Friday 31st May

P4 have been very busy this week decorating plant pots and repotting marigolds for the summer fayre.  We’ve worked out the costs that we have incurred and how many plants we have raised to allow us to calculate a price.  Hopefully on Saturday you will see the fruits of our labour.

We have now started our new IDEA which is the Human Body.  The class have come up with lots of questions that they would like to find the answers to.  A lot of these questions centred around the circulatory system so we should have some fun answering these.

We are progressing in our learning about Money and this week we have been completing our challenge of arranging a party for 20 with a budget of £50.  Some of the class also managed to use excel to create a simple spreadsheet to add up their purchases.  Please also keep practising your multiplication tables at home.

Friday 10th May

Another busy and productive week in P4.  We are making great progress with our maths topic of money and this week we have been calculating the cost of growing our plants for the summer fayre and setting prices for selling them.  Next week we will be creating flyers for our plant stall – look out for them via pupil post.

Our Musselburgh IDEA is going well and the children are working hard at creating persuasive leaflets to attract people to visit Musselburgh.  We are also working on Visit Musselburgh artwork as part of The Honest Toun festival.

We are nearly finished our Magic Box stories now and they are looking very good.  The children have used lots of descriptive language to add interest and excitement to their stories and they are now giving each other 2 stars and a wish for their stories.

We are continuing to learn about healthy diets and the different food groups.  This week we have been making mobiles to hang in the classroom that explain the different food groups in a very visual way.

Next week is walk to school week.  Try, if possible, to have everybody walking, scooting, cycling or park and striding to schoo.

Thursday 25th April

P4 have been very busy this week practising their roles for our Assembly on Friday.  There are lots of budding actors in the class and they should be able to put on a good show.

Our classroom is looking a little like Dobies at the moment as we have been sowing seeds with the P1’s to grow plants for the Summer Fayre.  We have a fine selection already of sunflower, marigold and pansy seedlings.  Next week we are going to ramp things up and thanks to a kind donation by one of our parents we are going to grow some tomato plants as well.

In Literacy we are honing our imaginative writing skills and we are creating stories about magic boxes.  The children have come up with some great ideas about what makes their box magic and have written great descriptions.

In maths we are learning about money.  We will also use this topic to work out how much we should be selling our plants for at the Summer Fayre.  The class will gather together all the costs associated with the project and price the plants to make a small profit.  Richard Branson move over!

Thursday 14th March

A really odd week weather wise – but good for explaining the different aspects of water as part of our IDEA.  This week we have been looking more at Earth as the Blue Planet and how little fresh drinking water there is on our planet.  We have been finding out fast facts about the chemical name and symbols for water, the differences between Oceans and Seas, how much water our body contains, etc.  Next week we will be getting the activotes out and seeing how much we can remember.

In maths we are still developing our time telling skills.  Some of the children are finding telling the time very challenging so I would encourage you to be helping at home.  Talk about the time now, what time will it be when this TV programme is finished, how long did it take us to do the shopping, etc.

We are continuing our mini badminton tournament in PE, our prop making skills in Art (as part of our Mary Queen of Scots drama) and learning more about the Easter story in RME.

Thursday 7th March

A busy week, as usual, in P4.  This week we visited Musselburgh Sports Centre to take part in a Badminton Festival.  The class really enjoyed all the different activities – but not so much the walk home!  Our IDEA is progressing well and this week we created our own mini water cycle in the classroom – I told them I could make it rain!  The children have been fascinated by the experiment and have all written a science report to support their findings.  Ask your child if they can remember what a HYPOTHESIS is.  The class are making good progress in their maths topic of time – we are looking at analogue time, digital time, 24 hour clock and short durations of time.  If the children could remember to bring in a timetable or schedule of some sort that would be great.

Thursday 22nd February

We have certainly had a busy week back.  The children have been working very hard this week putting together a drama and props as part of their challenge week activities to show what they have learned about Mary Queen of Scots.  Everybody is throwing themselves into the “thespian” spirit and have contributed greatly to the development of the play.  Our new topic will start next week, which will be science and maths based.

