I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the children, parents and carers of the P3 class for all the lovely cards and gifts you have given me for our baby. Mr Thomas and I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of you all. We are both getting very excited and think we are just about organised! I look forward to bringing ‘Baby Thomas’ into school for you all to meet. I have really enjoyed teaching you all this year and I hope you all have a lovely summer holiday.

Thanks again and wishing you all the best for Primary 4!


Friday 3rd May


In food technology we have been following a recipe for cereal bars. We have started to use ovens and frying pans to melt butter, chocolate and syrup. In my group were Amy, Olivia, Shaun and Ben. It tasted really nice. In P.E we have been learning more tennis skills. We have been learning how to hit a ball to a partner. Katie.


This week we had a visiting speaker from Queen Margaret University. They told us about running a café and all the different jobs. I would like to be a chef. Bobbi.


We have been writing job descriptions for the café. I wrote a job description for a drinks waiter. They need to be able to follow a recipe to give the customer the right amount of drink. It also has to taste nice. They also need to be good at pouring and balancing. Ewan.


In numeracy I have been learning about tens and units. Ailsa.


Today it was P5’s assembly. It was all about Scotland and Edinburgh. I really liked all of it! Charlie.


In Numeracy the angles have been comparing prices on supermarket websites to get the best deal on ingredients for making a fruit salad for the café. Hannah.


Angles-  Researching prices of fruit at different supermarkets. Discussing why these might be different. Discussing quality, taste, bumper value packs.


Circles – Calculating change from £5


Squares – Calculating change from £1


In my BOSS club this week I made a sign with my name on it. I used oil pastels and chalk. I had to shade it in with my finger. Tiegan.


In Maths we have been learning about halves, quarters and thirds. Evan.


Angles Calculating ½, ¼, 1/3, 1/5 of numbers


Circles Calculating ½ and ¼ of numbers


Squares – Calculating ½ and ¼ of numbers


Triangles – Calculating ½ of a number and shading in fractions.


Friday 26th April


In Maths we have been learning about halves and quarters. We were shading in fractions of a shape and we were working fractions of a number. Ryan.




Angles  ½ of 56, ¼ of 48, 1/3 of 27


Circles ½ of 28, ¼ of 16


Squares ½ of 18, ½ of 50


Triangles ½ of 8, ½ of 12


In literacy we were learning about homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings. E.g. See and Sea, there and their.  Ewan.


This morning P4 took assembly about Mary Queen of Scots. My cousin was in it. I liked how there were lots of people playing the part of Mary. Abbie.


In Art & Design we have been creating still life pictures. This week we drew different fruit. We used sketching pencils and fine liners. In P.E we are learning to play tennis. We have been learning to throw a ball over a net and catch it, with one bounce and with no bounce (volley). We have also been hitting the ball over the net with a racquet. I missed the ball a few times, I will need to practise! Katie.


This week we have been making sandwiches in food technology. We did it in groups. I was in a group with Abbie, Fraser and Zander. We put in our sandwich; 2 thin layers of butter, 2 slices of chicken, 2 spoonful’s of cheese and 5 pieces of lettuce. It tasted horrible! Don’t worry we won’t put it onto our café menu! Bobbi.


In numeracy we have been working with pounds and pence. We were buying items and adding money. We have been using decimal money.  Some people have also been working out change. Tiegan.






£4.50                                     £10.00


+  £1.65                                  –  £  3.60    




£ 1.36                                £ 5.00


+  £ 1.08                              £ 1.67   






15p + 22p       9p = £0.09


Triangles       10p + 15p

In Health and Wellbeing we have been making an Eatwell plate. The eatwell plate teaches how to have a balanced diet. It has the 5 main food groups on it. They are fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, dairy, foods containing fat and sugar and carbohydrates. Felix.


In BOSS clubs I have been making an advert for Dairy Milk. Charlie.


In literacy we have been learning about the ‘ee’ sound. We have looked at the ‘ee’ and ‘ea’ pattern. Sophie.


In literacy we were writing instructions on how to make a sandwich. We learned key words such as, first, then, next and finally. Mason.


Friday 19th April


This week we were learning about the Café. We made different smoothies in food technology. We are going to choose the nicest one to go on our café menu. Bobbi.


