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Friday 12th of June

This week…

“We liked doing sports day, we liked the races!” – Ava

“We have been learning about People Who Help Us. I drew and wrote about my daddy who helps me at home.” – Olivia

“I liked it when Mr Grey, the janitor, came to tell us about how he helps us at school. He showed us all his keys that he needs for around the school.” – Grace

“Aurla’s mummy came to talk to us about being a nurse. Some people got a shot of the stethoscope.” – Sarah

“We have had our milk and story outside this week because it has been such nice weather!” – Oliver and Innes

“I liked going outside for Golden Time because I could play with a cape and fly!” – Jack

Friday 5th of June

On Monday we will start a new topic – People who help Us.  So, today, we reviewed all of our learning from our Castles topic, wow, have we learned a LOT!  We will share this learning with you at our assembly on the 25th of June.  Today, you can enjoy these lovely photos from our trip to Dirleton Castle…

P1s trip to Dirleton Castle on PhotoPeach

P1 Visit Dirleton Castle Part 2! on PhotoPeach

Friday 29th of May

This week we discussed all the new things that we learned this week that we didn’t know last week.  We also had a chat about the things that we felt were difficult, and that we had to work really hard at to make our brains grow and grow!

“It was difficult for me to work out which ones make ten.” – Sarah

“I found it difficult to think of new ‘I’ sounds. But now I know all the different ways to make the ‘I’ sound, and I didn’t know that last week!” – Grace

“‘Igh’ is the hardest thing for me.” – Dylan

“It was hard for me to do the worksheet looking for ‘ie’.” – Libby

“It was hard for me to listen at the football BOSS club” – Innes

“I found it hard looking for letters at the scavenger hunt BOSS club.” – Ava

“I thought it was hard when I only had one more minute left to do my painting.” – Joseph

We have been learning how to use the camera and flipcam this week.  We took these pictures of our 3D castles all by ourselves!…

DSC00145 DSC00146 DSC00147 DSC00149

Friday 22nd of May

This week…

“I liked counting in twos in maths.” – Olivia

“We had ramps and put the 3D shapes down them and we were trying to find out what shapes roll and what shapes don’t roll.” – Ava

“In writing we have been thinking about bad characters and good characters and the bad ones were stealing the good characters” – Dylan

“We made puppets of goodies and baddies” – Libby

“I liked looking at Castles books.” – Elise

“In drama we went on an adventure into fairyland!” – Oliver

“I liked doing a worksheet on ‘oo’ and writing ‘oo’, ‘ew’ and ‘ue’ words in my homework jotter.” – James

DSC00130 DSC00131 DSC00132 DSC00133 DSC00134 DSC00135 DSC00136 DSC00137 DSC00138


Friday 15th of May

We loved science week!!! Look at the fun we had creating fizz at the workshop on Tuesday…

Fizzy science on PhotoPeach

Thank you to all the friends and family who made it along to our science ‘Come Learn with Me’.  We had lots of fun making catapults and carrying out some cool ‘forces’ ramp experiments! We hope you enjoyed it too, the little brothers who came along certainly looked like they did!

DSC00102 DSC00107 DSC00110 DSC00114 DSC00118 DSC00122

Friday 1st of May

This week…

“I liked learning about parts of the castle, like the drawbridge.” – Orlaith

“Me too, and the Tower!” – Jack

“We learned that arrows go through the wee windows of a castle.” – Olivia

“We’ve also been looking after our dragon.” – Sarah

“I liked learning about how to become other people in drama.” – Grace

“You have to change your body and your face.” – Libby

“And voice!” – Dylan

“And even the way you walk! I liked doing lots of silly walks in drama.” – Ava

“I liked being a book detective.” – Oliver


Friday 24th April

Primary 1 have had a very busy first week back… In maths are learning how to measure in non-standard units. We measured how long our classroom was by using Grace’s body! We now know that our classroom is 7 Graces long! In phonics, ‘oa’ and ‘ow’ were our sounds of the week… “We wrote oa words on bubbles to put up on our ‘Sea of Sounds’ wall display.” – Sarah.

Did you see the slideshow of pictures from our ‘Healthy Me’ project on the main school page?

“A ‘gym man’ visited us on Monday to do exercising with us.” –  Dylan.  That’s right, Dylan, Martin, a gym instructor, taught us how to do lots of excercises, including press-ups, air punches, running, squats, lunges, rocket jumps, star jumps, and planks! Miss Glissov was tired just watching you all!

“We did happy cat and angry cat in yoga.” – Joseph

We have also learned how to look after our teeth:

“Drink water and milk” – Libby

“Not too much fizzy stuff.” – Buddy

“Yes, only for a treat.” – Ava

“And, not too many sweets!” – Olivia

We all enjoyed this little song…


Friday 27th March

Miss Glissov is so happy to be back and see how much the whole class have learned since she has been away.  We will all miss Mrs Inverarity and Mrs Etchells, we had so many fun times with them!

This week we have learned all about vowels, and which letters of the alphabet are vowels. You might like to sing along to this song…

“Today I’ve learned how to write a capital ‘V’” – Jack

“I liked learning about clocks.” – Rudi

“I liked making the shaker instruments with different kinds of seeds and lentils.” – Orlaith

“Me and Olivia liked doing worksheets, it was writing small letters and capital letters.” – Grace

“I liked that worksheet too!” – Holly

Ava, Louise, Jack, Sarah, and Innes all said that our Easter egg hunt was their favourite activity this week! Can you guess what was inside the easter eggs we went hunting for?

