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Friday 24th May 2013

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our class cafe. We made a good profit for Mary’s Meals and the children really enjoyed serving you!

This month we have started our new IDEA on Traditional Tales.  This week, we have thought of lots of ideas for activities as the children planned their learning. As part of the topic, we will be learning about character, setting and story structure. We will be working towards planning and writing our own traditional tales. In drama, we will be using voice, movement and facial expression to act out various stories. In art & design, we will be designing and creating our own story settings. The children would also like to make their own puppets and set up a puppet theatre. We are going to be busy!

In Numeracy this week, we practised the counting on and counting back strategy. In Maths, we continued to explore weight and the children estimated and measured objects that were lighter and heavier than 1kg.

Today we started our new BOSS clubs. In April, P2/3 were the star class of the month and today we also had our golden time treat. On Wednesday, the P3s will be taking part in a football festival at Pinkie school.

Have a good weekend!

Friday 10th May 2013

In Primary 2/3 we have been busy learning about The Café. We are working hard to set up our real café and we are looking forward to the grand opening on Wednesday! As part of this IDEA, we have been learning about healthy eating, money, food technology and writing recipes. We have also been learning to work in a group to make decisions and to run a business. We have found out about all the different jobs involved in running a cafe. We have written job descriptions and have applied for jobs in our café. We are now in teams and each team has its own manager. Ms Sweeney from Queen Margaret University came into school to talk to us about running a cafe and we learned lots of information that will help us.

In Reading this term, we are focussing on Reading for Enjoyment. We have been sharing our favourite books in different ways. We are also learning to use a bookmark and to make good choices in the library. On Monday, we are looking forward to our visit to Musselburgh library!

Friday 1st March 2013

P2/3 have had a lovely week. Here are some of the things we have enjoyed:

– I liked science because we made polar bears and put them on ice. The ice melted. This helped us to learn about global warming. Erin, Abbey and Carmen

– I liked Numeracy. We were doing multiplication by putting things in groups, like 5 x 2. Isla

– I have enjoyed Literacy. We did the ‘ay’ sound. Rohan

– I liked learning about Hinduism. I liked drawing the Mandir. Liam and Maia

– I enjoyed learning about the Emperor Penguin. The Emperor penguin lives on the largest continent, which is Antarctica. Lyle and Tom

– I enjoyed P.E. this week. The trim trail game was good. Ben

– I enjoyed my BOSS club this week. It is games and puzzles. Daniel

We are looking forward to starting our new BOSS clubs next week!

Friday 1st February 2013

P2/3 have had a great week! Today, we performed the Penguin Waddle and Walk to all the boys and girls in assembly. Everyone did really well! Here are some of the other things we have enjoyed this week:

– I have enjoyed doing the penguin picutres, with the pastels and paint. Jamie

– I have enjoyed learning the waddle and walk song. Isla

– I liked learning how penguins survive in the Antarctic. Tom

– I liked writing the ‘When I was One’ poem. We made it rhyme. Holly

– I have enjoyed doing missing number sums. Lyle

– I have enjoyed my BOSS club. It was fun with music. Liam

– I have enjoyed staying inside at playtime. I did drawing. Carmen

– I enjoyed doing big numbers in numeracy. Ben

– I enjoyed playing in the Antarctic role play area. Reece

– I enjoyed my spelling quiz. I liked writing. Charlie

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday 22nd January 2013


P2/3 are enjoying the snowy weather! It is very appropriate for our IDEA on Polar Regions and has helped to stimulate some fantastic poetry writing. There are lots of budding young poets in the class! Well done to everyone who has brought in a poem from home. The children have been working really hard to recite their poem, paying attention to pace and expression.

Well done to Jenna  who carried out her own science experiment at home and for bringing this in to share with us. She put water outside over night and it turned to ice! Carmen has also been working hard at home, but unfortunately, we couldn’t get her memory stick to work on the school computer. This week, we will be carrying out our class ice experiment. The children have already planned their investigations and we are looking forward to finding out how long it takes for ice to melt in different conditions.

Thank you to all those children who have brought in toys and books to help us with our learning about the Arctic and the Antarctic. Several of our question penguins have already made it to the South Pole flag! Keep up the good work P2/3!

In Numeracy this week, we are learning to subtract 10, 9 and 11. The children have been sharing their learning by making their sums into igloos, by playing a dice game and by carrying out written work. In Phonics, Magic E has arrived and we are learning to spell words using i_e. This week, we will be using magnetic boards, making kites and being word detectives to help us learn. We are looking out for magic e words in our reading books too.

