Friday 27th January

Monday-On Monday we had music with Mrs Roberts and we did maths. We were doing work on angles. We were recognising and measuring angles. We also did spelling and homework.

Tuesday-On Tuesday we finished posters we were making on regions of France. We then split up into groups and presented our poster. Also P6’s went to the Euro quiz at the Grammar. 

Wednesday-On Wednesday we played badminton. In badminton we played some rallies and we also played around the world. In the afternoon we did some work on our Tanzania maps. We did a Burns quiz on the computers.  

Thursday-On Thursday we learnt about pets in French. In ICT we were using webcams to make short animations. In reading we did mind maps of a character in our independent novels.

Friday-On Friday we went to assembly and we listened to P6’s and P1b’s work. We done some how am I doing booklets after assembly. We also went to our B.O.S.S clubs.  Some children were also competing in a swimming gala.

 Ryan and Grant


vendredi vingt-cinq novembre 

This week we have been doing: French learning the different sums symbols like plus, take away and times table signs.

Maths we have been in different classes we have been in for maths in Mrs Thomas’s maths class we have been doing our 7,8and 9 times table we have been doing times table test. We have also been working out money word problems.

Spelling we have been doing the ‘au’ and ‘al’ patterns and different activity’s for homework .

In our I.D.E.A we have been doing our theme parks research and doing a leaflet on our favourite theme park ride. We have also been making model cars for the theme park.

We also had a safety talk about the dangers of electricity. We were working in groups in drama and developing our improvisation skills.

In I.C.T we have been doing publisher and yesterday we went back on Google applications.

 Katie and Josh

Friday 18th November- Children in Need!


Monday- We started off with our maths sets and with Mrs Walker we did long multiplication and with Mrs Thomas we played a game called nomination and mental maths on the computers. With Miss Harper they did word problems and at the end of maths we went out for break.


After break we watched newsround and it was a newsround special called ‘Me and my autism’. We talked about peoples strengths and differences. Then we did science with Mrs Sim and then we did spelling (au pattern) and we wrote our homework words down in are jotters and then we went to gym and did some circuits (planks, squats, sit ups, burpees, bench jumps) and then we went home


Tuesday- We stared off learning are Christmas song which is the African one then went to do some P.E with Mrs Jones. In P.E we worked on the high apparatus. After break we researched the history of theme parks and we created a timeline. We also did some science and we learned about friction by rolling a toy car down a ramp and we measured how far it went on carpet and on smooth floor. We then went to the library and when we got back from the library we read are class novel called Abomination, by Robert Swindells, and then we packed are bags and went home.


Wednesday- First the P7 went to drama and practised a play called Humpty Dumpty, it is about a boy who is bullied. We have been learning all about bullying because it is anti-bullying week. We did reading and we could do a wanted poster of the main character in your book and then at the end of the day we did French numbers 1-31 and we learned to follow simple instructions.


Thursday- We started the day by researching different rollercoasters from around the world and created fact files on them. After break we had our second drama workshop with Johnny from QMU. We learned how to project our voice and we worked in groups to make still images using props. In ICT we were learning how to use Microsoft Publisher. We also developed our indoor athletics skills in P.E. We practiced the speed bounce, standing triple jump, standing long jump and vertical jump.


Friday – Some children came to school dressed in spotty clothes to raise money for Children in Need. We also had a bake sale to raise money. We filled in our How am I doing Booklets and finished off some work. Our assembly was about children in Need and PC Smith spoke to us about bullying.


 Emma and Jack


Friday 28th October

We have been finishing off our work on Natural Disasters and have been recreating artwork in the style of Hokusai. We have been painting Mount Fuji and The Great Wave. We have also been carrying out alot of work on current affairs which has generated very interesting discussions.

In Modern Languages we have been writing all about ourselves and our families so that we can send letters to children in a school in France. We are currently forming a link with a school in Nice. We are looking forward to learning more French language and about their culture and traditions.

In Health and Wellbeing we are developing our basketball skills. We are learning to be effective team players. We are also going to be learning about rules and refereeing games.