In Art & Design we were drawing still life pictures. We were drawing pictures of fruit. We used sketching pencils. We were learning  how to shade. Katie and Emma.


In Numeracy we are learning about money for our café. We have been learning about decimal money. For example 67p = £0.67. Mason and Ben.


In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We have learned about halves, thirds and quarters. We cut up a cake equally to share with a partner. It was fun. Sophie.


In P.E we have been learning how to play tennis. We have been improving our hand-eye co-ordination. Mr Hunt took the lesson this week and we were working with partners to practise passing to each other along the floor. Mr Hunt taught us a new game. It was called ‘Tennis Lines’. Hannah and Mason.


Mr Hunt taught us a new game in Numeracy. It was called Zap the Wizard. Charlie.


We watched P2/3’s assembly. It was good. I liked the songs. Evan.


Mrs Naismith is leaving today to have her baby. We wish her all the best and we look forward to seeing her baby. Abbie and Sophie.


This week we have been creating a character profile. We have been writing facts about characters. We have been reading for enjoyment in ERIC. We had to pick a book that we like and we have to read it for 10 minutes. Tiegan.


Today we had BOSS clubs with the P7’s. I am in table tennis club. We had a tournament and I won it! Felix.


I am in art BOSS club. We got to choose from 3 different activities. I chose to paint and draw cartoons. It was really fun and I enjoyed it.  Amy.


I am in the badminton BOSS club and I was playing against a P6. Ryan.


In writing we have been learning how to write recipes. We will use these in our café.


Friday 12th April


This week we have been focussing on money in numeracy. We have been learning about money because we are planning to open a café. Tiegan


In P.E we are starting to learn how to play tennis. We have been learning how to hold the racket with the correct grip and we have been throwing the ball against the wall and catching it to improve our hand –eye co-ordination. We have been learning to catch the ball on the volley and catching it with one bounce. Katie and Ewan.


We are starting new BOSS clubs this week. I signed up for film and photography. Charlie.


Today P1/2 did their assembly and it was absolutely brilliant! My favourite part was when Cassie stood up and stamped her feet and fired Mrs Wobble! Bobbi and Sophie.


In reading we have been reading our own books and talking about our favourite genre of book and why we like them. We told the class who our favourite authors are. Amy.


We had a new teacher in our class called, Mr Hunt. He is learning to be a teacher. He will be with us for the next 6 weeks. Abbie and Erin.


Our new IDEA is the café. We have been learning what you need to have in a café. We have also been keeping a food diary. We have been writing down what we have been eating and drinking for our breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Olivia.


In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We have been learning about halves, thirds and quarters. Charlie and Zander.


We are starting to learn a little bit of French. Bonjour means hello. We have been singing a French song. Ben and Ailsa.


In art we were giving our opinions on artwork. We looked at some still life art work and wrote on a sticky note what we liked about it and how it made you feel. If you wanted, you could think of a name for the painting. I called mine ‘The dark fruit’. Hannah.


In writing we wrote about our holidays. We also wrote about ourselves to help Mr Hunt get to know us. Ryan.


We made name tags for our table so that Mr Hunt could learn our names. Evan.






Friday 8th March


This week in numeracy we have been learning the 3 times table. Evan.


Today we had our new BOSS clubs and it was really fun. In my BOSS club we decorated gingerbread men. Bobbi.


On Thursday we made up our own dances. We danced to Happy Feet. The music was called Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. Sophie and Amy.


Today P7’s have been taking the BOSS clubs. I went to the cricket club. Matthew and Ewan.


In Literacy we took notes on Arctic people. We learned about Inuits and Sami people. Hannah.


In Grammar we were learning how to write plurals. Plural means ‘more than 1’. Charlie.


In RME we have been learning about Hindu gods. We were drawing them with a partner and colouring them in. The gods were called Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. Ailsa.


It is Mother’s Day this Sunday. We wish all the mums a Happy Mother’s Day and hope they get spoilt! Ben.


It was World Book Day this Thursday. When the bell went we all read our books. We also got given a book token to spend at the bookfair. We brought in our favourite books to read. Olivia and Sophie.


Friday the 1st March


Happy St. David’s Day!


We did our assembly today. It was all about books. Oliver.