Monday 14th January 2013 

P2/3 are pleased to be back at school and we have enjoyed sharing our holiday news. We have now started our new IDEA on ‘Polar Regions’. Our learning in Science, Social Studies, Dance and Art will be taught through this theme. We will also be learning about poetry in Literacy and this will be linked to our IDEA too. In ICT, we will be using the laptops to help us with our research, as well as to extend our learning in Numeracy and Maths.

Last week, we shared our current knowledge about the polar regions and recorded this on snowballs. We then talked about what we would like to learn and everyone wrote a question on a penguin. We will put the penguins and snowballs on our new learning wall in our research camp at the South Pole. As we find out the answers to our questions, the children will move their penguins to the South Pole flag. Hopefully, by the end of the topic, all the penguins will reach the South Pole!

This week, we will be learning to find the polar regions on a world map. We will be using video clips to find out about some of the features of the Arctic and the Antarctic. In science, we will be planning an experiment to investigate how long it takes for ice to melt. In Literacy, we will be reading and discussing the poem ‘What I like about Ice’. The children will then have the chance to write their own poems, using some of the poetry techniques we will have learned about. In Numeracy, we are learning about the relationship between addition and subtraction. In Maths, we will continue to learn about 2D shape. In Phonics, Magie ‘E’ is set to make an appearance! In Art, we will be learning to sketch from observation and will be learning to use charcoal to draw winter trees.

It is going to be a busy week! Remember to bring in anything from home that you would like to share with the class about the Polar Regions…

Friday 7th December 2012

We have had a great week in P2/3! Here are our comments:

– Some of us made sleighs out of wooden bricks. Carmen, Cameron and Keira
– My favourite thing was Literacy. We learned about using y at the end to make an ee sound. Daniel
– I liked learning about baby Jesus. Erin
– I liked it when PC Smith came in and talked to us about keeping ourselves safe. Isla
– I liked it when Mrs Atkins came in and told us the Christmas story. Holly and Ty
– This week, I liked maths, because we counted up to 100 with Mrs Reid. Ben
– I liked the work we did about patterns. Junaid
– I liked the role play area. It is Santa’s workshop. Maia
– I liked the big sleigh outside our classroom. Ewan
– I liked the Stanley in Space book. We are nearly finished. Liam
– I liked writing a letter to Mrs Atkins. Abbey
– I liked the symmetry film. After that we did our own symmetry work. Reece
– We have been singing songs for the Christmas show and we love them all. Jenna
All the boys and girls in P2/3 have been working really hard to learn the songs for the show. The blue angels have been practising their words and the dancers have been rehearsing hard too! The travellers and the blue angels should have brought home a slip about costumes. Please get in touch if you need any help or have any questions. Costumes should be brought to school in a named carrier bag by Monday 10th December. We are so excited!

Monday 26th November 2012

Thank you for all the fantastic homework projects that have been flooding in! Great work P2/3! They are absolutely wonderful and it is great to see so many children extending their learning at home. The children are looking forward to sharing their projects with the class this week.

Last week was a busy week in P2/3. We had great fun learning about Diwali celebrations and made some fantastic Diwa lamps, Rangoli patterns, cards and paper lanterns. In ICT, the children had the chance to share their new skills using Word and enjoyed printing their work. As part of our IDEA, the children have been writing about their adventures in space. I very much enjoyed reading the latest adventure! Thankfully, nobody was captured by aliens!

Monday 19th November 2012

Thank you to everyone who supported Children in Need on Friday. We had a fantasic dotty day! We are going to be very busy this week in P2/3. Here are some of the things we will be doing:

  • Numeracy: We are learning to add 9 and add 11, by adding 10 and adjusting. Everyone is working hard to learn this new strategy!
  • Maths: We are learning to tell the time, using both analogue and digital clocks.
  • Phonics: We are learning to spell words with the ss and zz patterns. We will be carrying out a range of activities, including painting and working with magnetic boards.
  • Writing:  We will be continuing to write imagined personal responses about our first day in space.
  • Science: We are learning about the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon. Did anyone see pictures of the solar eclipse last week?
  • Reading: In class, we are reading the novel, ‘Stanley in Space’. This week, we are thinking about the story setting. We will be studying words that the author uses to describe the planet Tyrra.
  • ICT: The children have been learning many new word processing skills and can now use several different features of Microsoft Word. This week, we will be sharing what we have learned.
  • P.E: Everyone is enjoying developing our skills for basketball. In fitness, we will be devising our own circuit training.
  • Music: We are working hard with Mrs Roberts to learn our songs for the Christmas show.
  • RME / Art: The children will have the opportunity to explore how Diwali is celebrated by carrying out a range of activities, including creating Rangoli patterns and making Diva lamps.
  • Handwriting: We are working hard with Miss Craig to practise our lovely cursive handwriting. Keep practising everyone!
  • Health and Wellbeing: In Circle Time, we will be discussing friendships and using role play to explore different playground situations.

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