May 2013

The boys and girls have been working hard this week in primary 1/2. They have been learning about weight/mass, exploring balance scales and things that are heavier and lighter. In numeracy we have been thinking about numbers and how they are made of 1, 2 or more digits. For example 12 is one ten and 2 units and 23 is made up of 2 tens and 3 units.

In literacy the children have worked hard to design and make a recipe for sandwiches. They also enjoyed working in groups to make the sandwiches. Everyone is looking forward to the visitors coming to their café. It will be a very busy week ahead. They are going to make the food and drink, menus, place mats etc and brush up on their work place skills.

Learning some basic tennis skills has also been popular with the boys and girls and they have been working hard to develop their control of the racquet and ball.

We are also looking forward to the library visit next week so thank you to the volunteers. If you could meet us at reception just after one o’clock that would be great. We will be taking the library card application forms with us. If your child has a card already then please let them bring it on the day if you would like them to take out a book.

Fingers crossed everyone for a fine day next Friday for Sports Day. Please remember to send in the return slip to confirm where and when your child is to be collected.

February 2013

We have been doing missing number sums. Rhys


We have been learning more about Science and what happens to the water when we heat it. Gemma


We have been learning about rhyming poems. Kimberly


We have been learning about Cold Lands. We had to find some facts about an animal from the Arctic or the Antarctic. Caterina


In Listening and Talking we have learned a Scottish poem called “The Snawman”. Daniel


Primary one has learned oo and th this week. Aleena


In Dancing we were listening to the music and thinking about which steps to use. We were also playing follow my leader. Kerra and Danny


We were watching our partner and our partner was watching us. Ellie


In Literacy we have been trying to find rhyming words. Dayle



This week primary 1/2 have been very busy in numeracy feeding penguins while working on their subtraction strategies. In literacy we have a poetry focus. What could be better than a snowstorm while writing a poem about snow! This gave us lots of ideas for adjectives.

The children are very interested in Science just now and are enjoying looking at ice and are planning an experiment for next week. We have even had some ice brought in by some children for us to look at.

Expressive arts this week has focussed on dance when the children are busy creating a winter dance to the music of Debussy and going outside to sketch winter trees.

A little note to say that library day is on a Thursday now so please return books on this day. If your child wishes to keep a book for a longer period they should still return it each week and have it scanned out again. Thank you.

A message for all the boys and girls in primary 1/2 and their families.


Welcome back to the school website. The children in Primary 1/2 have been very busy this week and want to tell you about all the things they have been doing. Here are a few things:-

I have been doing lots of stuff with gluing. Angus

We have been writing about the boy who wanted to catch a star. Gabriella

The sound this week was ll. Cassie

In gym this week we practised dribbling with balls. We did football and hockey. Oliver

I liked doing maths, we were adding 2 numbers together. Kyle

Last week we practised words using double ff. Daniel

I think the primary 6 and 7 show was excellent. Dayle

Lots of us have been practising finger spaces this week. Aaron

We again have been very busy this week as we come to the end of November.

The children have enjoyed finding out about nocturnal animals and looking at o’clock and half past. They are busy practising the songs for the Christmas show. If you have any ideas for simple costumes or time to come in and help with them please get in touch.

We were learning about clocks. Gemma

They tell the time for you. Kerra

The little hand is the hour one and the big hand is the minute one. Cameron

We went to ICT and we clicked on the icons. Coral

In ICT we have been learning to get onto the internet and play games.

We wrote our names three times. Holly

We were learning about Rama and Sita and we watched a film about Divali. Alan

People put decorations outside their house. They made rangoli patterns on the path/mud. Catarina

We were learning about new letters. We learned j and z. Aleena

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