We chose our new BOSS clubs this week. The Primary 7’s are running them for the next 3 weeks. I chose the ICT club. It is also my birthday today! Fraser.


In Numeracy this week, we have been learning our times tables. We have looked at the 2, 3, and 4 times tables this week. Some people also worked with the 6 and 7 times tables. We answered word problems. Evan.


We were taking notes in reading. We took notes on Emperor Penguins. On Monday we used our notes to write an information text on Polar Bears. Next week we will be doing the same on Emperor Penguins. Hannah.


In our homework this week we learned about the ‘ou’ spelling pattern that made the ‘u’ sound. An example would be double and trouble. Bobbi.


We had a visit from a children’s author. He is called Keith Charters. He read us a bit from his latest book, Lee and the Dark Side of the Moon. Sophie and Abbie.


This week were practising for our assembly. Everyone made a poster on their favourite book and some people read their own stories. It was really good because we got to do our own thing and share our work.  We showed great team work. Tiegan.


Ewan, Jamie, Hannah and I went to the school library to speak to Keith Charters about our books and writing. He liked our books and was very impressed with our stories. Felix.


Keith Charters was so impressed by our assembly all about books that he very kindly gave us all his autograph!


Friday 22nd February


This week we have been learning about Hindu Gods in RME. The god is called Brahman and he takes 3 forms, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Tiegan.


In fitness we picked our own games to play and we went on the Trim Trail. Bobbi.


In ICT we started to watch a penguin programme called The Penguins Story. We also played games on Education City. Amy.


We had BOSS clubs today. Soon the P7s will be running the BOSS clubs. Felix.


It was P7A’s assembly and they told us all about what they have been learning in class. They played ‘Candy’ by Robbie Williams on the keyboard and xylophones. They also played Family Fortunes with the Walker and Campbell families. The Campbell family won! Hannah and Matthew.


In my BOSS club today I made two fairy wands. One for me and one for Hannah. Ailsa.


We have also been doing a quiz with Mrs McGillivray. We did general knowledge, maths and reading. Sophie and Katie.


In PE we worked on different stations with Mrs Rae. We were working on gymnastics movements. Evan.


In my BOSS club we had to build a bridge strong enough for a car to cross. Ben.


In Numeracy we have been learning about multiplication. We watched the number Crew DVD and then we used pencils, straws and toys to work out lots of multiplication sums. Sometimes we use words such as rows, arrays, groups and bundles. Ewan.


In numeracy we played a game called Witches and Wizards. We had to add bundles of 10 together. Ailsa.


In science we were investigating what happened to water when it is heated. Fraser.


In IDEA we worked in groups to find out facts about a polar animal. We presented the information in posters, leaflets and powerpoint presentations. We have also been watching some footage from ‘Spy in the Huddle’. Jamie.


In Literacy we were learning how to take notes from a piece of text about Polar Bears. Cole.


Friday 8th February


We learned a Scots poem called ‘The Crocodile’. Jamie and Dawson.


Today it was our Scottish assembly and P3 – P7 picked 3 people to recite poems. P1 – P3 did a class poem or song. Mason and Charlie.


We learned the ‘wa’ pattern. Mason baked a cake with his spelling words on it! Ewan.


In numeracy we have been learning column subtraction. Evan.


This week we worked with partners to research a polar regions animal. We did a snowy owl. We got to choose how we presented our information. We did a leaflet. Hannah and Zander.


In art we did wax resist artwork. We chose a polar animal to draw. We are going to hang them outside our classroom. Bobbi.


We have been working from Heinemann 4 in numeracy. Charlie.


This week we have been learning about verbs. They are ‘doing’ words. We drew people doing different things. I drew a swimmer diving into the pool. Amy


We watched Generation Science. It was funny. We learned about the Earth, Sun and Moon. We learned that when it is lunchtime in Scotland it is night time in Australia. Jamie.


Today we had BOSS clubs. I think they are good because people get to experience different things. My BOSS club was really fun because we got to play with drumsticks and learned new songs and games. Tiegan.


We had our star treat this week. Some people did face painting with Mrs Thomas and the rest of the children baked biscuits with Mrs Smail and Miss Brown. Mrs Thomas got her face painted by Sophie. She was a bunny rabbit! Ben.


