Friday 7th June

Congratulations for completing the different maths challenges. Lots of children have moved on to a new challenge.

Maths Challenge 1 – Grace, Alex and TJ

Working on Maths Challenge 2 – Ashley, Eilidh, Imogen, Laura, Camerin, Euan, Annie, Aidan, Sarah, Annabel, Calum, Ryan, Charlie and Jack

Working on Maths Challenge 3 – Emma, Kristy, Ritchie,

Working on Maths Challenge 4 – Ramsay

Well done everyone , you are doing brilliantly.

This week we finished our leaflets. It was really fun doing them. Imogen got a positive referral for her leaflet  because it was immense!


Friday 24th May

This week we did some more research on different places in Edinburgh and started our front pages of our leaflets. We figured out that yellow and blue colours look good together. Some people did the Zoo and Edinburgh Dungeons while others did Dynamic Earth. We are really enjoying it.

In Maths we have been doing Data Handling. We have been interpreting graphs and tables. We were also doing tallying. We have been looking at probability looking at certain, very likely, likely, unlikely, very unlikely and impossible.  An example was:  It would be impossible to see a tiger in Atholl Wood.

In P.E we did the cricket ball throw and Ryan got the furthest for the boys and Kristy got the longest for the girls. We also practised the Relay change over.

Our new BOSS clubs started today.

Badminton : Jack Mc and Eilidh – We were learning how to hold the racket properly and we were doing rallies at the other end. We were hitting it over the net and at the end we played Around the World.

Baking: Ritchie, Ramsay, Aidan and Lewis I  – We made fork biscuits. They are biscuits and on top we make designs using forks. We added chocolate chips. The most important thing is hygiene.

Bikeability : Bailey, Calum,and Lewis L – We were learning how to cycle through cones. At the end we got to do a free cycle.

Comedy Club – Evie, TJ and Charlie – We were watching videos of ‘How Animals Eat their Food’ and ‘You’ve Been Framed’. We were making up our own jokes. Next week we will be making up comedy sketches.

Dance and Drama – Laura, Annie, Emma and Kristy – We made up our own dance and we showed it to the other groups. We played drama games.

Face Painting – Imogen, Ashley, Sarah and Annabel – Sarah and Annabel were painters of the week. We got three different choices – paint cats, lions and tigers. We got to do butterflies too and cheek painting.

ICT – Jack D and Alex – We got to do as we pleased. We went on I can Animate.  Jack created an animation about a man who keeps falling apart and Alex created an animation about an Indiana Jones Fish !!!!!!

Sport – Ryan and Euan – We played football rounders first and then normal rounders.

Table Tennis – Camerin – At first we played against each other in groups and we had to run round the opposite way and start again. If your name was called you would get the person in front of you in the register and go against them.

Friday 10th May

This week we spent time planning our entries for the Honest Toun’s Association’s Art competition – Visit Musselburgh. We all came up with different ideas. We included the Roman Bridge, the beach and the harbour. We also thought the Golf course, the fireworks display, some shops, Lucas and Di Rollos and the Race course should be included.

On Tuesday some of us did Maths challenges. Some people were very successful.

Maths Challenge 1: Emma, Kristy, Annabel, Laura,  Ritchie, Ramsay, Annie, Jack, Grace

Maths Challenge 2: Ramsay

Well done. Keep practising your tables for next week.

We had a music workshop called ‘You can’t stop the beat’. We started with a game called Rubber Chicken and we were practising rhythms and beats. We were doing coordination skills,  trying to do two things at once. We tried making a pattern by clapping and using our bodies.

We were working on leaflets on Tuesday. We were writing about the features of a leaflet and we were learning about adjectives. We wrote sentences.

In maths we learned about equivalent fractions.

On Thursday we had P.E and we ran 150 metres. We tried to improve our times.

On Friday it was our last BOSS clubs. Next week we will start new BOSS clubs if Sports Day is rained off.



Friday 26th April

On Thursday P5 went on a trip to Broomlee. We did the Mohawk Walk, the Night Line, the Flying Fox and the Crate Climb. Some of us started the Mine Field. We all had loads of fun.