In maths we have started our new topic of time.  The class have already shared what they have previously learned and we have launched straight in to new areas.  The whole class have re-visited and covered o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.  Next week we will be splitting up into our different learning groups and looking at 12 hour, 24 hour and durations of time.  Keep testing at home!

We were also lucky this week to have two specialist sport sessions.  On Wednesday we went to an Indoor Athletic Festival at Meadowmill – thanks parent helpers – the class thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we appear to have the fastest P4 in East Lothian in our class!!  On Thursday we also had a badminton session with the Badminton Development Officer and we will shortly take part in a mini festival at Musselburgh Sports Centre.

Thursday 31st January

I can’t believe that is already nearly February break – this term in flying by.  In our IDEA this week we have been comparing communications in the time of Mary Queen of Scot and today.  The class were doing this in the context of a new Royal baby and how news would have travelled in the 16th Century as opposed to today.  Some great ideas were shared.  We have also been writing our newspaper articles on the rescue of MQofS from Loch Leven castle and continuing to research the key events in her life.  We are putting together a composite picture of Loch Leven castle and they should look great when they are finished.

The class are charging ahead in their fraction work.  Most children understand the process of simplifying a fraction.  Everyone can work out fractions of amount and some can calculate equivalent fractions.  Our mental maths sessions continue where we work on developing our skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

In Literacy all groups have been working on verbs this week.  Keep reminding that a verb is a doing word!  One group worked on verbs as “doing and being” – well done you guys.  In reading we have been checking our understanding in groups, on our own and producing a cartoon strip to illustrate our class novel.  Spelling this week saw us working on a “ss” and “bb” pattern.

Our badminton skills continue to improve and we have developed good serving and returning skills.  Swimmers need to remember to complete their swimming homework – what did I learn this week?

Friday 25th January

Another great week in P4.  The class have put a lot of hard work into their learning again this week.  We are finding out lots of facts about Mary Queen of Scots and we are using our findings to write a newspaper article about the resuce of Mary from Loch Leven Castle.  We also had our second drama workshop this week which the children really enjoyed and it further enhanced their knowledge of events.

Our work on fractions is going well and some of the children are developing new skills in simplifying fractions and calculating equivalent fractions.  One group are also, now, very knowledgeable in finding the fratcion of amount from 1/2’s to 1/1o’s.  Everyone has worked really hard – keep up the good work.

In literacy we have been continuing on our Scottish dialect theme and getting ourselves oot o’ ae fankle and trying nae tae fash tae much.  Remember to practice your Scottish poems for next week.  The class did some great work on nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs this week.  One group had great fun filming themselves doing a verb in the style of an adverb and then getting everyone to guess what they were.

Everyone is enjoying developing their skills in badminton.  Some of the children are getting very good at serving and returning.  I had a number of great rallies with some of the children.  Keep remembering swimming kit for Tuesdays.  We also had our mini rugby tournament this week – unfortunately the snow meant we couldn’t get outside but everyone had fun anyway.  Big thanks to David from Musselburgh Rugby Club for all his input.


Friday 18th January

We have had a very busy week in P4.  Our new IDEA has already sparked the interest of the children and we have been finding out about the young Mary Queen of Scotland through books, internet, dvd’s and drama.  We have created a family tree for her and a timeline of the major events of her life.  We had our fist drama workshop with Marjory Sweeney from East Lothian Arts Services and it was very well received.  Our aim at the end of the workshops is to put together our own mini drama (complete with props that we are going to make in our technologies lessons).  Any cardboard, material remants, etc that you have at home would be gratefully appreciated.

In maths we have started developing our skills in fractions.  The children have been working at various levels either simplifying or finding equivalent fractions, finding fractions of amounts and working out 1/2’s and 1/4’s.  Everybody seems to be working well and some children have been particularly proud of their own achievements.

In literacy we have been reading – Kat and Doug on the Planet Fankle – which is written in a Scots dialect.  The children have been trying to translate it back into proper English – many have found this a very challenging exercise.  Remember we should all be learning a Scottish poem over the next couple of weeks as homework.  We have also been working on proper and common nouns in grammar as well as our cursive handwriting.

