of other farm items. We have been learning about what a farm looks like and also thinking about how to make bread.

We started playing badminton in P.E. this week. It was great fun and required a lot of skill and concentration to hit the shuttlecock! We hope to be able to improve our skills over the next few weeks.

Everyone went to a new B.O.S.S. club today and it was good to hear about what the rest of the class had been doing in all of the various clubs. Louisa and Emma came back from face-painting looking like dalmations! The baking club got to take home some yummy banana bread that they made!

27th January

What a busy week we have had in P.2/3! Our weather IDEA is so interesting. This week we made a cloud in a glass to help us understand how clouds are formed.  p.2/3 have been using their weather tally information to create charts and the Jellies and Fish have been dividing by 5, finding lines of symmetry and looking at the properties of 3D shapes-WOW!

Mrs Mercer and I are super impressed with the presentaion of work in jotters. P.2/3 are really thinking about how their work is organised on paper and lots of pupils are trying hard to write in cursive. Please keep this up! We are so proud of you all especially when your work earns a positive referral.

We have begun thinking about self and peer assessment of homework, IDEA and writing. P.2/3 are responding to teacher comments in their jotters and we are encouraging buddy comments in jotters too, P.2/3 are also beginning to set their own Success Criteria, which is fantatstic and very responsible.

There is a weather home activity going out on Monday 30th January, please remember to take it home in your home activity folder and bring the completed activity back into school for Friday 3rd February.

20th January 2012

We have had a busy week in P2/3.

It was great fun making our wind vanes and using compasses to find directions, but when we went outside it was so windy that some of our wind vanes blew away and we had to catch them!

We are going to be gathering information on the weather at home over the weekend and using it to make bar charts next week.

In maths we triedc to make cubes by attaching squares together, it was more difficult than it looked! We also enjoyed making tiling patterns and learning our 5 times table.

Today is our first day of Friday clubs, which we have been very excited about all week.

9th December 2011

This week we went to Bonaly Activity Centre where we had great fun making outdoor shelters and we even cooked some food on fires to eat like yummy bananas and marshmallows.

We have been very busy making Norwegian Christmas decorations. Half of us made paper baskets and half of us were sewing. Next week we will swap over.

In P.E. we did football skills in groups and tricks if you wanted to. By Felix

I liked when we went to Bonaly. By Matthew

I liked the Norwegian winter smoothies. By Ewan F

I liked it when we could shpw our tricks in football. By Lewis H

18th November

Hello from a very spotty P.2/3! We are proud to be supporting Children In Need, thank you for the delicious home baking and for looking so spotty!

Our Norwegian IDEA is alomost finished and we will be working on some challenges next week.

*Remember to have your home activity presentations ready for Monday.* We are looking forward to hearing lots about Norway.

After challenge week, we are staying in Norway because our new IDEA will be ‘A Norwegian Christmas’. The role play area will become a Norwegian house which we will decorate ready for Christmas. We will be looking at how Christmas is celebrated in Norway. We will also be learning a Norwegian song for the Christmas show. Tickets for the show have gone home today, so please check bags!

I enjoyed football, Fraser

I liked working on the 3D maps, Matthew

I liked making the Norwegian sandwiches, Rory

I enjoyed the Hiaku poetry, Holly

I liked doing the Norwegian dresses, Melanie

I liked it when Mona, our Norwegian friend visited the class, Nicole

Thanks for another great week,

Mrs Mercer and Mrs Taylor

11th November

We have had a great week in P2/3. We really enjoyed building shelters out of marshmallows and strawsin class. We then went outside and build shelters from natural resources for our toys. It was quite hard to make the shelters outside because it was cold and windy and we had to find the best materials to use.

We have carried on making our 3D maps of Norway which we showed to the rest of the school at assembly today. We will finish these next week.

I enjoyed making the 3D maps. By Nicole

I enjoyed football this week. By Jamie

ICT was fun becuse we went on Google to find maps. By Holly

8th November

Our Norway IDEA is well underway. We have been reading ‘Home Sweet Hamish’ in drama and thinking about why shelter is so important. We are going to be making shelters inside for our toys and outside for ourselves! We have been learning about Norwegian houses and we can speak a little Norwegian. Maybe someone from P2/3 will teach you numbers 1 to 5;

en – 1

to – 2

tre – 3

fire – 4

fem – 5

Many thanks for all the leaves, sticks etc… and to Mr Santos for his model outdoor shelter. It has really inspired us.

If you pass our classroom you will see sparkling firework poems and very descriptive poems about ‘Ten things you might find in a wizard’s pocket!’

There is a new home activity in the home activity jotters. It is due in for Monday 21st November and it is a short presentation on an aspect of Norway (houses, language, weather, food, sport etc…).

Jellyfish – please keep practising the 2 and 3 xtables and P2/3 keep reading the time at home and beyond!

Thanks for working so hard.

Mrs T.

28th October

It has been a great first week back after the October holiday. All of the class have come back to school with a positive attitude and are ready to learn.

We have started our Norway IDEA by thinking about things we would like to find out about and also starting to gather resources for our outdoor shelters. Everyone is excited about finding out all about life in a different country. It sounds like a few members of the class have family and friends who live in or have visited Norway. If you have any photos or information to share we would be very grateful for your continuing support.

In maths we have started to look at time. The class were making and reading o’clock and half past times on analogue clocks. Please encourage your child to look at clocks and to recognise some of the times.

On Thursday we had a fantastic Golden Time reward for last term. We were able to watch a fantastic production of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ which made everyone laugh!