Friday 1st February


This week in IDEA we worked with a partner and we found facts about a polar animal. I found out about the snow leopard and Emma found out about seals. Hannah and Emma.


In Numeracy we have been learning about column subtraction. We have been subtracting 3 digits from 3 digits. Evan.


We have been choosing poems at home and reciting them to the class. Ben.


In literacy we have been learning about rhyming poems. Erin.


In P.E we were working at different stations to improve our jumping, skipping, throwing and catching and balancing. Bobbi.


In ICT we have been playing maths games on Education City to help us with our shape work. Fraser.


We have been learning about verbs. Verbs are ‘doing ‘words. Ewan.


We just had fun in BOSS clubs. I was at the games and puzzles club. I played Top Trumps with Oliver and Fraser. Matthew.


Friday 25th January


We are learning about Polar Regions. In expressive arts we have been making winter scenes with charcoal and making up creative dances. Hannah.


In art we went outside to sketch some winter trees. We then used our observational sketches to recreate them in charcoal. Mason.


In numeracy we have been learning to count backwards and checking our sums by adding. We also wrote sums on igloos. Amy.


In numeracy we have been working on missing number problems. For homework we found our own  poems and we are reading them to the class. Charlie.


We have been learning about subtrahends in numeracy. Hannah.


In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. This week we have been focussing on 3D shapes and we did a shape hunt. We also played shape games on Education City. Tiegan.


In P.E we played cones and discs. We also played some jumping games. Evan.


In fitness we have been doing lots of circuits. Every Thursday we go to a sing along. This week we learned The Jeelly Piece song. Mason.


In science we have been planning an experiment about melting ice. Ewan.


We have had inspectors talking to us about our work this week. Ailsa and Katie.


This week we have been writing poems. We used repetition and alliteration. Ben and Fraser.


Friday 18th January

We have been improving our fitness. We have been doing circuits. Olivia.

In art we have been designing a cold background with sponges. We also sketched winter trees with pencils. Tiegan & Hannah.

We have been learning about poems. We have written acrostic poems. Sophie and Bobbi.

In P.E we have been doing relay races. We have been practising lots travelling movements to music. Abbie & Katie.

In Science we have been learning about water and ice. Amy.

We have been learning about describing words which are called adjectives. We had to describe the minister’s cat. Ailsa.

We also learned about nouns. There are 2 types of nouns. Common nouns and proper nouns. We have written our names, which are proper nouns, using the magnetic letters and we filled them with common nouns starting with the same letter. Matthew.

In numeracy we have been playing maths magician to help us with our mental maths and subtraction. Evan.

Friday 11th January

We have had a busy start to the new term. We have been discussing what we got upto over the Christmas holidays. We also discussed our New Year’s Resolutions. I hope we can stick to them!

Our new IDEA is Polsr Regions. the curriculum focus will be on science, literacy and expressive arts. We have started to discuss what we already know about the Polar Regions and what we would like to find out.In Maths we have been learning all about shape. we have been looking at different 2D shapes and their properties.

In literacy we have started to learn about poetry. We are writing our own acrostic poems.

Friday 7th December

In P.E we have enjoyed playing real games of hockey. Amy.

In our IDEA we have been reading Christmas books. We also made Christmas decorations out of clay. Evan.

We are getting really good at our Christmas songs so we hope you will enjoy them. Hannah.

We have been learning the ‘ph’ pattern in spelling. Ewan.

In maths we have been learning about symmetry. You fold a shape in half and if both sides match then it is symmetrical. Bobbi.

It was our last BOSS club this year. The design club made Christmas trees using the wax resist technique. Tiegan.

In ICT we have been using the Internet and learning the Christmas story. I played pairs and the jigsaw game. Oliver F.

We won the Star class of the month treat again!! We are deciding what we want to do. Charlie.

This week Mrs Atkins came to our class to tell us lots of things about the Christmas story. She had a Christmas tree that sang songs. He was called Old Douglas! Mason.

We wrote letters to Mrs Atkins to thank her. Sophie.

Friday 30th November

We have been making symmetrical pictures in maths. Evan.

In numeracy we have been learning to count in 9’s and 11’s. We played a number game. Tiegan.

In P.E we learned how to play hockey and we played small games. Hannah.