Our badminton skills are improving – we are now serving and returning over the net and playing round robin games.  In fitness we are developing our stamina levels and taking in part in different fitness stations.  The final half of the class are now taking part in swimming lessons – keep remembering that kit!  Mrs Rae is acting as PE specialist at the moment and the children are focussing on gymnastic skills with her.

Please remember that we have a mini rugby tournament on Monday 21st so children should come to school with a warm outdoor PE kit.

Friday 11th January

Hopefully everybody had a great Christmas and New Year, certainly the children have come back with lots of stories about their holidays.  We have hit the ground running since the children came back and we have already started our new IDEA about Mary Queen of Scots.  The children have begun researching key dates in her life and over the next few weeks we will build up a more complete picture of life during the Stuarts and how this has had an impact on modern day Scotland.  We are also really lucky that over the next two weeks the Art Services team will be coming in to conduct drama workshops with the children.

We have also began our investigation and learning into fractions.  I will be re-jigging the groups next week based on how much the children have learned about previous testing.  This will ensure that the children all get the right level of challenge and support.

In PE we will continue to focus and develop our levels of fitness in one session and the other session will be learning the skills involved in badminton.  We have had one session already and there are signs of a few budding champions already!  The PE specialist will take our remaining session of the week.

In literacy over the next couple of weeks, in the run up to Burns Day, we will be looking at the Scottish dialect and learning some Scottish Poetry and Stories.  If you have any Scottish words you could share with the children please write them in your child’s homework diary.

On Monday 21st January we are having a mini tag rugby tournament at School – please ensure your child has a suitable outdoor PE kit for that day.

Any issues, problems, concerns or offers of help – please do not hesitate to contact me.

Friday 30th November

Another busy week in P4!  Unfortunately this week saw the last of our TAG rubgy sessions which the class have really enjoyed.  A big thank you needs to go to David, the coach from MRFC, who led the sessions.  Our Numeracy skills are steadily developing and improving and the class now have a better understanding of division.  We all need to keep practising our multiplication tables though so that we have a quick recall of answers.  This week we have been learning about Passover or Pesach in RME.  We have found out why the festival is important to followers of Judaism and the special foods that are represented at the Seder meal.  In grammar we have been covering prepositions, nouns, verbs and adjectives and we have been showing our comprehension skills through various reading activities.  Our IDEA project is moving along and this week we have been creating adverts to sell our “invented” renewable energy products.  They are looking good and there are a number of very innovative ideas.  I am hoping that we will have a guest speaker over the next few weeks to talk to us about Bio Fuels.  Our Christmas Show tickets are being sent out today – make sure you check school bags!

Thursday 15th November

At last!  Our class page is now up and running and we will now be able to share our learning and news with you on a weekly basis.  We have had a busied and varied week.  We are continuing with our Power IDEA and this week we have finished our research into Fossil Fuels by producing a poster explaining the different types and the problems associated with them.  We have now just started to learn about renewable energy and so far we have discovered that the main types are solar, wind, hydro, wave, biomass and geothermic.  We will be looking at each of these in more detail over the coming weeks and hopefully design our own renewable energy generator.  In maths we are currently looking a division.  Some of the children are finding it quite tricky so if you have a few spare minutes over the week test your childs knowledge of their multiplication tables.  Quick recall will help them with their division.  In literacy we continue to focus on different spelling patterns – this week’s is “ee” – and we having been learning about conjunctions, nouns or speech marks depending on our grammar groups.  In RME we are learning about Judaism, we have currently studied the main principles of Judaism and objects/artefacts of importance to the religion.  We are now moving on to major festivals in the Jewish calendar.  This week we have also been getting ready for our Assembly item next week and the class have chosen to tell the rest of the school about our class novel – The Name of This Book is Secret – we are doing this through art we have produced and a powerpoint presentation.  The children have also been taking part in TAG rugby taster sessions, which they are really enjoying and these will continue for a further few weeks.

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