14th October

This week in ICT we have been editing and saving our ‘Under the Sea’ work. In maths the class made up songs about the 3x table and also continued working on additions and subtractions.

In P.E. we were continuing to practise all of our skipping skills. Some people can now skip backwards and even cross over the rope.

In IDEA work we had challenge week. Our science challenge was to make a mindmap. Our art challenge was to make an individual collage. Our reading challenge was to create a factfile poster. Our dance challenge was to learn and perform an ‘Under the Sea dance’.

I liked it when we did all of the challenges! By Matthew

I liked doing the 3x table song. By Felix

I liked doing the skipping. By Louisa

Skipping was fun! By Ewan C

I liked being with our P7 buddies for our ‘How am I doing’ booklets. By Rory

7th October 2011

Another busy week from P2/3. We had a super start on Monday when the class brought in recipes, photos, posters and actual food for us all to try. I wish every Monday was like that! I hope you have had fun with different spelling strategies this week and jellyfish keep practising the 3 x table.

Next week is Challenge week which means our Under The Sea IDEA is coming to an end. We have learned so much in lots of different ways and I’m sure Challenge week will allow the class to share lots of knowledge. Many thanks to you all for bringing in so many interesting items from home and a huge thank you to Emma’s dad for coming in with all his diving equipment and sharing so much information with us.

We will be starting our next IDEA after the October holiday. We are looking at a country study between Scotland and Norway and in Decmeber our focus will be on a Norwegian Christmas. This will involve lots of outdoor learning and lots of fun!

Please make sure all pupil items are named/labelled because we are losing/misplacing lots of jumpers etc at the moment.

See you next week,

Mrs T.

I enjoyed football inside and outside, Harry

I enjoyed skipping with P.7, Zander and Lewis

I liked when the P.7s came to help us with our ‘How Am I Doing’ booklets, Matthew

I enjoyed making the fish puppets, Melanie

I liked learning the 3x table, Felix

I enjoyed saving files in ICT, Holly



30th September 2011

Well done to Oliver and Melanie who are our new class librarians. We are sure you’ll do a great job!

We have had a busy and fun week in P2/3.

We enjoyed painting our waves for our ‘Under the Sea’ display. They are on the learning wall and look really realistic.

In P.E. we joined up with P7 for our skipping lesson. The P7s were great at skipping and it was good to learn some new skills from them and to show them what we have been learning too.

We all made sorting activities in science so that we could identify living and non-living things that we would find at the beach.

Everyone worked very hard in maths. Jellyfish tried some difficult column additions and degus worked through lots of additions and subtractions.

We had great fun today at the cookie march and eating our tasty gingerbread men, yum!

We made waves and we had some soup last week. By Emma

We’ve been doing loads of under the sea project this week. By Lewis W

I enjoyed ICT because it was fun. By Holly

20th September 2011

Hope you all enjoyed our leek and neep soup today! Thank you for your help. Here is the recipe…

knob of butter

300g washed, sliced leeks

3oog chopped turnip

2 garlic cloves, crushed

900ml vegetable stock

salt and pepper

Why not let us know what you thought of the soup?

*Under The Sea homework activity reminder*

Just a little message to remind you that our Under The Sea homework is due in on Monday 26th September. We are looking forward to seeing the different ways you have chosen to share your learning with us.

16th September 2011

Well done to Emma and Rory who have been nominated as P2/3 Health Promotion and Pupil Council representatives. We’re sure they’ll do a great job!

This week P2/3 have been very busy. We have been making ‘Under the Sea’ food chains for our learning wall. We have also made some great colourful ‘Under the Sea’ collages. We will be adding more to our collage display next week when we try to make sea plants.

In maths, the Jellyfish group have been working out some fantastic column additions, and the degus have been adding and checking numbers.

We have also had good fun skipping and using our ball skills to do relays in P.E.

We have been learning how to change the font on the computer in ICT. By Holly

We were learning about the sea in our IDEA. It was exciting. By Ross

It was fun voting for Emma and Rory for Pupil Council and Health Promotion Group. By Abby

10 thoughts on “P2/3”

  1. we have been lerning about under the sea in maths the jelly fish have been working on there 2times tabel and the jelly fish have also been bizy doing there colamaddisoins and the daygoos have been working on there 2time tabel in ict we have been lerning how to use the mouse and loging on and off at home we have been bizy makeing collage and posters for our under the sea well done emma and rory for repasenting for helth proshan group and pyoopl counsel we have had some goood time skipping and we made leeks and neep soup and some pepal did not want any soup

  2. we have had a great day at bonaly on Tuesday and on thursday we also had great time
    making norwiegan winter smoothies and aloso p2/3 will be going to qmu to do performamce and we are also doing our christmas show for all the mums and dads so all the children better have there words ready and they better have there singing voises ready for the show mrs talor will want to see cheese cheeks when your singing on stage

  3. this term we will be leaning in i.d.e.a. about farming and lots farming games and in ict
    last term we did a powerpoits about weather so when we no a lot more about farming
    then we might do a power point about farming wich meens and we can show our power poits to the class

  4. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your assembly on Friday. What a lot of work you must have done for it, and it taught us lots about where our food comes from. You are learning so much from your new IDEA. Well done..it was really fantastic

  5. hi thanks p 2/3 is great working with and well done to all of you on your tomato plants they were great

  6. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your puppet show on Tuesday…only sorry I couldn’t stay for all of the shows. I thought you were amazing and had put so much work into it with very professional invitations too! Well done to all of you, I hope you had lots of fun writing and performing your scripts!

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