I enjoyed the Flying Fox because it went really really fast. Ramsay

I enjoyed the Flying Fox because it was fun jumping off the edge. Ritchie

I enjoyed the Night Line because it was hard and I was at the front. Aidan

I loved the Crate climb because it was fun and you had to stack the boxes and at the end you could just fly off because you had a harness. Camerin

I thought my team worked really well because we were collaborating with each other. Bailey

I enjoyed the Night Line because I thought it was challenging because you could not see what was in front of you.  Kristy

I liked the Mohawk Walk because me Annabel and Grace all worked together and helped each other along the wire. Imogen

I enjoyed the Mohawk Walk because it was difficult and we all had  fun. I liked the Wall too.  Lewis

I liked the Crate Climb because everyone worked together as a team. Ashley

I liked being on the bus because when the bus driver put the music on we all started singing.  Ryan

I enjoyed the Crate Climb because at the end you could knock them all over. Alex

I really loved the flying fox because on both my shots I slipped on my run up and face planted on the harness. Annie

I liked the Mohawk Walk and the Wall because everyone helped me and I helped them and we worked as a team. Eilidh

I loved how my team encouraged me on the Crate Climb – Evie

I liked the Crate Climb because you got to jump off and kick them over at the end. TJ

I liked the instructor who was working with us because he was encouraging. Calum

I liked the Crate Climb because I liked helping my team – Lewis L

I liked the Crate Climb because when I got higher I could see the other people in my class going down the flying fox. Grace

I liked the Mohawk Walk because I was the first person in my group to use the elastic rope. Charlie


Friday 1st March

This week in IDEA we have been learning about sound. We planned and designed our own instruments. Next week we will start making our instruments. We also learned about pitch. Pitch is the frequency of vibrations. The smaller whatever is being hit the higher the  pitch. Vibrations turn into sound waves and that is how we produce sound.

In maths we have been learning about time and have been looking at calenders and the days of the month and how we have a leap year in February. We have been looking at money too and have been finding the change. We have also been changing pennies into pounds.

In Music we have been learning about Scottish songs. There was the Waulking Song, Johnny Cope , Bothy Ballad and many more.  We were also recorded doing Scottish Country Dancing this week. The dances we did were The Prince of Orange, The Haymakers and The Canadian Barn Dance.We all know them off by heart.

In Assembly, Keith Charters, an author, came in and told us about some of his books. He came along to our class and  gave us signed books, posters and postcards. He told us how he started to be an author. Hopefully he will come back and see us again soon.

Personal Achievements

Ramsay, Alex and Jack won signed books and posters.

Emma can do 15 lengths of the swimming pool.

Bailey is in a higher grade at Judo.

Camerin can do a handstand under the water.

Kristy is allowed to canter on her horse.

Laura is getting better at holding her guinea pigs.

Eilidh managed to do hula hoop for over a minute.



Friday 11th January

Happy New Year.  It was lovely to see everyone back after the holidays. All the class were very enthusiastic about being back in school and ready to start working again. We have been looking at New Year Resolutions and have considered different resolutions we could make for school, personal and for our family and friends.Everyone has come up with some really achievable resolutions so we will keep an eye on how everyone is getting on.

Our new IDEA this term is Light and Sound and we spent time this week working out what we already knew, what we would like to know and how we would like to learn.  We are also thinking of our own personal research question too.

We have started Cool in School this week  and were looking at the different messages our body language give out.

In Language we are looking at Poetry and we studied the poem ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. This was a very imaginative poem and we used some of his ideas to write our own. They were absolutely fantastic and everyone  used their imaginations really well. Look out for them in the classroom next time you are in school.   Next week we will be getting some Scottish poems that we will be learning to celebrate the life and times of Robert Burns.

There will be a mini rugby festival on Monday 21st of January so please remember the appropriate kit and we are also looking forward to Generation Science on Monday 28th January.



This week we performed three  of our Christmas shows. Our class scene was about when the wise men went to meet king Herod to see if he could help them on their quest. We practised and practised until it was perfect and our scene looked very professional. All the adults in the hall were very pleased with what they experienced. We really liked our song and it was about king Herod. This afternoon we are looking forward to our Christmas party with primary 6.

by Ritchie and Ramsay

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  1. Hi p5 it’s Erin I really miss you guys especially Leah,evie and camerin I’m having great fun at my NEW school!!! Xxx hope you lot are having fun 🙂 🙂

  2. thank you p5 and mrs colville my new school is AMAZING!!!! i have loads and loads of new friends !!!!!!!!!!!!! and im having great fun how are you guys??

    love Erin

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