w/c 6th February

What a fabulous day we had today.  Our “Class of the Month” reward was fantastic!  The children spend a very “sweaty” and energetic 1/2 hour playing dodgeball and then we all got together to make lunch.  Thank you to all those parents, friends, folks at home, etc for their contribution towards our class picnic.  It was fantastic.  I’ll now bore you with the menu: homemade bread, homemade pakora, homemade traybake, chicken, ham, cheese, salami, coleslaw, crackers, cous cous, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, pork pies, savoury eggs, tuna, wraps, pitta bread, pickled onions, chili sauce, turkey ham, olives, juice, smoothies, paper plates and bowls (we didn’t eat these!), filled rolls, crisps, breadsticks, carrots,  pancakes, biscuits,  humous and so so much more.  The children REALLY enjoyed the experience and I have to say that I did as well.  I think that it is something that we would definitely do again.  It was really nice to sit down with the children and eat lunch and hear their chat, listen to them talking and watch them try out food that they might not necessarily have tried before.  The only thing that was missing for me was a cup of tea!!!

The other great thing that the children have achieved this week is their FRENCH!!!  I set the children the challenge of preparing a short conversation about asking and receiving directions in French.  They were all BRILLIANT, some of their accents are a bit dodgy but their effort and enthusiasm was unbelievable.  We have been learning the vocabulary for directions and buildings for a couple of weeks and today the class paired up, prepared a conversation and stood up in front of the class and shared their learning about directions.  They were really good and if you get lost in France, ask your child for help!

No doubt the children have been telling you about our Science Experiments to grow crystals.  In this I can say that Mrs Walker has been a partial, if not complete, failure!  We did great with salt crystals but we have, under my instructions, been not very succesful growing anything else.  We have now got a great collection of saturated solutions that have totally crystallised to glass jars!

We are now coming to an end with our Tanazanian project which has seen most of the children writing a letter to Makabe Primary School.  The children have been very descriptive in their letters about Musselburgh and their lives, likes, hobbies, families, Scottish animals, etc and hopefully these will be received with enthusiasm by our sister school set up by Mrs Thomas.

Lots more news I could tell you but not enough time, check out our “How Am I Doing” diaries for more information.  Have a great February break!

w/c 10th January 2012

Everybody seems to have had a great holiday and Santa seems to have been VERY kind to everyone in P6.  The class have settled down well this week and have got stuck in to some hard work already.

This week we set ourselves some New Year’s Resolutions both for Home and School – let me tell you if they are followed then peace and harmony will be reigning in all your houses!  We also made bar charts of the Top 10 Christmas presents and suprisingly clothes, chocolates and books were our top presents.  Way to go Santa.

We have started our new IDEA for the term which is a country comparison with Tanzania – we’ve already found out that Tanzania is around 12 times bigger than Scotland and has a population about 10 times the size of ours.  Today we have started making African masks for our classroom display and we are going to try and learn 1-10, days of the week and simple greetings in Swahili.  Watch this space.

We had a test in maths this week, topic of angles.  I will use the results of this to set the class for this term.  Children will find out on Monday.


w/c 21st November

P6 have been having a very creative week and have been working very hard to start writing their imaginative stories with a winter theme.  The children were given a picture to set the scene of their story and they all brainstormed and came up with some really great adjectives.  They have now launched in to their literary efforts and their work is really shaping up.

We have finally finished our class roller coasters – they are a couple of truly amazing ones!  Well done to those groups that persevered and overcame all the obstacles in their way.  We are planning to have an exhibtion for the school next week at some point to showcase our hard work.  We also each voted on which roller coaster logos we liked best and the winners were chosen.  Well done to everyone for the high standard of work and a special congratulations to the winners.  Next week is challenge week for our IDEA and amongst other things we will be producing a brochure to advertise our Dreamland Park.

We had two visitors into the school this week – Mr Foster from PowerWise to teach the children about safety around electricity and PC Maltman, the Lothian and Borders Crime Prevention Officer to tell the children about a competition that they were running.  The children got a lot out of both visits and we are now designing posters for the Police to make people think more about Crime Prevention in the run up to Christmas.  Winners will get an I-Pod Shuffle!

Our long multiplication and short division are really coming on well now and there are lots of little light bulbs appearing above heads.  It’s great to see when someone finally understands the process.

In French we have been testing our knowledge on French vocabulary for animals and in RME we have been researching the Quakers and how they fit in with other Christian faiths.

Looking forward to another busy week!

w/c 14th November

A rather messy week in P6.  We have been making our scale models of Roller Coasters this week so there has been a lot of cardboard, paint, glue, paper, wood, etc strewn about the classroom.  I’ve also had the chance to get a bit handy with a saw, sawing bits of wood and dowling for their themed coasters.  One nameless child (boy) suggested it might be better if he fetched the janitor for me and he could saw the wood!  The Rolller Coaster models are beginning to take shape and they are looking really good – can’t wait for the finished product.