In maths we have been working on our mental maths skills by completing Brain Training on the Nintendo Ds’s. we have been trying to reduce our brain age! We also completed an assessment on money.

This week some of the children enjoyed watching a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Friday 7th October 2011

In Literacy and English we have been writing letters to our parents for parents evening, Mrs Sim has also been doing punctuation and grammar with us on a Tuesday. We have also been doing imaginary news articles. In modern languages we have been learning greetings and introducing ourselves. We are hoping to communicate with children in a school in the South East of France. We have also been learning how to follow simple instructions and learn vocabulary related to natural disasters. In PE we have been learning how to play games of hockey and doing shuttle runs to improve our fitness. In IDEA we have been learning about how volcanoes and earthquakes are formed and how they erupt. We have started doing reading homework. We had an assembly and a workshop from Live ‘n’ Learn about enterprise for success. In ICT we have been typing up our news paper articles on word. In Music we done glockenspiels and we played a song called the Ice Cream Parlour Rag and got videoed doing the song.

Amy and Ryan

Tuesday 28th September 2011

In school we have been doing IDEA where we made weather stations to measure how fast the wind was going and what direction it was going. Also how much rain was falling and how hot it is. In health and wellbeing we were learning to play hockey and did fitness. We also had a cheerleading session. In maths groups we have been doing lots of different things. Some people have been adding subtracting and times tables. Some people have been working on place value and others have been learning about decimals. In art we painted pictures of MountFigi in the style of Japanese artist Hokusai. 

 Finn and Jamie 

Friday 26th August

We are going to start off by telling you about our great week.


On Monday we wrote about our selves which is called an autobiography then we did a copy on the computer. The teacher told us to get information about our parents so we could write a biography about them when they were little and when it was there first day at school. We also did some French, we did numbers up to 20 and we learnt some sentences. We also made time capsules which we will open on the very last day of term. I wonder how much we will have changed!


On Tuesday we did art and we made cress heads, every one enjoyed doing the cress head. We wrote instructions on how to make them. Then we did rugby and in rugby  we first played piggy in the middle where two people have blue vests and the rest have a rugby ball and the people who have the vests have to try and touch the ball. If they touch it then the games ends.


On the Wednesday we did ICT with Miss Harper. Some people did a power point and some used word. We wrote about are holidays. Then we looked at maps in geography. We had to name and label places in East Lothian andScotland.


On Thursday we played hockey in P.E. We learnt some of the rules and how to dribble the ball. We dribbled the hockey ball around a cone and it was a race. After that we made leaflets about our holidays, many people went toMallorca.


On Friday we did a big test about spelling to see if our spelling has improved and to see which group we should go in to for spelling.

 Amy and Emma

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  1. Hey guys,hey mrs Thomas hope your class are behaving well . Obviously not as well as we did but. Just to tell you I am enjoying high school and I really miss all the teachers

    P6/7 just do what you are told. It certainly works at MGS

    Bye folks

  2. A big thank you to Siri for sharing the Divali story with the nursery children.We really enjoyed hearing about Siri’s own experiences and celebrations. Hope you enjoyed the fireworks and the dancing!

  3. i love p6/7 especially Mrs Thomas as a teacher! Mrs Thomas me and Katie will cut down on the talking 😀

  4. Wow
    Can I just say, P 6/7.

    You Have done a lot of interesting things over the past year, working hard I see, Very busy with all your projects, Keep Up the good Work.


  5. Hello Andrew…
    Nice to hear from you. How are you doing? How are you enjoying the Grammar? Is your swimming still going well?
    We are all working very hard in P6/7, we are learning about Tanzania at the moment.

    Mrs T

  6. i really liked Mrs T dressed up as a sumo wrestler for the sport relief walk she looked really good and very funny and she was the best dressed person:D xxxx

  7. the mangahigh flower power is really hard i was playing it for homework and i dont think i made it to the leader board !
    hope daniel,kirsty su, and christy had a nice b’day :-p

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