Friday 27th April 2012

The children enjoyed a fantastic day out at Broomlee yesterday.  They took part in 4 activities; Flying Fox, Nightline, Mohawk Walk and Tree Climb or Crates.  These were all designed to build their teamwork and communication skills as well as building their confidence.  All the children challenged themselves and did really well, despite the poor weather.  Thank you to Mrs Latto and Mrs Campbell for coming along with us.

In class this week we have been enjoying Careers week.  We have been writing CV,s, thinking about jobs we would like to do in the future and, as well as having guest speakers in the class, the children all went along to a Careers Fayre.  It’s been a really successful event.

Friday 20th January 2012

It’s been another busy week in Primary 5.  This week we began our rugby sessions, which the children really enjoyed.  Thank you for providing outdoor kits.  These sessions will continue for another 3 weeks.

As part of our Burns celebration and poetry topic, the children have all been given a Scottish poem to learn for this coming week.  Everyone will get a chance to recite in class and 3 pupils will be picked to go forward to Mrs McGillivray and Mrs Rae.

We have enjoyed carrying-out a variety of light related experiments this week, including investigating materials which light travels through and measuring shadows.

Our B.O.S.S. clubs started today and the children really seemed to enjoy their activities, giving very positive feedback  Their current clubs will run until the February break.

 Friday 13th January 2012

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year break.  This week we’ve begun work on our new IDEA, Light & Sound.  Already we’ve been able to find out exactly what light is, different sources of light and how our eyes and our brain help us to see.  In two weeks, we will be having a visit from a local optician who will be able to help us find out more about this.

Our Numeracy focus this term will be money and our Maths focus will be symmetry and then time.  So the children should be very good at managing their pocket money and coming in at the time you tell them to!

For P.E. we will begin a month of rugby next week.  Please ensure your child brings and outdoor gym kit to school each Wednesday – joggers, trainers, sweatshirt.  Alongside rugby we will continue our Country Dance and fitness focus.

In language, we’ve already begun to look at different styles of poetry and with our traditional Burns Competition coming up, the children will be given a Scottish poem to learn.  I would appreciate your support in helping them with this.  If your child has a particular Scottish poem or song that they would like to recite I’m happy for them to bring this in from home; it doesn’t have to be a Burns poem. 

Friday 25th November 2011

As we near the end of our Climate Change IDEA, the children have been busy writing a report about Climate Change, to show their learning.  We also created some fantastic ‘hot and cold’ landscape paintings which are very effective. 

 Next week the children will be out and about, visiting the Co-op to identify some Fairtrade products and going to Newhailes to create some environmental art.  Let’s hope the weather is kind to us.

Also this week, the class took part in a Powerwise workshop, emphasisng the dangers of electricity and how to deal with this responsibly. Don’t be surprised if they are now  checking your bathroom for sockets!

 Friday 4th November 2011

In keeping with the Halloween theme, we have continued work on our imaginative ghost stories this week and I’m looking forward to reading them all, if I dare!  We have also been busy carrying-out experiments with carbon dioxide, blowing -up balloons and creating volcanoes, as part of our Climate change IDEA.

It’s fantastic that so many children are keen to share information about our IDEA that they have found out in their own time.  It really adds to our topic.  Several have discussed news articles they have found about Climate Change and we’ll now add these to our display board.

Yesterday the children enjoyed a basketball taster and will be attending a cluster basketball festival next week to practise their skills.

Friday 28th October 2011

I hope you had a great October break.  The children certainly seemed to have fun.  This week we have begun to think about our new Climate Change IDEA.  Next week we will be carrying-out experiments, so I’ve asked the children to bring in any plastic water/juice bottles.  It would be much appreciated if you could help out with this.

We are focusing on imagainative writing this term, so in keeping with Halloween, we have been writing a ghost story.  I look forward to reading these spooky stories.  In numeracy we have started work on our multiplication and division activities.  It would be really helpful if the children could practise their tables at home.  Woodlands Junior have a great wesite with lots of interactive tables games to try out.

Friday 7th October 2011

Yesterday we all enjoyed a Live and Learn assembly and workshop which helped us to think about our attitude to learning and enterprise.  The children worked in groups to come up with innovative inventions, created with materials available to them.  I’m sure we have some budding entrepeneurs in our class.

Our Rainforest IDEA will soon be drawing to a close and we look forward to rounding this up with our Newhailes visit next week.  This week, we have begun writing letters to Primary 4/5 to tell them about our learning within our IDEA.  P4/5 will write back and the children will have an opportunity to assess each others work.  They were also challenged with problem solving and tried to make a bridge or pulley system for use in the Rainforest.  I’m delighted that almost all children rose to this challenge.

Thanks to Scott, Ross E, Ross S and Andrew for rounding off their football skills workshop.


Friday 30th September 2011

Thank you for all your donations to our MacMillan coffee morning.  It looks as if the school has raised over £280, which is fantastic, and the children enjoyed a gingerbread march around the school playground in the sunshine.

Yesterday the children took part in a cheerleading taster, which they all thoroughly enjoyed.  Earlier in the week Scott, Ross E, Ross S and Andrew ran a football skills workshop for the class, so we are certainly getting a feel for lots of different sports skills.

In our Rainforest IDEA the children have been sketching Rainforest animals and making animals with moving parts.  They really enhance our Rainforest display.  We have also begun to think about the people who live in the Rainforest and how their lives differ from ours.

Friday 23rd September 2011

This week we have continued to work hard on our Rainforest IDEA.  Alot of our ‘Reading for Information’ has been based upon this, and the children have been making factfiles, showing understanding of text by answering questions and carrying-out internet research.

We took our maths outside this week and made tally charts of Living Things in our playground.  The children had great fun uncovering all the minibeasts and counting the birds and wildlife.  They were then challenged to draw a bar chart of their findings in the playground with chalk.  Apologises for the ‘chalk angels’ who returned home.

Our rainforest display is really taking shape and in preparation for Quentin’s visit we are now thinking about Rainforest animals and how we could make these with moving parts.  The children have created fantastic pastel drawings of their favourite animals.

Friday 16th September 2011

This has been another busy week for Primary 5 as we have begun to build our own Rainforest in the school corridor.  The children have worked hard to make beautiful flowers, leaves, trees and vines.  I’m sure it will look fantastic when we get it all assembled.

We have also heard very persuasive pitches from our prospective Health Promotion and Pupil Council reps.  Well done to everyone who took part in this and put forward some fantastic ideas.  However, a special congratulations to Erin and Charlotte who were the winners at the ballot box.

We have been lucky enough to have some good weather this week and have been enjoying playing hockey outside.  All the children have also had the opportunity to participate in Club Golf with Mrs Smail and these sessions will continue over the next few weeks.

In numeracy we are continuing to work on number, within worded problems and in maths are preparing our own schools surveys where the children will be data gathering and presenting the information as graphs.

I hope you have a lovely long weekend.

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