In maths we are continuing to find solutions to word problems using multiplication, division, subtraction and addition.  Some of the children are now beginning to find it a bit easier to work out what kind of operation they need to use to solve the problem.  In Maths Sets we are also continuing to look at word problems but through the medium of money.

In French this week we were learning how to use a French Dictionary and the children were looking up the French vocabulary for different animals.  Next week we will use our new knowledge for conversation and some matching games.

The children are continuing to enjoy their gymnastics with Mrs Jones and our Teaching Student, Miss Cameron, has been helping the children develop their basketball skills.

This week the children also started writing a fiction story based on a winter scene picture and already there are some great ideas flying about.  I can’t wait to read them.

Thats’ about all for now folks but I hope you have a great weekend and I’m looking forward to yet another busy week next week.

w/c 7th November

Another busy week in the life of P6.  This week we have been learning about Remembrance and we have made giant poppies, written poetry and shared our thoughts and feelings about War.  The children were very thoughtful on the subject and showed a great deal of respect and understanding in their poetry.

Our IDEA continues on Theme Parks and this week we have been learning more about the effects of Friction on roller coasters and how this might influence the shape, design and materials of a ride.  The class have also been designing logos for their rides and next week we will be choosing which ones we like best.

In Maths we have been working on long multiplication and division through every day number problems.  We have also being doing this in a money context in Maths sets.

The class are also enjoying PE with Mrs Jones and with her they have been developing their gymnastic skills.  We have also had extra health & wellbeing this week as we have had a visitor from the rugby club in to teach us Tag Rugby.

w/c 3rd October

No post last week because we were at our hockey festival.  The class had a great time and I’m pretty sure that they won nearly all their games.  It was an added bonus that the sun was out – where has it gone this week?

In IDEA this week we have been writing a newspaper article about a fictional Natural Disaster.  Musselburgh seems to have unfortunately been hit by a Tsunami, Earthquake and a Tornado.  Also, just for your information Arthur Seat has errupted.

In Maths, we have been using Microsoft Exel to produce bar graphs and pie charts.  The class really like the chart wizard and were amazed at the  brilliant graphs that they produced.  You will see the results of our traffic survey on parents night.

In Music the class have been working hard with Mrs Roberts on the guitars and the glockenspiels.  In PE we are rounding up the end of our hockey session and this week we introduced a number of foul laws!  We were also lucky to take part in Live and Learn workshops which had the children building models out of straws.

We have now also finished our 3D volcanoes and the class have made a great job.  They are very realistic with hot flows of lava and molten rock spewing from the crater.

w/c 20th September

Everybody enjoyed their Monday off – not least Mrs Walker!  Despite being a four day week we have been really busy.  Our Natural Disaster IDEA is now in full flow and the children have done a lot of hard work in researching their particular area of interest.  We will be using this information to write reports and also to produce a fictional newspaper article.

We have also used our IDEA theme in French this week and learned the different vocabulary for Natural Disasters en francais!  Do you know what a le tremblement de terre or a la raz-de-maree might be!  Your child should know and hopefully they might remember another few words as well.

We carried out our second traffic survey this week and found even more traffic out on Clayknowes Road than we had the previous week.  We are now plotting our data in tables and graphs.  Hopefully you will have a chance to view our work during parent consultations.

We have also been creating fabulous 3D models of Volcanoes in art – they are looking great.

We were lucky this week to have a hockey taster session and we definitely learned some skills that we will be able to take to our Hockey Festival at Pinkie next Friday – permission slips are out today.

w/c 12th September 2011

At last we are back up and running on our class page.  We’ve had a great start to the year and the class have settled in really well.  We have already completed our first mini IDEA on autobiographies.  We are now looking at Natural Disasters and the class have started their own personal research into an area that interests them most.  We’ve been creating volcanoes in art & design and learning a bit about the science behind why these events occur.

In PE we have been concentrating on our hockey skills and next week we will have the East Lothian Hockey specialist coming in to give us some tips and coaching.  On Friday next week we will also be taking part in a hockey tournament – permission slips will be sent out Tuesday of next week.

There was mixed feedback from the children after our visit to the Brunton Theatre to watch Kes.  A number of the children found the contemporary style quite difficult to follow but others really enjoyed it.  I think we were lucky having had read the book as it helped most to follow the play.

Our traffic survey on Thursday also through up a few surprises.  We had no idea how many cars used Clayknowes Road in a 20 minute period.  We are going to count traffic again next week and we’ll update you with our findings.

In the meantime, if there are any issues, concerns or news please do not hesitate to contact me.

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  1. i have really liked natural disasters in idea its been great fun my favourite thing has been the volcanoes because I LOVE art!!! my favourite bit would have to be spraying the paint on it but i got paint on my face!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. i enjoyed doing our poetry this week on remeberance day. i thought it was really good fun!!! i enjoyed doing the art stuff like making giant poppies, volcanoes and lots more.

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