Tuesday 7th February

Yesterday p4/5 took part in a Love Drama taster session. It was great fun and everyone joined in with all the different activities. The children had to listen very carefully to instructions and had to work quietly in a group making decisions about different body shapes they could make. The children also had to trust each other when making the shapes as they were not allowed to talk but silently make a different shape every time Kirsten said change. We then practised some vocal exercises where everyone had to put expression and intonation into their voices. They were fantastic and very dramatic.






We also took part in an improvisation session. Toby and Kirsten pretended that they had a beetle in their hand and what happened next……. Everyone then joined in.

We all had a fantastic time, thanks Kirsten. Flyers for the Love Drama camps will be handed out today.


  Monday 6th February

P4/5 have been working very hard on their Scottish poems for the last two weeks. On Tuesday all the class recited their poems and we were very impressed at how hard so many of the class had worked.  Almost everyone had learned the whole poem off by heart and were able to include expression and even some actions in their presentations. They have also been trying really hard at the Scottish Country Dancing and performed two dances at the  Scottish Assembly on Friday. Everyone was very impressed.


Well done to Eilidh , Ramsay and Josh who went through from the class recitation competition and a huge congratulations to Ramsay and Josh who were picked to read at Assembly and then came first and second respectively. All that hard work certainly paid off and we wish them luck in the Edinburgh competition later in the month.

We also started our new IDEA last week. We spent time finding out what we wanted to know about Romans and Celts and how we would like to learn. It was very interesting to find out what we already knew and what interesting facts the class wanted to find out.

We have continued to work really hard on our poetry and we concentrated on alliteration this week. P4/5 are a very imaginative class and came up with some super descriptions of snakes and how a snake moves and behaves. You are all becoming very confident when writing poems. Well done.



Friday 20th January

We have had a very busy week this week. We welcomed Miss Henretty to the class on Monday. Miss Henretty is a 4th Year Student and we are looking forward to working with her. She has already been working hard with P5 looking at Light and Sound and the children have been making Shadow Puppets.  P4 have been looking at Electricity and we have been looking at Static Electricity in particular this week. We did lots of experiments and particularly enjoyed rubbing the balloon on our jumpers and then seeing  what happened when we put the balloon over Ramsay’s hair.

We have also started working on Poetry this week with all the children choosing a Scottish poem to learn and then studying the different features of Classic Poems. The children wrote their first poem ‘ The Gruesome Beast’ looking closely at rhyming pairs.

Today everyone started their Clubs and everyone seemed to really enjoy the different activities. There was outdoor cooking, baking, recorder, ICT, puppet making, sports, fashion and jewellery, board games, photography, arts and crafts, sewing, facepainting and badminton. All the children were very excited to tell the rest of the class about it when they came back which was great.



Monday 5th December

P4/5 and P5 had a fantastic time at Newhailes on Friday 2nd December. Having studied Andy Goldsworthy, a Scottish Environmental artist, the classes went up to Newhailes to make our own Environmental pictures made from natural resources. We worked in groups and collected leaves, twigs, berries and stones and made our own pictures. We had reindeers, Christmas Trees, Teepees, a campfire on the beach and ice cream cones. They were brilliant. Well done all of P4/5 and P5. Pictures will follow soon.






Friday 18th November

P4/5 have had another busy week. One of the highlights of our week was ourAfrican Drumming session. We had a fantastic time with Dougie who explored rhythm and song through voice and using the African Drums. Everyone loved the session and worked as a class to celebrate African songs and dances.









Friday 4th November

We have had a very busy week this week. I got the badge . On Monday we had zumba and we made some really cool volcano’s and I had a lot of fun. On Tuesday it was a bit of a rush for the swimmers to get to P.E but that just made it even more fun. On Wednesday PC Smith came and spoke to us about bullying and how we should react. We also worked on capital letters. On Thursday we had a basket ball taster session. My favourite thing this week was the Basketball.

Hope everyone has a lovely Guy Fawkes Night on Saturday and stays safe with all the fireworks.

by Annie Devine



Friday 30th September

Nicole & Kristy got there bronze award today. On Thursday we had some people cooking and the rest Cheerleading. Cheerleading was a lot of fun. The baking was really fun especially how it smelt. Monday we made moving animals and it was fun. Today we did the assembly and we told everyone about the MacMillan Coffee Morning.         by Ritchie,Nicole and Annie

We have also been really busy adding movable animals to our Rainforest. We have been drawing pictures using oil pastels and they are lovely and bright. When we were working on our movable animals we had to consider which body parts to move and how we could get them to move.It was quite a challenge but everyone did very well.

We have been learning all about MacMillan Cancer Support as it was the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning today. We learned that the coffee morning is a nationwide event now and raises a considerable amount of money for MacMillan Cancer Support. Last year £8 million was raised. This week we baked cakes with Mrs Smail and enjoyed them today and we also explained a little about MacMillan Coffee Morning to the rest of the class at Assembly.

In ICT we  were learning to make tables using word. We were recording the different types of animals that can be found in the rainforest and putting them into our table. This was quite tricky but everyone tried really hard and supported each other.

Please take time to look through our ‘How am I doing ? ” books this weekend.


Friday 16th September

We have been very busy this week. Quentin the Quetzal has been writing to us asking us to help him find the food he needs from the wild avocado tree. He has asked us to make a rainforest in the classroom so this week we have been very busy making trees, leaves and vines. We have also been collecting leaves and sticks to make a really super forest  floor. It is coming together now and we are very excited about Quentin getting back in touch to tell us what we have to do next.

We have been writing letters to Quentin and have been learning all about the different features of a letter. We have been working really hard on our letters.

Congratulations to Nicole Davanna who is our Health Promotion Representative and Toby Grubb who is our Pupil Council Representative.Well done to everyone who applied for these roles. I was was very impressed with everyone. If you would like to be on the Global Citizen Group you should have your application form filled in by next Friday.

We have a Ladder of Success in our classroom and everyone has been working really hard to get to the top. Ritchie and Toby were delighted when they got to the top this week and got their Bronze certificates . Well done boys.

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