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Friday 14th June 2013

The children had a wonderful time on their trip to the Hirsel Farm Estate in Coldstream. We took lots of photographs but unfortunately have difficulty uploading them onto our web page. We will try to do this as soon as possible.

Monday 8th April 2013

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely Easter break. This term we are looking forward to starting our new IDEA ‘Farm to fork’. Through this topic we will be focusing on the following curriculum areas: HWB, Social Studies, Sciences and Numeracy. We will be learning about foods that are grown on a farm, finding out the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet and making foods using farm produce. Our role play area is being converted to a farm shop and the children will be learning to use money to price and purchase goods. If you have any resources to support this topic please encourage your child to bring them in.

In Literacy we will be learning to use non fiction books and we will be focussing on functional writing. We will begin out focus on information writing by creating posters for our farm shop. In Phonics we are continuing to learn consonant blends and vowels. Reading will be heard on Mondays and Thursdays. Please continue to practise word walls at home.

In Art we will be learning about Scottish artists and sharing our opinions on art. PE will be on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our focus is racquet skills and team games. On Mondays the children will be working with the music specialist Mrs Roberts.

Monday 4th March 2012

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and have enjoyed the warmer weather.

It’s another busy week in Primary 1! This week we are learning to read and write words with the ‘oa’ sound. If you have time,  help your child to find oa objects around your house and oa words in their favourite stories. We are focussing on recognising as many of our word wall words as possible by playing lots of fun games on the IWB and card games with our P7 buddies. In reading we are continuing to read different types of poems. This week we are reading a number poem  about penguins. We will be using some of the ideas to help us write our own Arctic animal number poems. Over the past few weeks we have written some fantastic rhyming poems and acrostic poems. We are looking forward to sharing these in our poetry corner.

In Numeracy we are practising using the count back strategy to work out the answers to subtraction sums. We are also learning to record our own sums in our jotters – it’s tricky! Maths Magician is an excellent game on the internet which you may wish to use to support subtraction skills at home. In Maths we are learning to give and follow instructions using forwards, backwards, turn, left and right.

In IDEA (topic time) we are learning more about Arctic animals and how they manage to survive in the North Pole. We are completing our super Global Warming posters in Science and explaining to P7 how they can help save Polar Bears.

We are continuing to develop our gymnastic skills in PE and in dance we are choreographing our own Scottish dances using some of the steps we have learned.

In Music we are continuing to use percussion instruments to accompany songs and rhymes.

Monday 18th February 2013

The children have had lots of fun helping Cuddles the penguin return home by planning and undertaking an adventure journey to the Antarctic. Over the next few weeks we will be continuing our Cold Lands IDEA as the children want to learn about the Arctic and the animals and people that live there.

The children have hugely enjoyed carrying out a range of experiments to explore the properties of water. We will be extending our Science work further by studying how global warming impacts on the life of polar bears.

In literacy we will continue to learn a sound a week and use this knowledge to read and write new words. Reading homework will be issued on a Monday and Thursday. Please continue to practise key words and sounds at home as regularly as possible. In reading and writing we will be focussing on poetry. We will be looking at rhyming poems, acrostic poems and poems with repeating patterns. In listening and talking we will be learning to memorise poems and recite them to our friends.

We are continuing to work on subtraction skills in Numeracy. In Maths we are finishing work on 3Dshape and moving onto Position and Movement. We will be practising using simple directions and positions by playing lots of fun games and using the Beebots and other programmable toys in ICT.

In RME our topic is Special Places and over the next few weeks we will be learning all about a Mosque. Towards the end of term we will be learning about Easter.

Before the February break we began choreographing our own dances and will continue this further using music related to out Polar Land IDEA. We will also be learning some Scottish dances. The children will continue to have PE with Mrs Rae on Tuesdays and  PE and fitness with me on Mondays and Thursdays.

Over the next few weeks we will be learning to select and use a range  of percussion instruments in Music to accompany stories and poems.

We have a very busy time ahead!! I hope the children all had a restful February break:)

Friday 18th January 2013

It was great to see so many parents at the Literacy Workshop this morning. If you require further resources/ materials please write a little note in your child’s homework diary.

The children are highly motivated by our Cold Lands IDEA. This week we learned lots of interesting facts about penguins and used charcoal and chalk in art to create super penguin drawings. We also used atlases to find out where penguins live.

Sciences is part of our IDEA too. This week the children enjoyed being scientists and carried out experiments to find out how to change water into ice.  We learned to make predictions and recorded our results using the class camera.

In Literacy we read ‘Up and Down’ by Oliver Jeffers and wrote our own stories about how we could help Cuddles fly. We had lots of fabulous ideas. In Phonics we learned about the ‘th’ sound. We liked the clown song and action. Hopefully the children have been sharing the song and action with you at home and have been hunting for ‘th’ words.

In Numeracy we enjoyed practising our adding skills and making more number stories for the clown’s bow tie. We shared our knowledge about 2D shape and learned about pentagons and hexagons!

In RME we continued our focus on Special Places. On Monday we learned about a Church. Several children go to Church and enjoyed sharing their knowledge and experiences with their classmates.

Many children have been practising their football skills at home. We learned to pass and trap the ball and continued to practise our dribbling skills. The children hugely enjoyed their first PE session with Mrs Rae. They are focussing on Gymnastics with Mrs Rae. This week they developed their jumping skills.

In Music we began to learn some Scottish songs. The children thought some of the Scots words were funny. We are looking forward to sharing one of our songs at a school Scottish assembly.