Week Beginning 2nd February

This week our first sound will be ‘ar’ and our time work will be focusing on revising o’clock and half past and talking about quarter past.

In our IDEA will be dressing for the Antarctic. if you have any cosy clothes or ski wear at home, please bring it in. (Remember to label all items!!!)

We are working with the wake up shake up reps today which is always good fun. We really appreciate them working with us!

Ava ~ I like drawing in my boss club!

Oliver ~ I like learning all about narwhals!

Rudi ~ I love dancing with the wake up shake up reps!

Buddy ~ I enjoyed learning all about the polar bears!

Adam ~ I love having Cuddles the penguin here in Stoneyhill Primary!

Grace ~ I love drawing different things at my boss club!

Elise ~ I love anything to do with the arctic, it’s all fun!

Olivia ~ I like to draw things with Cuddles the penguin!

As you can see we have all enjoyed learning about the arctic, and it’s is extremely fun! We love having Cuddles the penguin in our class and are learning lots about him, and we have also learnt a lot of new facts about narwhales and their habitat!

January 2015

We are having a great time learning about cold polar lands. We have an icy water tray set up and even an igloo which we can play in! We have been learning about polar animals and researching with our P.4 buddies. We have a giant narwhal in our class and we all know at least one fact about this polar creature. Our writing this month has been about our new friend Cuddles the penguin. We are helping him get back to his polar homeland. We have been using lots of non-fiction texts to help us learn about polar lands. We really enjoy learning about the arctic and the creatures involved there!

Mrs Inverarity has been working very closely with us on our handwriting, in January, we have been practising y, p, j and q. We are looking forward to learning new letters!

Mrs Etchells has been teaching us lots about time. we are exploring o’clock and half past and we might even look at quarter past soon!

We are having lots of fun with The Wake Up Shake up reps who are teaching us a dance from ‘Happy Feet’!

Friday 26th September 2014

This week…

“I liked colouring in the new sound. I like ‘r’ because I like the action.” – Holly

“I liked going on the computers. I played a teddy game. I gave him how many cakes and he says ‘Yummy!’” – Aliyah

“I liked learning how to write letters on the white board.” – Orlaith

“I liked learning about houses. We went on a walk. We put ticks on the houses we saw.” – Dylan

“I liked being star of the day.” – James

Friday 19th September 2014

We haven’t written on our blog for 2 weeks because we were off school last Friday, so you’ll be amazed at everything we have been doing since the last entry!  We now know more sounds, and we each have a sound book to keep in our Homework Folders so we can practise at home.

“We’ve been learning new sounds; c, k, a, s, n, p, t, i. We can make words on the magnetic boards with Miss Glissov” – Sarah

As well as our new sounds, we have also met some new characters this week from the reading books we will start getting soon. So far, we have met Kipper, Biff and Chip. Can you remember anything about these characters?  I wonder who else will be in the family?

In maths we are looking at bar charts. We have made two bar charts together, one about Eye Colour and one of our Favourite Activities in P1.  We play lots of number games, and love counting down to the bell before break and lunch time.

“I like counting games. Bingo.” – Elise

“I liked doing bingo.” – Rudi

This week we started learning about Houses and Homes.  We drew a picture of everyone who lives with us in our house.  We have started looking in books for different types of homes; bungalows, terraced houses, flats.  Next week we will draw our own house, so have a good look at the front of your house, count how many windows you will need to draw and look for lots of little details you can add to your picture.

Friday 5th September 2014

Well done Primary 1A for learning the morning routine this week! We’ve had a very busy and tiring week as we all get used to being in school full time.  Everybody wrote their first story in our new writing jotters. We made a display of which month our birthdays are in. We also learned 3 new sounds; s, a and t!

“I liked colouring in the ant, because we were learning the a sound” – Ava

“I liked doing the dinosaurs game. We put them all in a line and then we counted them. We can win a sticker!” – Olivia

“I liked when I was the Star of the Day” – Dylan


Monday 1st September 2014

P1A Introduction Letter


Friday 29th August 2014

Well done Primary 1A for settling in so well to your first week at school!

This week…

“We’ve been doing Rainbow Fishes, sticking and gluing. It teaches us about kindness” – Grace

“I liked making seaweed and scales for the Rainbow Fish.” – Libby

“We’ve been doing our numbers, we met Wise Old Owl. She thinks she’s good at numbers.” – James

“We help her count.” – Ava

“I liked when Wise Old Owl made a mistake.” – Oliver



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  1. Holly told us about her entry on blog today ( Friday 5th Sept) and we cant find it!
    Maybees its because Im a dinosaur

  2. I’m still getting the hang of it myself, Grandad Chalmers, but I will be sure to read these comments to the children in Holly’s class next week,
    Miss Glissov

  3. Sarah is loving her homework and enjoying showing and telling us all the actions and sounds for new letters. She enjoys cycling and makes sure she wears her high viz tabard to ‘be safe, be seen’.

  4. I like learning about Antartica and all the animals. I’m really looking forward to going to the zoo to see the Penguins.

  5. I loved showing my mummy and daddy the healthy me and the castle building challenge videos. I love school.

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