We were learning about moon boots in our IDEA and we wrote a letter home from space. Bobbi.

We have been learning Christmas songs. Ailsa.

We have been describing a planet and an alien using adjectives. Oliver.

We also described the planet Tyrra from our novel. Stanley in Space. Mrs Thomas.

In ICT we have learned how to save our work ourselves. We have also learned how to put pictures onto our work. Amy.

This week we looked at the ‘wh’ pattern in spelling. Whale is a ‘wh’ word. Ewan.

Friday 23rd November

Some people made a model for our IDEA homework. Evan.

On Friday 23rd November we went to see P4 do their assembly. It was very good. Tiegan.

We coloured in rangoli patterns to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali. Hannah.

In P.E we were learning how to play hockey. It was really fun. Bobbi.

We finished acting out and sequencing the story of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana. Abbie.

We really enjoyed learning how to play hockey. Amy.

We have been learning how to add in 9’s, 10’s and 11’s. Ewan and Sophie.

We are learning how to use Microsoft Word, copy and paste and save our work on the computer. Jamie N and Shaun.

We have been learning the silent ‘k’ pattern in spelling. Felix.

In grammar we have been learning about nouns, proper nouns, verbs and adjectives. Fraser.

In Science we have learning about the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. It takes 28 days for the moon to orbit the Earth. Oliver F.

Friday 16th November

We have a started a new topic called Journey to the Moon. Hannah

We have been learning about Space. Zander.

We have been learning lots of facts, Earth is the third planet from the sun. We have also been learning about nouns, proper nouns, verbs and adjectives. Bobbi.

We have been learning about Diwali in RME. We enjoyed acting out the story of Rama and Sita. Tiegan.

We have been completing our How am I doing booklets. Evan.

We have been donating money to Children in Need. Fraser.

On Friday the 16th November we spoke at assembly. We told the school about Children in Need and the people it helps. We also wore spots. Mason and Oliver F.

We made Pudsey and Blush masks. Shaun.

Last week we wore poppies to raise money for people who fought in the war. Oliver E.

We have been learning about halves, doubles and near doubles in maths. Amy and Matthew.

We have been learning about time. Ailsa.

10 thoughts on “P3”

  1. G’day to all my Stoneyhill mates, we having an awesome time in Australia. Loads of animals out here just roaming wild but not seen any kangaroos yet, plenty of lovely birds.

    On our subject journey to the moon I saw the moon many times on different time zones and I am trying to understand how this happens maybe Mrs Thomas can explain.

  2. Hi Zander!
    It sounds like you are having lots of fun. We hope you are taking lots of photos to show us when you get back. What kind of birds have you seen? Is it really hot in Australia? It has been cold and rainy here. We hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday. We find it funny that when we are awake you are asleep! That’s a really good question about the moon. We will look into it in class and let you know!
    We look forward to seeing you when you get back.
    From everyone in P3!

  3. Hi zander
    I wonder if you’ve seen a crocodile yet. Can’t wait for you to come back to school. We have 22 stars on the star chart. It has been quiet without you!
    From Charlie in P3!

  4. Hi Zander
    I hope you are having lots of fun. Looking forward to seeing you again soon . We have been having lots of fun in class. Are there any pidgeons in Australia?is it your summer in Australia?
    Hope you have a great time.

  5. hi zander
    our space project has been really fun! for maths we have been playing games.
    you have missed our christmas songs but you’le see them when your back.
    enjoy the rest of your holiday
    from Charlie!

  6. Hi zander
    In maths on Thursday we done symmetrical things. In P.E. we done some hockey games and it was really fun!!
    From Charlie M

  7. Hi Mrs Thomas I am having fun in class. I always love maths, science, art and boss clubs on a Friday. I am glad you are my teacher and I love your books. I can’t wait to open our Cbeebies calendar.

    See you on Monday. I am loving the plans for next week.

    Love from Amy in p3.

  8. Hi Zander,
    We won the class star treat again! We saw the photos you sent us. You are really brave to hold a snake. Was it slimy? Was Phoebe frightened of the snake? Did she hold it? What did it feel like playing a didgeridoo? Was it hard? Have you seen any kangaroos hopping around?
    We are looking forward to seeing more of your photos when you get back.
    Safe journey home.

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