Friday 16th November

A big thank you to all of the children who wore something spotty today for children in need. They looked great! 

“Thanks Mum for painting my face” Imogen

Thank you also for the children who brought in cakes for the bake sale and for those who bought some. 

“Thanks Mum for helping me make the cakes.”  Andrew

They were really yummy!”  Esme

This week the children enjoyed listening to and playing some African drums.  

“It was really fun playing the drums.”   Sophie

“I liked playing the different tunes.”     Katie

“I liked it when he was teaching us different dances.”    Annabel  

Friday 23rd September

In PE we have been doing hockey. We have been learning how to hold the hockey stick and dribble the ball. Imogen

In IDEA we have been reserching an animal. Seeing if it’s a fish, a mammal, a reptile, an invertebrate, a bird or a plant. Sam

We’ve been using effective words in a search engine, using a website and finding interesting facts about sea creatures. Jack

In Rme we have been retelling the story of Making the blind man see and acting it out. Laura

Friday 16th September

The children have been learning all about  shapes and their properties. They have enjoyed making some 3D shapes using polydron and other materials. “I enjoyed making 3D shapes out of straws.” Jacob.  This week they were looking at the faces of 3D shapes. “I enjoyed drawing around 3D shapes.” Katie.

P.3/4 have been  woking hard to complete their decorative sea creatures for our wall display. Now that it is finished it looks amazing!  ” It was fun making it.” Emma.  ” It looks very colourful.” Esme.   

In our shared reading lesson, we discussed  the poem ” The Boneyard Rap” by Wes Magee. The children looked for repeating patterns, rhyming words and examples of onomatopoeia. They also practised reading the poems in order to perform them to the class next week.

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