Friday 11th January 2013

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and New Year. The children were very excited to be back and had lots of news to share with each other.

This week we have been revising our sounds. We also learned the ch sound. When making words we discovered lots of our favourite foods have this sound.

In Numeracy we practised our adding skills and made different number stories with the counting clowns. We learned about months and seasons and made super calendars which we will take home shortly.

Cuddles the penguin naughtily sneaked off Santa’s sleigh and has been stranded at Stoneyhill. He is missing his family so we are going to help him get back home. This week we learned where he comes from and made a huge world to show where Polar Lands are.

In RME we thought about places that are special to us. There were lots of interesting responses such as my house, the beach, Winter Wonderland and Arthurs Seat. Over the next few weeks we will be learning about special religious buildings.

The children had lots of fun practising their football skills in PE. They have obviously been partying lots in the holidays as they made up some super dance moves during our dancing session.

Today the children wanted to share what  they have enjoyed learning on our webpage. Below are some of their highlights.

“I liked meeting Cuddles the penguin. He is from the South Pole. We are going to be learning about the Polar Lands.” Sasha

“I liked sharing my special place. It is the beach.” Lewis W

“We liked painting the counting clowns. They help people to count.” Zara and Jack.

“I liked making the bow ties. I had to make 3.” Jayden

“I liked the bow ties too.” Lewis M

“I like my new BOSS club. I made a house with the bricks.” Jack S

“I liked learning about earth. We made snow and grass to show where the South Pole and North Pole are.” Jenna

December 2012

It was very exciting in our class this week. We put up our Christmas decorations and Evie the Elf secretly came to our classroom and left us a letter. She asked if we could help the elves and Santa make Christmas presents. Eager to help Santa and Evie, the children changed the role play area into a toy workshop and had lots of fun designing and making toys. The children wanted to learn more about Evie and how she managed to get into our school so they wrote some letters to her. Fingers crossed she writes back!

Friday 30th November 2012

This week was our final week of our Night and Day IDEA. We had lots of fun sharing all the amazing facts we have learned with each other. We also learned more about nocturnal animals and created super star constellations in Art.

In Literacy we learned all about the sounds v and w. We also created great instructions in writing explaining how to make hot chocolate. The perfect drink for a winters day!

In Numeracy we continued to practise the counting on strategy. We are working hard to record sums carefully and next week we will be learning all about number stories. We learned about digital time too and had lots of fun practising time using the games on Education  City.

On Thursday David from Specsavers in Musselburgh came to our class. He brought some Hi Viz vests for us to wear so we can be seen by traffic in the dark. It was very kind. Several of us have been wearing them to school. Well done!

In RME we read the bible story ‘Jonah and the Whale’. We learned the importance of giving our friends a second chance when they do something wrong. We then created super drawings of our favourite part of the story.

In PE we continued to practise our throwing and catching skills and had lots of fun playing games outside for our fitness session. In music we are working super hard to learn our songs for the Christmas Show. Hopefully you have all received your tickets and are looking forward to our performances.

Friday 23rd November 2012

We have had a very busy week. This week in our IDEA ‘Night and Day’ we have been learning and sharing lots of fascinating information about astronauts and stars. We enjoyed creating and naming our own star constellations and are looking forward to making these next week in Art. 

In Literacy we read a fabulous story book called ‘Man on the Moon’. We enjoyed sharing our favourite parts from the story and then worked together to sequence the main events of astronaut Bob’s day. This week we only got new books on Wednesday because we were playing lots of games  to help us learn our word wall words. On Friday we enjoyed reading with our buddies in Primary 7 and we will be working with them again next Friday.  In writing we continued to work on instruction writing and sequencing skills. We had lots of fun making jelly and wrote great instructions. We got to taste the jelly we made. It was delicious!

In Numeracy we continued to practise telling the time in hours and half past using our clocks. Next week we are looking forward to learning about digital time. We also practised our adding skills. We are working hard to count and record sums accurately. We had lots of fun making our own sums using the animal bus.

In PE we worked hard to improve our throwing and catching skills. Our favourite game was ‘Tadpole’.

We love going to music with Mrs Roberts on Mondays. We are practising hard for the Christmas Show.

Friday 16th November 2012

We had an exciting start to the week. PC Smith came to our class on Monday to tell us all about being a Police Officer and how we can keep ourselves safe.

In Literacy we had lots of fun learning all about the l and b sounds and we wrote super instructions about how to make jam sandwiches. It was fun sharing our instructions and eating the sandwiches afterwards! This week our book of the week was ‘How to Catch a Star’.  We thought of lots of imaginative ways we could catch a star and are looking forward to sharing our ideas with you soon. In our reading groups we are working hard to learn word wall words and blend sounds to read words. Please try to remember to practise word wall words at home too.

Unfortunately the library computer programme that enables us to borrow books wasn’t working this week. Fingers crossed we can borrow books next Tuesday!

In Numeracy we have been practising our addition skills. We have been learning how to record addition sums. It’s quite tricky but we are trying really hard. We have also been practising how to tell the time using o’clock and half past. We made super clocks and are enjoying using these to tell the time.

We are enjoying our ‘Night and Day’ IDEA. This week we had lots of fun learning interesting facts about the moon.

Our favourite activity this week was making Pudsey cakes. Our class won the gold star challenge and we chose to bake for our treat. Thank you Mrs Smail for making our baking activity lots of fun! We will post photos of this activity shortly.



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